The Foundations of Wealth

Although it is rooted in the concrete realities of life, economics often appears to students as a series of abstract nouns – productivity, supply, demand, price, surplus, scarcity and so on… that inevitably create a barrier between the student and the economic principles of enterprise.

“The Foundations of Wealth” series of video episodes have been designed to help them over the barrier. In ten episodes, each approx. 10 minutes long, it tells the story of how a primitive community makes its way from a subsistence economy to prosperity by a succession of devices – division of labour, mechanisation, money, markets, price etc.

Absorbing and entertaining, “The Foundations of Wealth” keeps students’ attention whilst presenting economic principles through combining high quality animation and documentary film material as we follow two characters, and the community they live in, through a series of economic changes and developments that illustrate the foundations of basic economic principles and mechanisms, which are then presented at work in the real world.

Episode 1. How It All Began (11 mins) – Key concepts: subsistence level, subsistence economy, scarcity, surplus

Episode 2. Division of Labour – i. Product (9 mins) – Key concepts: organisation, specialisation, efficiency, investment, capital

Episode 3. Division of Labour – ii. Process (10 mins) – Key concepts: trade, productivity, exports and imports, production line

Episode 4. Mechanisation (10 mins) – Key concepts: mechanical device, energy source, harnessing

Episode 5. A Life Worth Living (11 mins) – Key concepts: cultivation, goods and services, natural resources, leisure

Episode 6. The Market (11 mins) – Key concepts: voluntary exchange, command economy, incentive

Episode 7. Money (11 mins) – Key concepts: token of value, store of value, measure of wealth

Episode 8. Supply, Demand and Price – i. Price and the consumer (13 mins) – Key concepts: prices as information, law of demand, relative value

Episode 9. Supply, Demand and Price – ii. Price and the producer (13 mins) – Key concepts: gluts and shortages, innovation, law of supply, equilibrium price

Episode 10.The Mixed Economy (11 mins) – Key concepts: planned economy, market economy, public goods.

All 10 episodes are available on 2 chaptered DVD’s and are accompanied by downloadable worksheets to reinforce the economic principles covered – FREE Sample Support Material

“The Foundations of Wealth” video series was devised by Sir Antony Jay, author of comedy series “Yes Minister” and “Yes Prime Minister”. He is also the founder, with John Cleese, of award winning training film producers Video Arts. Carefully researched and developed with teachers to provide a valuable tool for teaching economics in the classroom, “The Foundations of Wealth” episodes are also suitable for any course where the basics of economics need to be introduced or explained in a clear, memorable and entertaining way!

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Light and shadows: free Y3 Science resources

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Our first free resource this term is a PowerPoint presentation on light and shadows for your Y3 science classes, based on QCA Unit 3f.

In it, pupils will learn about the relationship between light, an object and the formation of shadows. Pupils will observe the apparent movement of the Sun and the associated changes in shadows.

Download the free light and shadow resources:

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