Balanced talks on the Middle East

Middle East Education (London Ltd)

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Upheaval in the Middle East

Balanced talks given jointly by a Muslim and a Jew

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The Middle East is in upheaval, with wars, terrorism, uprisings, violence, external countries jockeying for power and influence in the region, as well as the over-100-year old Arab-Israeli conflict.

Our experienced knowledgeable speakers give talks which address these events, and they would be happy to give a talk at your school on any aspect you choose or, for example:

  • What could stop the war in Syria?
  • Why are so many of the regional countries concerned about the rising power of Iran?
  • What effect do the events in the Middle East have on the UK?
  • Why are the Palestinians planning to sue the UK for the Balfour Declaration which was issued 100 years ago, in November 1917?
  • Why is the international community trying to undo the 50-year-old re-unification of Jerusalem?
  • ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas. What are their goals?
  • Christians and other minorities in the Middle East.
  • The Arab-Israeli conflict: religious, historical and legal claims of both sides. Can they be reconciled?
  • What is the way forward?

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Talks can be tailored to your requirements as to length, content, age of audience, date, time.

Cost. Travel costs plus a voluntary contribution to other expenses

We still have some dates left in the Spring and Summer terms, and look forward to hearing from you.

Anne Smith
Middle East Education
Latest Feedback

“The students enjoyed the talk, and benefited from it largely just because of the evident co-operation and desire for peace from a Muslim and a Jew”.

What is the simplest way of ensuring that school pupils and students keep their property secure and safe?

Curiously, security is not just an issue of having an environment that is secure.  It is also a question of looks.

For if young people are offered a location in which to store their books, equipment, and personal property, and that location itself looks rather worn and old, they will not be inclined to use it, no matter how secure it really is.

This of course applies to school lockers as much as to any other secure area.  But it raises a problem.  How can the school justify paying for a new set of lockers for pupils, students, and indeed staff when there are so many other demands on the school’s finances?

The answer, as many schools have now found, is simple.  One makes a completely new, modern, and thoroughly secure set of lockers available to parents and their children for a modest termly rental charge.  This provides safe storage for everyone, and the rental income from the parents pays for the lockers.

To give an example of the costs, a set of 200 lockers complete with personal tamper-proof locks will cost the school £10000, and can be rented to parents for £0.40 per week, thus covering the cost of purchasing the lockers in just two to five years dependent on the terms of the lease.  Once paid for the lockers provide a valuable source of income.

All lockers come with a ten year guarantee excluding the locks. A maintenance contract can also be built into the purchase plan.

For the locks you have the choice of key lock, padlock or combination code lock.

Now, of course, some will say that youngsters will simply lose their keys or forget their codes, but if this is your concern, the combination locks can be opened by a master key and then be reset.

Pupils and students who forget their code more than once can be charged a small fee for looking the code up thus recovering the cost of the administrator’s time.

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To see the prices for typical locker installations. Please request a quote by clicking here

To discuss installation at a time and date convenient to you, please call 01253 733 049 or 07899 911 302.

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We can do the job you hate – the asset inventory


Just like defrosting the freezer, the school inventory is time consuming, messy and one of those jobs everybody hates.

But not if you’re an SG World customer because we make it easy.

AudIT takes the pain out of asset management so you don’t have to worry about finding the time and resource to stay on top of your inventory. Whether it’s security tagging your assets, keeping tabs on equipment maintenance schedules or simply getting up to date information you can trust, AudIT does the hard work for you. Have all your asset data at your fingertips so you can make informed investment decisions and deploy school funding more effectively.

AudIT is the UK’s leading school asset management software solution. It tracks over 3 million assets; that’s over £250 million worth of educational resources.

Find out why schools choose AudIT

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Closing the literacy gap; guaranteed

The guaranteed way of raising literacy levels among students who are struggling

In an ideal world, pupils and students who struggle with literacy would have a tutor working with them on an individual basis, several days a week.

The teacher could note the student’s particular problems each step of the way, and as problems became apparent provide remedial reading and writing activities, which are also monitored.

Every misunderstanding and every concept not understood would result in taking the pupil or student back a step for remedial work, after which progress and advancement would resume.

It is a wonderful and utterly effective approach, but normally quite impossible to implement. This is not only because of the cost of having a teacher working on a one-to-one basis with children, but also because the system needs the teacher to have remedial activities to hand for every eventuality.

Now, however, this approach is available through a program that rapidly locates each individual’s literacy needs, directing the student to an engaging set of activities which will remedy any deficits, before advancing through to the next set of skills.

Because the level of instruction is so accurately reflective of the individual’s current abilities, the student then gets a feeling of success and progress, rather than what can become a regular and familiar feeling of failure.

At the same time your colleagues are now free to work with others in the group.  Indeed, they can rotate the individual students, with some receiving directed help online while others engage with offline paper-based activities which are generated automatically by the system.

The program in question is Strategies for Older Students from Lexia – a program already in use in hundreds of schools across the UK.

You can try the program for yourself immediately and then if you wish, opt for a 30 day free trial in your school by clicking here

Of course, you may like to talk first – if so, please do call 0191 482 1939 or email

I do hope you will find this approach interesting and consider joining the many other schools now using Strategies for Older Students as their prime method of raising literacy levels for those who require much-needed support. If used as recommended the program achieves accelerated gains at typically twice the rate of non-Lexia users; guaranteed!

Rob Kay

LexiaUK Software Consultant.