How the audio book has revolutionised literature for young people with reading difficulties

Imagine a world in which you could not read books. Not because there were no books but because you had such a disability that reading was impossible.

Chances are that this would mean a major part of your life would be lost to you forever – unless you found an alternative way of accessing books.

The most obvious way around the problem would be for you to think about books in audio formats such as MP3s and CDs. Given that huge numbers of books are now available in these formats you would now have a solution to the problem.

Many of these books are read by top actors, covering much of the National Curriculum and many areas beyond.

Thus audio books can be used to give students an alternative means of accessing information. And experience shows that many such people then go on to choose audio books as part of their preferred leisure activities.

In short, audio books provide an entry into the world of books that might otherwise never be found by many individuals. In fact, such books have become one of the most dynamic and exciting areas of the book world.

The cost of downloading and streaming audio books is incredibly low. Indeed, for as little as £50 per year you can have access to a choice of thousands of titles.

The Listening Books library ranges from best-selling fiction to titles related to the National Curriculum – and, of course, they can be accessed at any time, day or night.

I do hope you will give it a try.

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Nelson Mandela Day (18th July)


Nelson Mandela Day (18th July)

In 1912, the black people of South Africa formed the African National Congress (ANC) to oppose the form of racial segregation known as apartheid. By 1950, Nelson Mandela believed the time for organisation had arrived. In “Nelson Mandela And The Struggle To End Apartheid” video interviews and archival footage of Nelson Mandela, ANC leaders, and white South African politicians trace events from 1950 through Mandela’s release from political incarceration in 1990. Topics covered include: the Native Resettlement Act, in which the government wanted to remove thousands of Africans from an area where they lived in freedom; and the formation of the Congress of the People. Government efforts to suppress the Congress resulted in the arrest and acquittal of Congress leaders. Mandela and others were later arrested for conspiracy, convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. After nearly 30 years, through efforts of an in ternational lobby to free political prisoners in South Africa, Mandela was finally released in 1990. (27 mins) Afrivision ©1995. Available on DVD for classroom presentation and library reference from Viewtech Educational Media –

Also available:

The South African Anti-Apartheid Movement (World Revolutions For Students Series)

Rare footage, detailed primary accounts and expert commentary provides students with a comprehensive look at the colonial history of South Africa, the devastating social, political and economic effects of apartheid, and the difficult, sometimes violent struggle of Mandela and the African National Congress to eliminate apartheid and create a free, democratic society. (23 minute chaptered DVD and PDF Teacher’s Guide) A Schlessinger Media Production ©2005 Available from Viewtech Educational Media –

Global Human Rights: South Africa – A Case Study

Travel to South Africa as Apartheid is being dismantled and hear from Bishop Desmond Tutu, President P. W. Botha, and other national leaders. Investigate the impasse of the Soweto uprisings, economic boycotts, and governmental reforms. Examine Nelson Mandela’s vital role as both an opposition leader and President. (25 minute Classroom Edition DVD and PDF Teacher’s Guide / Student’s Activity Worksheets) ABC News ©2002 – Available from Viewtech Educational Media –

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