Debate Chamber Summer Schools

Debate Chamber Summer Schools

Debate Chamber is excited to announce a series of academic summer schools aimed at aspirational 15-18 year-old students of Science and Mathematics. These programmes have been designed to challenge and inspire intellectually curious students and introduce them to modern ideas in Mathematics, Physics and Medicine.

Each course will offer a fun and stimulating educational experience in which students will be encouraged to develop their conceptual understanding and applied problem-solving skills. Each day will consist of a combination of lectures, practical activities, group discussions, team challenges and problem-sets with an emphasis on the real-world applications of the theoretical ideas.

All Debate Chamber tutors have completed, or are in the process of completing, postgraduate study in their respective field and are therefore perfectly placed to engage and inspire, as well as tailor sessions to cater for the interests and ability of each individual student. Small class sizes ensure an inclusive, university-style tutorial experience in which students feel comfortable asking questions to each other, as well as their tutors.

Physics Summer School

The Physics Summer School will introduce students to some of the major themes of 20th and 21st Century Physics. The Summer School is split into two parts, with each part comprising a structured five-day programme. Part 1 focuses on Classical Mechanics and Astronomy with an emphasis on modern applications of Newtonian Mechanics, and is relevant to both GCSE and A-Level students. Part 2 focuses on Quantum Mechanics and Relativity with an emphasis on the mathematical and conceptual foundations of these ideas, and requires that students have completed AS Mathematics.

‘Challenging, but great fun, the Physics course was a fantastic opportunity to gain a better insight into some of the fundamental principles that govern our world, giving me a better idea of what Physics at University might be like. From learning about the rather abstract world of Quantum Mechanics to discussing black holes and even teleportation, the course left me astounded by both the amount we already know, and how much we have yet to discover! I really enjoyed the five days, working with two talented tutors and meeting some other like-minded students. Overall, an incredible week.’

Mathematics Summer School

The Mathematics Summer School is a five-day programme that will introduce students to contemporary ideas in Pure and Applied Mathematics with an emphasis on developing problem-solving skills. The morning sessions will be used to introduce a range of theoretical ideas including Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Calculus, Proofs, Algorithms and Infinities. The application of these ideas will be explored in the afternoon session through a variety of problem-sets, group activities and discussions. Students attending this course must have completed AS Mathematics.

‘Attending the Maths Summer School allowed me to explore a variety of mathematical concepts not covered at school. I was given an opportunity to learn about multivariable calculus and differential equations from a physics graduate, predicate logic and Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem from a philosophy graduate, and linear algebra from a mathematics graduate. All of my tutors were very eloquent and clear, and I’ve learnt new branches of mathematics to give myself a slight head-start going into university.’

Medicine Summer School

The Medicine Summer School offers a fun and interactive insight into the world of medicine, allowing students the opportunity to develop the theoretical and applied skills required to be a doctor. Students will work in small groups alongside medical students to gain experience in identifying a patient’s primary symptoms, ordering tests, drawing conclusions and presenting their findings. The Summer School is split into five 2-day programmes, each covering a different area of medical practice.

‘I completely recommend this course! Whether you are totally convinced Medicine is for you, or if you just want a taster to see if it’s right, this course is perfect. The tutors are passionate and highly knowledgeable, and teach a great course covering a wide range of topics. Absolutely ten out of ten on all aspects – go and do it!’


Debate Chamber is committed to ensuring that financial circumstances do not prevent any student from attending our events. Students are able to apply for bursaries covering up to 100% of the course fee through our website.

How can my students attend?

All the Summer School events will be held at University of London venues in Bloomsbury, Central London, and will take place in July and August 2017. Please note that these courses are not residential, and accommodation must be arranged independently if required.

You can find full details of schedules, dates, costs, student reviews and tutors at There is a limited amount of bursary funding available for students who would otherwise have financial difficulty in attending – please see our website for details.

To book a place please visit, call us on 0845 519 4827, or email Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. 

How can the school organise a very special National Storytelling Week event in just ten minutes?

Between 28 January and 4 February thousands of schools across the UK will be organising events in support of National Storytelling Week – but even if you have not yet made arrangements for a specific activity that week (or indeed one of the weeks following NSW) it is still easy to set up a day that the children will remember for years and years to come.

Indeed it is generally the long term impact of just such a day that is the prime reason why the popularity of this annual event has grown year by year.  For, as more and more research has shown, children who have the chance to experience live storytelling can make huge gains in all their subsequent school work.

As a result one of the most popular events this year is proving to be a half or full day visit to the school by a highly experienced storyteller.

The exact arrangements for the day will depend on your particular wishes and what you want the children to get out of the day. The most popular approach involves starting with an assembly followed by performances and/or workshops for smaller groups of children at a time.  But we can adjust our approach to suit your requirements.

As an extra bonus a free optional after-school training session for teachers is also available, and the whole arrangement can last for half a day or a full day.

You will find a lot more about our storytelling programme on our website at    Then you can ask us to pencil you into our diary by completing our online booking form.

Or, if you have an immediate question, please do either:

I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Britain’s Best Storytelling Show

Britain’s Best Storytelling Show

I want to tell you a story…

National Storytelling Week starts on Monday 30th January 2017 and our Key Stage 3

National Storytelling Tour runs from Monday 30th January through to Easter.

Bards in the true sense, Celtic Yarn-Spinners entertain and enrich all ages with interactive stories, poems and songs.

Should you be interested in having our Celtic Yarn-Spinner come to visit, please telephone me, Joy Atkins, on 020 8688 6951, or you may prefer to email:  for more information.

The Stratford Festival of Salon Arts

organises the

National Tour of Traditional Celtic Storytellers

running from

Mon. 30th Jan. until  Good Friday. 14th April 2017

Dates of Interest

National Storytelling Week runs from Sat. 26th Jan. to Sat. 4th Feb. 2017.
World Book Day is on Thurs. 2nd March 2017.
World Storytelling Week Starts on Mon. 20th March 2017.

Joy Atkins
Stratford Festival of Salon Arts
Tigh a Bhaird
15 Warwick Road
Stratford upon Avon
CV37 6YW

Tel. 0208 688 6951


Children develop by design-a-classroom.

Children develop by design-a-classroom.

Enchanted Inspirational Classrooms are already gaining massive interest in themed classrooms with Harry Potter/ Hagrid’s Lodge & Hogs Meade buildings, Tom Sawyer and Tudor Styles, adding that extra dimension to the education environment. Enchanted exciting designs are anything but standard, styles away from the generic box shapes of classrooms, with classrooms that are just ‘out of the box’ which may inspire children into and within the learning environment. Perfect for the early years and tailored to the specific need of the class and function. Enchanted classroom

Enchanted Inspirational Classrooms are already gaining massive interest in themed classrooms with Harry Potter/ Hagrid’s Lodge & Hogs Meade buildings, Tom Sawyer and Tudor Styles, adding that extra dimension to the education environment. Enchanted exciting designs are anything but standard, styles away from the generic box shapes of classrooms, with classrooms that are just ‘out of the box’ which may inspire children into and within the learning environment. Perfect for the early years and tailored to the specific need of the class and function.

Typically, Enchanted design team will visit your site and design any possibility and style, carry out all the red tape, manufacture & install under one umbrella.

The price is competitive too, at about £700m2 for a regular classroom; the material choice making the difference, some cost less and some more than the rule of thumb, but gives a good representation. We design to agreed styles and to budgets so you’re in control all the way.

Enchanted classroom

Enchanted history based on themed play equipment and themed playhouses which took a natural growth into themed buildings. What’s more, the GA designs are without cost so we can visit you and develop your area for you.

Enchanted classroom

Enchanted Creations & Enchanted Timber Structures Ltd 

Call 01844 343106 for more information or email

 Take advantage of the Cad design, the GA is free so give us a call for a site visit.

We have loads of very excited and happy Heads, a great fun journey.


Ford Castle Adventure

Come and see our birds of prey at Ford Castle and enjoy adventurous activities, with March prices starting from only £124 + VAT per student!

A grade-1 listed building steeped in history, with majestic views of the Cheviot Hills, Ford Castle is far from just a beautiful setting. Surrounded by vast private grounds we encompass a wide range of challenging on-site and additional off-site activities, and are proud to call ourselves unique in every aspect.

The Northumberland countryside is the perfect setting to lead excursions exploring the local ecosystems, habitats and so much more. Bring your class closer to nature and couple educational excursions with stimulating crag climbing, canoeing or falconry sessions, with March dates starting from only £124 + VAT per student.

All our prices are fully inclusive, covering: comfortable accommodation, three delicious meals a day, and plenty of stimulating on-site activities – with additional options of excursions and off-site activities available.

Should you be interested I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have, and help piece together a sample itinerary and prices, uniquely tailored to your educational requirements. You can contact me on 01388 741 354, or by emailing to request a call-back.

Allow us to plan your next Ford Castle adventure!

Annette Best
Ford Castle Adventure Ltd

Tel: 01388 741 354



Supporting your SEN students to form healthy relationships

How can you support your Special Educational Needs students to form healthy relationships in all aspects of their life?

The ability to form a healthy relationship is something that we typically learn from trial and error and observation, but it may be that your SEN students require a bit more support if they are able to form and maintain healthy relationships throughout adolescence and adulthood.

Which is why we have devised The Relationships series. A comprehensive resource offering guidance to teenagers aged 14 to 19 with a reading age of around seven by being sympathetic to the way that autistic teenagers (for example) typically view the world.

The Relationships series consists of:

  • Six story books, which support the ASDAN Transition Challenge and Towards Independence Life Skills courses, exploring a different situation where it is important that young people identify their emotions, as well as the emotions of others.

Titles include, “The Date: Rachel’s Story” and “The Date: Mike’s Story” (differing opinions and sides to the same story), “Mum’s New Boyfriend” (accepting a parent’s new partner), “My Teacher” (understanding teacher/pupil relationships), “Sisters at War” (managing sibling tension) and “Staying Out Late” (the issues it raises with parents).

  • A CD-ROM providing electronic versions of the above titles, making it ideal for interactive whiteboard presentations and for students who would also benefit from listening to the text. It is also possible to edit and save the text to make your own story, create differentiated texts and personalise the text with your students’ names to enhance engagement.
  • An extensive range of activity worksheets and interactive activities that encourage reading comprehension. Activities include, Missing Words, Quizzes, Drag and Drop, Words and Pictures, Picture Search, Keyword Flashcards, Wordsearch, Spot the Difference and How Well Did You Read?.
  • Supporting resources for teachers including page-by-page notes for all the stories and assessment resources (feedback sheets and student record sheets).

The complete set of resources containing two copies of each of the six readers, the complete teacher book, and the CD Rom is available as the Relationships Value Pack for £139 plus VAT (save 10%).

Individual elements from the pack are also available separately.

For further information, please click here.  Alternatively, please email or call 01582 833205.

Janie Nicholas