Enthuse and engage pupils to learn about STEM careers with the STEM Careers Board Resource

This resource is designed for teachers to use in the class for groups of pupils to learn about team engagement between the different STEM fields.

Each group works together as a team, develop their strategic thinking, identify suitable STEM careers that will solve their problem and then work through a series of constraints that appear to hinder their task delivery.

They must think, collaborate and decide together as a team before they present their ideas to the other groups in their class. It is suited to both Science Key Stages 3 and 4 with cross-curricular links to Maths, English, ICT, PE and PSHEE.

There are very few resources that allow pupils to understand STEM careers in a fun way and this latest product from Elementals has been tested by STEM Leader Ros Walker and her pupils.

Comments from pupils include:

“I enjoyed the game and I thought it was great. I learned more about different jobs that I hadn’t heard of before. This game will help you learn in a fun way”

“I would play this game again and again because each time you play it’s different but fun at the same time.”

Teacher and Learning Support Assistant observation comments include:

“A fantastic learning resource. Kept the children focused and on task for the whole lesson. A resource that is usable in a variety of lessons and for a wide spectrum of abilities. The game is very well designed and innovative” Learning Support Assistant

“A really excellent resource which engaged and motivated the students. A new way of allocating responsibility without the kids noticing. Cross – curricular activities which helped with language and numeracy – and it worked for both key stage 3 and 4” Teacher

For more details follow this link: http://www.elementalpublishing.co.uk/hhm/stem-careers-board-resource