The solution to everything

What is the most effective way of enhancing children’s reading, problem solving, and writing abilities without it costing a penny?

There are two oddities in that headline, I know.  The notion that one activity can boost children’s performance in all those areas mentioned, and that this can be done at no cost at all.

But there is no catch, no trick and there are no hidden charges.  There is a method and it is free to use.  Indeed the benefits actually go beyond those mentioned in the headline – I didn’t mention them all because I didn’t want you to think this was far too good to be true.

The answer to the question in the headline is to be found within the imagination. Our imaginations allow us to hypothesise, to hold the concept of number, to solve problems without actually doing them, and to think what might be as well as what actually is.

Children whose imaginations are stretched tend to achieve far more than might otherwise be expected.

For example, when children listen to a story, ​they can become enthralled not just by the words but by what their imaginations do to the story.  The imagination provides extra details to make their own personal vision of story.​

Put simply: when children have many opportunities to make what we may call this “imaginative investment”, they become more rounded people.  They enhance their intelligence and become more able to engage in the world around them.

Which only leaves one question: how can we develop this skill?

The answer turns out to be quite simple – a two part activity in which children learn to tell stories to each other in small groups, and which then also encourages those parents who wish to, to take part in the activity at home.

We have set out the whole project in a free report which we’d be delighted to send you.  It sets out how the project can work, step by step, without any need to spend anything on equipment or other resources.

For a free copy of the report, “Enhancing reading, problem solving and writing through storytelling at school and at home” please email If you could write “Enhancing reading report” in the subject line that would be helpful.

If you would like to know more about what we do, there are details on our website or you can call us on 020 328 76245.