The message of who you are and what you represent always connects directly to how you look. 

When it comes to “presence” – that most indefinable of concepts – many would agree there is neither start, nor end.

For “presence”, meaning the way your cricketers look on the training field as much as in the match, from the way they appear when getting off the coach to their behaviour in the nets, comes both from a conscious attempt decision to “look good” and the state of mind that lies behind that decision.

It is something we see time and again with the top cricketers.   But how on earth does one convince young players that the way they look, the way they approach training, and the way they play, are all interlinked?

Some get it straight away: they practice hard and play well, always looking the part.  But for others, realising the link between how one looks and how one plays the game is a longer journey.

Our view is simple: the way young cricketers look, be it in training, on the way to a game, or within the match itself, deeply affects how well they play, simply because there is a direct link between a person’s look and a person’s state of mind.

In fact, one could argue that getting students to appreciate that the way they look is as important as the way they behave, is a way of helping to turn a modest player into a good player, and a good player into one of the best of players.

One only has to look at the pride with which the best players wear their team’s colours to see how it works.

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What is really going on in the Middle East?

Is the fighting about land, power, religion? Why are Russian, Turkish, and Iranian soldiers in Syria? Who is fighting whom? And what about ISIS (Daesh), Hamas, Hezbollah?

The talks are given by two speakers together:

  1. Sami Hussein, an expert in Middle East affairs, former adviser to the British and American governments, gives balanced explanations of these complex questions in a simple, easy to understand way.
  2. A historian, also knowledgeable in current affairs, who explains the background and history of what is happening today.

We can offer talks at your school on mutually agreed dates, and will adapt to size of group and length of session.

Cost: free.

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