What more can you do to help your pupils with their creative writing?

Writing in an unfamiliar environment is something that nearly all successful writers do as it can provide them with the inspiration to think and write more creatively than before. Thus, when your pupils are tasked to write creatively, it can be a good idea to take the lesson elsewhere.

Whether it’s a short story or a poem, by taking your pupils to a park, busy street, reservoir or anywhere else which isn’t considered as commonplace, your pupils will be inspired by their surroundings and thus (in terms of creativity) their writing will be improved.

Of course, to do this you will need some kind of transport (unless your school is fortunate enough to be located within walking distance of such an environment), which is where Benchmark Minibus Leasing can help.

Leasing a minibus with Benchmark can often work out cheaper than buying a minibus outright (especially if one takes into account the re-sale value of a school bus at the end of its working life), or indeed hiring a coach each time.

It is an arrangement which makes it possible for schools to fund the minibus through a small payment each month, which has the added benefit of improved budgeting and cash flow.

What’s more, a full maintenance programme is included, so no matter the outcome of the vehicle’s services and MOTs, the cost of repairs won’t affect the lease price.

For more information about leasing a minibus with Benchmark Leasing you can go to our website, call us on 01753 859944 or email minibus@benchmarkleasing.co.uk

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What is the simplest way to locate and apply for grants and funding for school projects?

One of the interesting aspects of the grants and special funds available to British schools is that few schools actually know about them.

Where the knowledge about educational grants does exist, there are many schools for whom the whole process of applying for a grant can appear just too complex and time consuming to make it worthwhile.

Over the past few years we have helped dozens of schools and educational charities raise well over £500,000 towards their projects, via successful grant applications to various local authorities, lotteries, trusts and foundations.

Recently there has been a particular interest in using such funds for new outdoor classrooms, to cope with the rise in school numbers, but grants can  be awarded for a whole variety of projects.

Other options include, funding school playground improvements, new play equipment, new surfacing or playground markings, shelters, furniture, gardens, planting, forest areas, before or after school clubs, holiday clubs, extra-curricular, and community activities…

In fact significant grants are available to almost any project potentially beneficial to the development of your pupils or community.

The problems are in finding the grants in the first place, and completing the necessary documentation – and that is why ABC Fundraising exists.   We find appropriate grant opportunities and do the paperwork for you.  And we help you to make the most convincing and compelling case for your project to the grantmaker. Working with us will cost no money up front, and charge a fee only if you receive a grant towards the project through the application we have helped you prepare.

Everything we do is completely transparent, and you have complete control over your project direction and the content of the application. However, we of course provide advice upon how to give your grant application the best chance of success based on the hundreds of applications we have overseen from all parts of the UK.

If you would like to know more please do call me on 07598 722 722 or 0131 308 0687

Or email me at: andy@abcfundraising.co.uk

There is also more information at www.abcfundraising.co.uk