Ideas, support and networking for your Mathematics Classroom

A warm welcome to you as you begin to plan and prepare for the new school year.

To help with this, ATM are delighted to present our 2016/2017 catalogue.


This year the catalogue includes lots of taster activities from a selection of ATM publications – Go and check them out!

We have four new publications to share with you that show both our guiding principles and how we aim to support you in your classroom

New Publications Pack – 2016 New Resources


Assessment in the New National Curriculum – an ATM Perspective – Book and PDF
Illustrates how a teacher can use ordinary classroom practice as the basis for assessment. KS1 KS2 KS3

Mathematical Imagery – Book and PDF
A full colour collection of ideas and discussion on the subject of mathematical imagery. KS3 KS4

Teaching Mathematics Social Justice – Book and PDF
Seven projects, along with task sheets for students, teacher notes and research articles that address social justice in the mathematics classroom.  KS3 KS4

Learning Mathematics with Origami – Book and PDFDesigned to support learners to explore important mathematical topics and solve problems when doing origami. KS2 KS3

Other best selling titles include:

It Makes You Think – Book and PDF
A photocopiable resource that encourages thinking skills and collaborative working while problem solving.KS1 KS2

Talking Maths – Book and PDF
A selection of photocopiable tasks to stimulate rich mathematical discussion while learners test, clarify and develop their understanding of mathematics.

About ATM Publications

ATM publications embody our guiding principles, offering tasks that teachers can use in their classrooms in a form that allows them to use them immediately.

There is a wide range of publications from Early Years to A level, written by experienced practitioners, that have been scrutinised for the quality of their tasks and narrative.

Most publications include ideas to reflect on for your continuing professional development and to support using the tasks in your classroom.

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