KS5 AQA Sociology Gender and Education

Our AQA A-Level Sociology gender and education presentation includes 30 PowerPoint slides which focus on the topic of gender and education and the changes that have occurred.

The presentation explores external societal reasons as to the changes examined, as well as internal factors within schools. It begins with a look at the current situation in education and examines the difference between boys and girls and their educational success.

It then goes on to examine the history of gender and educational achievement. It also considers numerous sociological reasons as to why girls underachieved in the past. These include patriarchal curriculum, the influence of the hidden curriculum, the dominance of boys within the classroom, teacher expectations, cultural values, socialisation and parental expectations, as well as material deprivation, biological differences and peer pressure.

The sociological reasons as to why girls educational success has recently improved is also covered. These include an exploration of feminism, changes in the family, changing attitudes, new educational polices, etc.

In addition to this it looks at why boys may be currently underachieving in comparison to their female counterparts. It does this by exploring ideas of peer group status, unrealistic attitudes, labelling and employment prospects.

The presentation concludes with an examination of the importance of the topic by looking at Cohen’s idea of ‘moral panics’. Key studies and their critiques as well as key government policies are investigated throughout, and the final slide has exam questions for the students to practise.

This resource contains 30 PowerPoint slides on a CD for £24.99 + VAT. Once purchased the CD can be freely copied and networked throughout the school.

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How good are you at negotiation?

There is one way in which virtually every school in the UK could save itself a considerable sum of money each year.

Negotiation is something most of us think we are good at because we do it every day. We negotiate with colleagues, we negotiate with students. If we have a family at home we also spend time negotiating with them. (After all which parent has not at some time resorted to, “You can watch TV after you have done your homework”?)

But there is no doubt that most of us working in schools don’t have much background in negotiation with suppliers. We tend to accept the contract that suppliers offer us, sign it, and expect everything to be fine.

If we do negotiate it is usually to try to get a discount without necessarily noticing that in so doing we might actually be negatively affecting other aspects of the purchase.

And yet the contract between the school and the retailer offers an opportunity for each side to be specific about what is possible, to clarify assumptions and to enter into a relationship which is satisfactory and beneficial for both parties.

It is because many schools pay little attention to the contracts that they sign that the book Contract Matters:

Connecting the Education and Contract World has been written. It exists because many schools find it nigh on impossible to recover from having entered into a bad contract. Invariably all they can do is see the contract through and rue day it was signed.

Contract Matters contains numerous tips in everyday language for anyone in a school who is in charge of managing contracts. It lists the do’s and don’ts and prompts everyone to investigate assumptions before making decisions.

One minor change to a contract made as a result of reading this volume will pay for the book many times over.

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Does science matter?

It is often found that pupils first develop a love for science and the notion of a science career during their primary years as it is a fun subject which involves lots of engaging practical learning. This in turn generates an extra enthusiasm for learning.

Following the scrapping of KS2 science SATS, the hope was that science in primary schools would become fun again.

We have however discovered that a recent report published by the Welcome Trust suggests that the change has in fact had a negative effect, which has resulted in reduced subject status and less teaching time.

The question we therefore now face is how to raise the status of science at KS2 once again.

However, following feedback from a number of primary teachers, we understand that many are finding such practical lessons to be a daunting prospect to plan and carry out.

It is with this in mind that we have developed ‘Practical Science for Primary Schools’. This twelve book series offers complete coverage of National Curriculum science for pupils from Year 1 to Year 6.

The Key Stage 1 books provide independent practical activities, adult supported practical activities, simple pupil planning sheets and a choice of assessment activities.

The lower Key Stage 2 books contain simple pupil information sheets for each lesson, experiments for small group work and simple homework question sheets.

The upper Key Stage 2 books contain for each lesson detailed pupil information sheets, open ended investigations with planning and report writing frames and appropriate homework question sheets. Assessment and levelling activities are available at the end of each topic studied.

What’s more, we have received the following feedback from the Association for Science Education ‘these books are a great resource for teachers lacking confidence in teaching science and are ideal for a school looking for clearly thought-out set of lessons, where the links between the stages are clear’.

These resources are available as black and white paper books or full colour e-books or downloads.

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