Promote Internet Safety through Game Based Learning Dear Colleague,

Computers and consoles are becoming a central part of pupils lives, and so game based learning – the integration of gaming into learning – has never been more popular in schools.

Our platform features 85 educational games, each featuring a range of puzzles and questions that have been designed based on criteria from the National Curriculum.

Our content covers a range of core and non-core subjects, including:

English – covering spelling, grammar and sentence structure.

Maths – including topics such as addition, subtraction, time tables, shapes and angles.

Science – explaining the basics of the solar system, speed, time and elements.

Internet Safety – internet security, viruses and staying safe online.

Game based learning encourages active engagement from pupils through interactive learning and instant gratification. The large selection of games allows pupils to learn at their own pace and in their own way.

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We can help your establishment in promoting and supporting learning through our platform by enabling:

  • Instant tracking of pupils’ answers, understanding and progress, allowing you to easily identify their strengths and weaknesses and plan lessons accordingly.
  • Customisable multiple choice questions, giving you the ability to quiz individuals on specific topics, match our content with your lesson plans, or edit a game’s difficulty levels based on pupils’ needs.
  • Social elements to encourage interaction between pupils and creating an incentive for learning to beat the class’s high score.

For more information about how EDArcade can help pupils through game based learning, please contact us on 01909 568 338 or by email at with the subject “Arcade17”.