Minibus heaven and minibus hell

The School Minibus: frustrating annoyance or brilliant solution

For some schools the minibus is little more than an annoyance.  Over five years old, often breaking down, never properly repaired, and always accompanied by pesky questions about annoying government regulations on who can and can’t drive, and endlessly the subject of tiresome maintenance issues.

For others, the minibus is new, there are no concerns about maintenance as it is automatically done by an outside agency, everything works, and there is no thought about trying to save up enough to get the next one when this vehicle gets too old.

But it can be difficult to see how one school can find such a vehicle so annoying while another finds it such a benefit.

Fortunately there is a blog now that keeps minibus owners, and those who would like to have a minibus, fully up to date with the latest thinking and helpful hints, in relation to school minibuses.

A run down on some of the recent articles on the blog show what is included…

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