Do you want to improve your school’s outcomes this year?

In 2008 Andy Goulty was appointed as the Headteacher of The Rodillian Academy. Since this time, the Academy has improved from 19% A*-C grade profile, to 80% A*-C in 2017 with a projected P8 score 0.91.

Rodillian Academy now regularly achieves 20+% above FFT D and has established itself in the top 5 for similar schools nationally. During this time Andy and his team were heavily involved in research to develop strategies that would support the journey of the Academy.

As co-writer of Positive Discipline (new format), Andy has supported the implementation of this programme across The Rodillian Multi Academy Trust and following two years of successful conferences many schools nationally have adopted this model to improve their school culture and outcomes.

We are very effective in supporting schools across the country in what we consider very challenging but exciting times in education. We collaborate to transform students’ academic results, life chances, self-esteem, horizons, attendance and behaviour.

If you’re disappointed with outcomes at your school this year or you are open to seeing how we do things differently, sign up to our conferences and see how we:
achieve outstanding leadership and behaviour;
improved climate for learning;
create a more positive climate for colleagues to learn and work in.
This has created a culture and climate for learning which has seen:
improved GCSE results from 19% to 80% A-C profile at The Rodillian Academy
improved GCSE results from 38% to 70% A-C profile at Brayton Academy;
in the second year of GCSE results at the former middle school an A-C profile of 79% at BGG Academy;
improved Progress 8 score of 0.5 to 0.91
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