What is a fun way to bring your computing curriculum to life and really engage and inspire all of your students?

I’ve often heard colleagues in schools suggest how difficult it can be to teach computing and to keep their students engaged.

Often there is a large range of ability in the class, from the very bright students who have made raspberry pi weather stations in their back gardens, right through to those who struggle to grasp the basics.

Despite these challenges, both teachers and students love the idea of using robots in their lessons.  Anything that can move around, flash lights, and play sounds will help bring topics to life. Unfortunately, due to lack of funds and time it isn’t always possible for schools to purchase and use their own robotics kits.

To make it easier and more affordable to bring robots into your classroom we have designed a range of hands on robotics workshops. We bring all the equipment to you and have a range of fun themes to choose from, including: robot wars, robot farming, and maze solving.

Students are encouraged to learn by doing and trying out their own ideas. They are given plenty of guidance when needed, but at the same time we tend not to “teach from the front”. We like to give students the opportunity to be creative and make their own mistakes.

We are currently offering an extra hour free for a half day booking, which is £300.

Or a free Arduino board with a full day booking for £400.

(Please note some travel expenses may apply depending on which area you are in, please get in touch for details.)

If you are interested please hurry as we can only run this offer until the end of May 2018. We are nearly fully booked for summer and are now also taking bookings for the new academic year.

For more information and to book please contact me directly on 07703 294 942, email: zan@zobotics.tech or visit the website: www.zobotics.tech