To what extent can you rely upon your current anti-bullying strategy and safeguarding measures?

When we consider that 50% of children were bullied last year, it’s not surprising that some schools use CCTV as part of their anti-bullying strategy and as a ‘transparent’ safeguarding measure – not least because CCTV is a significant deterrent of misbehaviour.

Yet, despite 90% of schools having CCTV installed, it is not always something that can be relied upon for this use.

This is because older CCTV systems are only capable of catching a few frames per second, thus proving to be a somewhat unreliable source of evidence as it has been known for older CCTV systems to miss incidents between frames.

Clearly, the problem with upgrading your current CCTV system is that it costs money which your school may not have to spare. Yet a CCTV upgrade with Gaia may not cost as much as you think and has also proven to save money in the long-term.

Due to advancements in technology, the installation of a new CCTV system will undoubtedly cost less than your current CCTV system did to install. What’s more, you are likely to see a reduction in the system’s running costs, not least because some maintenance can be carried out remotely.


To discuss with a member of our team how your school can use CCTV as part of its anti-bullying strategy and as a ‘transparent’ safeguarding measure, not only for your pupils but also for staff and school visitors, please do get in touch by: