No more pictures of the Queen made from sequins!

Ofsted’s Chief Inspector, Amanda Spielman said recently the education system has a vital role in upholding the principles that “make us a beacon of liberalism, tolerance and fairness to the rest of the world”.

In a speech to the Birmingham Education Partnership conference, she argued British values should be at “the very heart of the curriculum”.

“We know that even in the UK some children are being brought up in an environment that is actively hostile to some of these values,” she said. “So the education system has a vital role in inculcating and upholding them.”

“Most children spend less than a fifth of their childhood hours in schools and most of the rest with their family. And so if children aren’t being taught these values at home, or worse, are being encouraged to resist them, then schools are our main opportunity to fill that gap.”

Spielman said she was not talking about “superficial displays” of British values, using the example of a child asked to craft a picture of the Queen out of sequins. But she instead spoke of giving young people a “real civic education”, including “a rich and deep curriculum in subjects such as “history, English and geography”.

Quoted from The Guardian, 22nd  September 2017

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How the “unified study” approach is helping to raise biology results at A and AS level

One of the fundamental differences between the talented student who takes naturally to the study of biology at A and AS level, and those who are less drawn to the subject, is the ability to grasp the essence of the subject of biology, as a unity.

These more adept students recognise the different strands of the subject and seem to have a natural ability to grasp both the detail of each element of the course they are studying, alongside an overview that helps them greatly when they come to the exam.

It is with this particular thought in mind that we have produced a resource that allows students to grasp both the detail and the overview of the biology course they are studying, all in one volume.

This resource gives the students the key information they need, a guide to how the different in-depth topics link together and the activities which help ingrain the resultant learning in the long term memory.

And all of this is done through one, single resource.  A resource that is a student workbook, a textbook, a study guide and an activity book, all in one single volume.

Now I know this seems like rather a broad and ambitious claim, which is why I would like the chance to show you how it has been done.

To see this just choose the exam board you are using: AQA,   OCR,  EdexcelIB, or Cambridge and then click the “free preview button” for a sample download.

I really do think that once you have seen exactly what we have done you’ll agree that this is a new approach which can help your students maximise their understanding of biology and hence raise their grades.

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Richard Allan