How can we encourage the less adept biology students to think in the same way as their colleagues?

There is something about the way in which those who naturally take to biology think about the subject which marks them out from those who find biology at A and AS level that little bit more difficult.

And part of this comes from the way in which each student considers the subject overall.

It was with this thought in mind that we set about understanding exactly what was needed to help those who found biology that little bit harder than their colleagues.

Then, as a result of our studies we felt the best approach would be to provide a single unified resource which contained everything that was needed.  All the key information from the syllabus, plus a guide to how the different topics link together, plus immediate access to the activities which can help place the resultant learning in the long term memory.

Placing all this information in a single resource was an important part of our work, because our experience showed us that, for these particular students, moving from book to book was often part of the problem.

Thus we were looking for a resource that gave the students the key information they needed, a guide to how the different in-depth topics linked together, and a set of activities which helped ingrain the resultant learning in the long term memory.

Now we have put the details of our research on-line.  To see the results just choose the exam board you are using: AQA,  OCR,  EdexcelIB, or Cambridge and then click the “free preview button” for a sample download.

I really do think that once you have seen exactly what we have done you’ll agree that this is a new approach which can help your students maximise their understanding of biology and hence raise their grades.

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