From igloo to cough, we’ve covered every spelling choice and every phonic in the English language

It sometimes comes as a bit of a shock to realise that there are some 90 different spelling and phonic rules in the English language.

They range from troublesome similarities (such as words like “coin” and “toy” with the same sound but different spelling choices), to the six different ways of pronouncing “ough”, not to mention the bizarre collection of words which utilise silent letters.

There is only one way in which dyslexic students can learn the spelling choices for the many different phonics and homophones, and that is through a structured reading and spelling programme.

Which is exactly what MSL has devised: the complete reading and spelling rescue programme.

This programme covers all the 90 different spelling and sound rules and adds in ten sections on issues such as word patterns, suffixes, prefixes, homophones and irregular final syllables, making 100 topics in all.

The 90 rules and associated topics can be seen on our website where you can see the structured order of teaching that we have introduced.

What we have then done is broken these 100 topics down into 20 modules, presented in an order which allows students to use the spelling rules as soon as they have learned them.

As a result of this structured approach, which includes placement & progress tests, you can introduce a dyslexic pupil or student to the sequence from the very start. You can also begin work at a point where the individual will be revising key points, before moving on to areas of weakness, where his/her knowledge becomes erratic.

A copiable version of each module costs £29.99, or you can order five modules together on a CD for £80 plus VAT. All 20 modules are available for £450.

You can order the Reading and Spelling Rescue Programme in any of these ways:

  • On our website (where you can also see full details of the programme)
  • By phone on 01536 399017
  • By fax to 01536 399012
  • By email to       
  • By post to Multi-Sensory Learning, Earlstrees Court, Earlstrees Road, Corby, NN17 4HH

School Finance without a finance background

Online Training Program 4 x 1 hour sessions with assignments – why not use the summer to learn a bit more about school finance?

Do you have finance staff that don’t have a background in finance? Lots of schools do, and it can be tricky to understand it all and to have a full appreciation of the importance of the processes, without this background.

To this end we have created a new online training program consisting of 4 x 1 hour sessions covering different aspects of school finance.   Each session provides a recording of our live online presentations with accompanying notes and copies of the Powerpoint slides.

The aim is to provide a basic overview of what the terms mean, what needs to be done, what’s important to know about and what the reports tell us. It also covers an overview of double entry booking, financial statements, period end & audit. This isn’t an in-depth study of bookkeeping or management accounting – it’s a clear, simple overview to give school finance staff a grounding in accounting.

Each session has an optional assignment which will help consolidate the information covered, and on completion of all 4 assignments a Certificate in School Finance will be awarded.

The 4 sessions are as follows :

Session 1 –  Introduction to finance and the need for accounts.  Types of accounting, Accounting reports, Audit,  Legal aspects & segregation of duties. Financial controls. Record keeping & filing.

Session 2 – The Bookkeeping process. Revenue accounts, Assets & Liabilities, Double Entry bookkeeping, Credits & Debits, Journals/Virement, The Ledgers.

Session 3 – Financial Statements and Reports – what they are, what they mean, general accounting reports and school specific reports.

Session 4 – Period End  – Month and Year end processes, Orders & Commitments, Period end Journals, Closing the period, Gift Aid. VAT, Internal audit

The whole 4 session course costs £99 per school and multiple staff can use the course for this price.

To order this training program please email on or visit our website and click on TRAINING & UPGRADES – FINANCE TRAINING

 Istek UK Ltd  3 St Ursula’s Close, Salisbury SP1 3FY

W:  E:   T:  01722 413 255  F: 01722 568262

Postura+ warranty doubled after 20 years of proven performance

Postura+ was the first one piece polypropylene chair introduced to the UK education market in 1996. Twenty years on, it stands unsurpassed as the only chair in its class to outlive its warranty.

Tried, tested and proven in the most demanding environments, we can now confidently double the chair’s warranty to 20 years knowing that it can be substantiated by real world, everyday use by millions of students all over the country.

Setting the benchmark for comfort, quality and versatility, it has stood the test of time and will continue to provide comfort and flexibility for millions more children in years to come, growing the ranks of what we call “#GenerationPostura”.

Central Educational Supplies Ltd are pleased to be a partner with KI in distributing the excellent Postura+ chairs to schools and colleges throughout the UK. Postura+ chairs can be ordered directly from Central Educational Supplies Ltd. Further details and pricing can be found on their website:

Alternatively, please email:  or call 020 7515 1797 and ask to speak to Martin Evans who will be pleased to assist.

Find out more | Postura+ datasheet | KI’s Schools, Academies & Colleges Brochure