Assertiveness For Young Adults

A course in assertiveness training for students, aged 15 plus

The ability to be assertive, to express themselves and their rights without violating the rights of others, will enhance your students confidence in themselves and their conduct in everyday situations, and improve their relationships with both peers and adults.

This course will give your students an understanding of assertion and the benefits it can bring. The skills they acquire will stand them in good stead in home, school, social and professional situations and will make them more likely to be successful candidates for jobs and/or university places.

The course consists of fourteen lessons each of which requires some class discussion and role play. Topics covered include: communicating feelings, resolving conflict, self-esteem, your rights, giving and receiving criticism, body language and saying ‘no’.

Sample pages are available here

Publisher’s reference: T1294EMN ISBN: 978 1 86083 381 6


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