What do most parents expect their children to come home with at the end of this term? 

Certainly most parents do expect their children to bring home with something that can be put on display in the house in the Christmas / New Year holiday period.  And of course most children like to have something that they have created, on display at home.

The problem is however that many such items are very repetitive of the standard Christmas themes, and finding something a little different for the children to undertake in the last week or term, and then take home, can be a problem.

Which is why we came up with something just that little bit different.

It is a hot air balloon picture which the children can colour in.   But it is not just any hot air balloon, because this particular balloon has a basket filled with exotic animals and, to give the work a sense of longevity, it has a 2018 calendar attached.

The picture is suitable for colouring in with pencils or felt tip pens and the whole calendar is approx. 30cm tall making it ideal for putting on a mantlepiece or for hanging from a hook or pin.

We supply 10 calendars together with 10 2018 Calendar tabs for a special price of £2.95 for a pack of 10.  Individual calendars can be supplied at 45p each.

You can see a picture of the calendar on our web site

For more information or to place an order please use whichever medium is most convenient to you:

Product code: 9278 Pack of 10         £2.95 per pack

9277 Single calendar  45p each

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How can you bridge the attainment gap at KS3?

KS3 is, as you well know, an essential building block in preparation for GCSEs. Missing key concepts at this stage will impact heavily on the end results.

One of the most effective ways of helping your struggling readers and dyslexic pupils learn is to teach via topics and for them to develop an understanding of each topic using active learning techniques such as activities or games alongside the text that has to be read.

At the same time, there needs to be encouragement to write; using notes to reinforce specifically what is being learned for each topic.

In this way, the reading, activities and note taking combine to reinforce key words and concepts while making the learning relevant and accessible.

Providing curriculum based revision resources that struggling readers can access and process independently is vital to keep pupils engaged. This can also reduce teacher time requirement for each SEN pupil.

Oaka KS3 topic packs contain full colour illustrations and use short words and simple sentence constructions that the pupils are likely to understand. Key points for each topic are covered in a clear, straightforward manner so any reading difficulty does not get in the way of understanding.

Many Oaka KS3 topic packs are endorsed by the ISEB (Independent Schools Examinations Board), widely recognized as a gold standard in assessment, and the packs are being used in over 370 UK schools.

To see more about how Oaka works, and to review our KS3 resources, please click here.

To view our brand new KS3 science revision games, click here.

After that, if you feel this could be right for your pupils, your school can trial Oaka Digital, our online KS3 resource library for SEN pupils, without obligation and without any cost for 30 days – just click here.

Or, to place an order straight away for other paper based resources, please visit www.oakabooks.co.uk. We have a ‘no quibble’ 14 day returns guarantee so you can order with total confidence.

Best wishes

Bambi Gardiner
Founder, Oaka Books