What 3D print medium is both easy to use, and offers more possibilities, than virtually any other?

There is one 3D print medium that stands out from all the rest.

A medium that uses portable equipment that readily fits into the classroom, which has no environmental issues associated with it, and which can produce a wide variety of unique objects in which pupils, students and parents will take great pride.

This medium is clay, and now there is a 3D printer which uses clay and which has been designed for classroom use.  It is portable and its size means it readily fits into Art and D&T classrooms with ease.

Indeed so certain are we in terms of the benefits it brings to schools that we are currently offering the Claybot 3D printer on a six week free trial to schools with no obligation whatsoever.  We’ll even deliver free, and pick up free of charge at the end.

3D printing with clay makes for both fast and safe printing, for there are no noxious consumables, powders, or waste gases: the approach simply uses the ingredients of clay and water.

Indeed 3D printing with clay is an extraordinarily efficient way for your students to become involved in a complex technology system, producing materials that they can be proud of and which their parents will be pleased to buy.

You can then challenge pupils to 3D model their own objects or use simple, auto-help programs like Claybot’s Quickvase for those with fewer skills.

To give but one example of what this technology brings to schools: nozzle sizes vary from 1mm to 4mm, extrude at a rate of up to 50mm per second, meaning the students’ creations appear in minutes rather than hours. And, of course, they can be worked physically and/or artistically after being printed.

If you would like to see what the machine can do, there is a series of videos of the machine in operation on our website.  You can also find technical details, etc, at www.claybot.co.uk.

If you are interested in taking a 3d clay printer for six weeks for free in your school in either the late spring or summer terms (places for the year are disappearing fast!), please do call us on 01926 865109 or email mike@claybot.co.uk

I look forward to hearing from you.

Mike Ellis