What is the most effective way of promoting both programming and critical thinking within ICT?

From September, as we’ve all heard, the ICT curriculum in England is to be replaced by a flexible curriculum in computer science and programming. The aim, according to the Secretary of State, is to “create young people able to work at the forefront of technological change”.

So, what to do?

Say the word “Roamer®” and quite possibly you will recall one of the most defining moments in the history of ICT. But the question is, can this iconic product meet today’s challenges?

The answer is undoubtedly yes. The new Roamer is one robot, and by changing the keypad you can make it age appropriate which gives you a scaffolded approach to programming.

Early Years start with a simple keypad capable of moving the robot. Gradually new programming features are added until your top juniors are writing procedures and controlling inputs and outputs.

As the world’s only talking educational robot, the speaking helps to support pupils throughout this process.

As their programming skills grow, pupils develop their problem solving capabilities, learning to think sequentially, logically and creatively. These skills are developed through activities linked to mathematics, science, English and other curriculum areas.

This highly innovative programmable teaching aid is supported by a library full of free activities, which combined with free online training, provides an economical and practical resource capable of use throughout the whole school.

To find out more about how Roamer can be used in your classroom as a way of embracing the concepts within the government’s new model of ICT teaching, please visit http://www.roamer-robot.com/public

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