Thomas Wolsey – The King’s Cardinal

Examination questions on Thomas Wolsey and his ministry are set by OCR, Edexcel and AQA. The questions set by the examination boards require students to explain events and attitudes relating to Wolsey’s rise and ministry or to give their own view on a historical debate or interpretation.

This 40 page study guide provides a synthesis of the historical writing on Wolsey and his ministry suitable for GCE students, along with guidance on how to approach key questions. It gives a comprehensive description and explanation of events as well as introducing the various interpretations of Wolsey and his career given by both contemporaries and modern historians. Questions are posed to the students throughout the book to help them to focus on the underlying motives and reasons and draw their own conclusions rather than just memorise the bare facts.

Thomas Wolsey – The King’s Cardinal by John Goode. Sample pages can be viewed at

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Key issues in energy for Geography – Key Stages 4-5

DVD Pack: 6 Units + Activity Sheets

Energy Crisis
Nuclear or Not
Clean Coal
Zero Carbon
Energy Efficiency

This is the energy debate in its geographical context. It features UK nuclear power stations, wind farms, coal and oil fired power station, hydro, CHP, the BedZED zero carbon project and the Centre for Alternative Energy. The people that work in energy and industry experts spell out the facts and the options clearly and succinctly. How will the UK meet its energy needs?

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