University Lectures for Secondary Schools

The Faculties provides free, short films of university lecturers speaking on topics directly from the A-level curriculum. The subject sites also help students choose a university department that’s right for them and shows them what careers may follow their studies and what employers particularly value in graduates.

Each site has three levels – A levels, universities and careers to explore.

So far there are six “faculties” avaialble on line at – English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, History and Psychology. I mention them all because you might like to pass on details to colleagues in other departments.

What is the simplest way to make major financial and efficiency savings in your school

It is a simple fact that few schools have access to anyone who is trained in the issue of contracts and Procurement.

As a result, when major purchases are made in schools (such as printing systems, telephone systems, major equipment items for departments, book purchases, etc) it is generally the supplier who writes the contract and sets down the terms and conditions.

Of course, if these contracts were between companies and individuals then the Sale of Goods Act would apply. But with contracts between companies and schools this Act does not apply. While the terms and conditions of a purchase can’t be unfair, they certainly can be written to favour one party (usually the supplier) rather than the other (the school).

Most suppliers are perfectly reasonable people, but they need to make a profit, and the issue therefore is, are they making a reasonable profit or are they trying to exploit the school for their own benefit?

Corporate Contract Management runs the School Procurement and Contracts seminars to help senior managers in schools get to grips with the procurement process, reduce the risk to the school and ensure their school gets the best out of their purchases.

An overview of our training course and details of forthcoming presentations are given at

Full details of everything covered within the one day course are given at

If you have any questions about the course please do call 01536 399007 or email

These courses are promoted by the School of Educational Administration on behalf of Corporate Contract Management

Great value online teaching resources for media studies

To help you to support your students in their creative and media learning and to save you time and effort developing lesson plans, The History of Advertising Trust has produced an online digital advertising case study.

Designed for you to adapt easily for your own use in the classroom, it is quick and simple to download and is licenced for 365 days to give you the flexibility to decide how and when you want to use the materials.

The case study demonstrates how advertising a brand has changed in time with the development of digital media and illustrates how it is possible to communicate a single, clear message to a target audience, whilst using a wide mix of media channels.

Covering the use of mobile phone and Facebook apps, interactive online games, social networking and bespoke websites, this resource will help you engage your students. Including interviews with the advertising agency team responsible for the campaigns, the case study will help you bring your students closer to the real workplace.

Full of examples of real advertising campaigns and multi-use classroom resources, the online ‘Digital Advertising – Re-inventing Lynx’ case study represents great value for money at just £30.

Click here to find out more.

GCSE Differentiated Exam Practice For French, German and Spanish

The perfect solution for consolidating learning and offering exam practice
in mixed ability classes

As part of final preparations before the exams, teachers are finding Differentiated Exam Practice to be an invaluable resource. What makes these packs special is that the exam-style questions are arranged by topic and by ability, so it’s easy to select exactly what you need for the students in your class.

Each pack contains fifty different texts with comprehension questions, five for each topic:

Two for Foundation
Two for Higher
One for Gifted & Talented.
Every exercise exactly matches the requirements of the exam board specification, so students are practising essential exam techniques at the same time as revising the vocabulary and structures essential to the GCSE course.

Use these for starters, homeworks, end-of-topic consolidation, exam practice – the possibilities are endless! What’s certain is that you’ll find suitable exercises whatever the ability of your GCSE students and whichever topic they’re studying.

Differentiated Exam Practice is available for French, German and Spanish; AQA, Edexcel and WJEC; Reading and Listening. To preview each pack and to order, see:

Differentiated Exam Practice is available as photocopy masters, PDF files and editable Word files.

Differentiated Exam Practice for GCSE Listening also comes with professionally recorded listening files on CD.

You can order (please reference UM47 when placing your order for FREE POSTAGE)

By phone: 0117 950 3199
By post: ZigZag Education, Unit 3, Greenway Business Centre, Doncaster Road, Bristol BS10 5PY
By fax: 0117 959 1695
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