Primary school hoodies, free quotation


We wouldn’t buy inferior hoodies, so we don’t sell them.

We wouldn’t pay exorbitant prices, so we don’t charge them.

We would expect excellent service, so we provide it.

All of this because we don’t just want your order today, we want you to return to LeaversGear  and so to achieve that we are supplying “excellent quality”, “first class service”, “very competitive prices”.

The hassle of organising hoodies is a tiresome task and one which we aim to ease by taking the pressure off your shoulders, our design team work closely with you to ensure complete satisfaction when you receive your order.

FREE sample service. There’s no need to guess at quality or sizes anymore, all we ask you to return the samples when you’ve finished with them, using our supplied returns bag and free post label.

For an immediate, no obligation quotation please complete the very short enquiry form

We don’t just do hoodies and tee shirts, but much more, we can do any apparel for any purpose. Not just Leavers, but school trips, outdoor activities, sports teams.

At LeaversGear customer satisfaction is our goal, we hope you will give us the opportunity to prove it.

Kind Regards