“Relationships are one of the most important aspects of our lives, yet we can often forget just how crucial our connections with other people are for our physical and mental health and wellbeing”

Mental Health Foundation, ‘Relationships in the 21st century; the forgotten foundation of mental health and wellbeing.

Research has shown that there is no doubt in the importance of mental health and relationship education within society and in particular the affect that it is having on student performance, however with 1 in 4 young people suffering from anxiety and depression how is it possible to tackle such a vast problem on the limited resources within schools?

Having worked alongside schools and PSHE departments for over 20 years and delivered projects to nearly ½ million students across the UK Tip of the Iceberg Theatre company now have a fully comprehensive PSHE scheme of work that incorporates the PSHE association guidelines for years 7 to 12.

We offer: Full length productions, residency/drop-down/off-timetable/activity days, interactive workshops and assemblies. We can deliver to a class or to a whole year group. Alongside our shows and interactive sessions we also supply free teaching resources and classroom activities for school staff.

Throughout 2017-2018 various tours and workshops are available for dates visit our website:


Projects include:

“The Sex Factor”
For years 9-11. Sex and relationship education (including drugs, peer pressure, pregnancy, self esteem, mental                                         health STI’s and contraception.  2 productions and workshops for audience size up to 240.

For years 7-9. Themes include; Citizenship, bullying, divorce, bereavement, crime, internet safety, religion, and S.R.E. An hour long production for up to 240 pupils.

For years 11-13. A hard hitting and mature project. Themes include: Consent, sexuality, abuse, sexual health, pornography, sexting, rape. An hour long production. Maximum audience size 180 pupils. More than one performance per day available.

“Beyond the Surface”
For years 7-10. The shows are around 30 minutes   and can be followed by a talk or a range of workshops. Episodes include:

“Addicted Britain” legal/illegal drugs and other addictions.

“Connected Britain” Internet/technology in our life.

“Changing Britain” Physical, mental and life changes.

“Bullied Britain” Banter or Bullying?

“Conflict Britain” Understanding status and power.

To download further information on the above projects visit:


Timetables and delivery options are adapted to suit your school size, PSHE needs and available finances. We believe that in order to create a lasting effect for your pupils, and to not waste your time and budgets, the projects we deliver and their content must be relevant to your students and also work for you and your school.

“Our students saw ‘Exposed’ and it was incredible! It is an extremely hard-hitting show with very adult themes running throughout but our students appreciated the opportunity to explore the issues together.” Hannah McSherry, St Albans High School for Girls. 

“We are a school who have had nothing but praise and amazing feedback from the students and staff.” Helen Price, Ramsey Academy. (Sex Factor)

“Thank you so much for your energy and enthusiasm. The work you do clearly connects with, and makes a huge impact on, young people. I will certainly be recommending Network to the schools that I work with.” Sarah Gregory, Ralph Sadleir Middle School (Network)

Costs vary depending on projects and your exact requirements but as a guide:

Productions and workshops £750 + VAT for a half day and £995 + VAT for a full day.

There are lots of discounts and options available so please contact us for further information.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Lisa Schulberg
(Creative Director)


Office: E. info@tipoftheiceberg.biz  T. 01707527140

Tour Booker: E. tourbooker@tipoftheiceberg.biz  T.07849743595

Booking now open for MACBETH and ROMEO AND JULIET

Give your students the advantage of live performance

Two vibrant productions guaranteed to encourage in-class discussion

Designed to engage and entertain

After the Christmas break, Fred Theatre is touring with two Shakespearean classics: MACBETH and ROMEO AND JULIET.

Our 90 minute adaptations are fresh and exciting re-tellings of familiar and much loved stories. Typically these feature a cast of six professional actors. We concentrate on the text and producing a faithful representation of the original—just a little shorter!

We can bring both productions to your school, and booking is now also open for our public performances.

LONDON, The Cockpit, Marylebone

Macbeth: Tuesday 20 February 2018 @ 2pm and 7.30pm
Romeo and Juliet: Wednesday 21 February 2018 @ 2pm and 7.30pm


Macbeth: Monday 05 February 2018 @ 2pm and 7.30pm
Romeo and Juliet: Tuesday 06 February 2018 @ 2pm and 7.30pm
Macbeth: Wednesday 07 February 2018 @ 2pm and 7.30pm
Romeo and Juliet: Thursday 08 February 2018 @ 2pm and 7.30pm
Romeo and Juliet: Friday 09 February 2018 @ 2pm and 7.30pm

To find out more, simply e-mail Helen in our office, helen@fred-theatre.co.uk, or call us on 01789 777612. We’ll collect a few details from you and respond with potential dates and a quote.

We look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime…

Fred Fact #1

Did you know that our artistic director, Robert Ball, has an MA in Shakespeare and Theatre from the Shakespeare Institute (University of Birmingham), Stratford-upon-Avon?

Robert studied at the Institute from 2009 and maintains close links with both staff and former students. He completed his degree by writing on small-scale touring theatre at the Royal Shakespeare Company.

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