Analysing progress in the Primary Progress toolkit 

Being able to analyse pupils’ progress during the year is an important requirement: can you do this satisfactorily in your current tracker?

Our Primary Progress toolkit now provides three main ways of doing this:

– the new whole school Overview Report will calculate progress between two assessment dates, which you can set, using a scoring system where progress between two steps in your grade system equals one point. You can also set what you consider to be high, medium or low progress, which you can change during the year, using two drop-down selectors,

– you can also set termly Age Related Expectations for each year or class and the ARE report will show you how the year/class as a whole is progressing towards those expectations. This also appears in the whole school Overview Report,

– finally, you can set individual pupil targets,because for some the class/year Age Related Expectations will be inappropriate. From these the toolkit will calculate overall year/class targets which appear in the Subject Attainment report, so that you can see how each year/class is moving towards these targets. The individual targets are also displayed when you look at individual attainment, so again you can see how individual pupils are progressing towards their targets.

Together, these facilities provide a pretty comprehensive and powerful way of tracking in year progress.

So, if you aren´t 100% satisfied with the way your current assessment system tracks progress, or if you have set up a system in Excel and are finding it time-consuming to maintain, why not check out our Online Primary Progress toolkit at

If you need more information, or would like to discuss your specific needs, please email me at

We can give you free access to a demo site, where you can try out the toolkit for yourself or we can set you up with a month’s free trial, using your own data, assessment grades etc.

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