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Arkel Computer Services Ltd

Arkel  Computer Services (Arkel) and GeneeWorld combine to offer the best terms available for schools and nurseries in all the latest IT related technology.

Arkel has been a leading educational supplier since 1983. GeneeWorld visualisers have been the brand leader in their field since 2000.

Arkel is well aware that school budgets are currently stretched to the limit. As such we are able to offer you fantastic prices to enable more equipment for the money you have available. For more information or details of easy payments please call 01858 432495

GeneeWorld Visualisers
Genee Visualisers are the market leaders throughout education

GV50          £148 GV50UHD    £180
GV150         £313 GV4100HD   £421
GV8100HD    £703

GeneeWorld Interactive Touchscreens
Benefits include:

Uses up to 75% less power
Crystal clear viewing in any light condition
Useable in any rooms and are not wall dependent
No shadows
5 Year Warranty

55” Classic      £1356 65” Classic        £1887
70” Classic      £2631 80” De Luxe       £3373
65” 4K            £2347 75” 4k              £3153
86” 4K            £4538

Registrar Systems      £2738 (£3189 fully installed and with on-site training)
This is a complete visitor management system comprising:
Printer, webcam, barcode scanner, print labels, 1 year subscription and Sims Integration

Nursery Tables
32” (ideal for early years)      £2902
42” (Ideal for Juniors)           £3356

All prices are subject to VAT and delivery.
All Prices correct as at 2/10/2017

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