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We’ve all heard it: “What’s the point of learning algebra? We’re never going to use it after we leave school!” Too many young people fail to see the purpose of learning Maths and subsequently become disengaged with the subject. We’ve built Panjango to give learning context and purpose by demonstrating the many exciting applications of Maths (and English and Science) in the world of work.

Panjango connects learning to life by linking curriculum topics to real, work-related challenges. For example, the following challenge demonstrates how, as a Computer Games Designer, young people may be required to recognise and generate terms in a sequence:

You are tasked with designing a ‘level up’ system for a new computer game. The system should be based on experience points. You decide that each level’s required experience points can be worked out by doubling the previous level’s experience points and then subtracting 100 times the level the user is currently on. The first level requires 400 experience points before the user can progress to the second level. How many experience points is the fifth level going to require?

Or this challenge puts students into the role of an Armed Forces Officer and requires them to apply their geometry skills:

You are planning an aid drop. Each air freight pallet has a length of 2.1m and a width of 1.6m. Items can be safely stacked to a height of 0.8m on the pallet. The aid drop is delivering first aid kits on the first flight. These kits each measure 35cm by 40cm by 10cm. In order to plan how many flights will be required to deliver the necessary aid, you need to know how many first aid kits can fit on each pallet. How many first aid kits can fit on one air freight pallet?

Panjango, which is free to use, features more than 1000 contextualised challenges across 120 different occupations (covering curriculum levels 3 to 7).

Our new filtering system allows you to tailor your lessons and present the challenges most relevant to your class. For example, you could display challenges set at one curriculum level e.g. all Maths topic at Level 7 to broadly explore the context and purpose of Maths; or you could display challenges relating to a specific topic such as algebra, geometry, or probability to help bring a specific topic to life for your students.

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Jon & Joseph
Founders of Panjango

“Panjango is a powerful, immersive experience which helps young people understand why their learning is important and how it is used in practical settings in the world of work. The resource has the potential to significantly enhance the learning outcomes of young people by bringing learning to life, making if fun, interactive and meaningful.”
Dr Richard Gerver, Education speaker, author and Head Teacher of the Year