New: A Graphic Revision Guide for GCSE English Literature

A study conducted by researchers at Sheffield University has revealed that students who are given information in comic-style format show significantly higher memory scores compared to students who receive the same information in text-only format.

The study consisted of 90 participants who were split into groups. Some participants were given test material in comic-style format while others were given test material in text-only format. The participants were then tested on their retention of the information using ten multiple-choice questions. Participants that were given the comic-style format material scored more correct answers.

Which is why we have recently produced:

Jane Eyre: A Graphic Revision Guide for GCSE English Literature 

This Graphic Revision Guide for Jane Eyre is an essential tool for anyone studying this book for GCSE English Literature. It contains comic-style sheets, especially tailored to strengthen your students’ understanding of plot, characters, quotes, … read more and see sample pages

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