What is the single most effective way of handling an unexpected incident or emergency in the school?

An “incident” in the school could be an accident involving a pupil, student or member of staff.   Equally an incident could be the sudden arrival of a parent who is particularly aggravated or abusive and is facing an administrator who is alone in the office.

Or again it might be the arrival of an outsider who it is suspected has no reason for being in the school.  Or it could be a power failure which has taken out the school’s phone system.

In all such events the most important point is communication – immediate communication between the individual handling the incident and a designated member of staff who can then quickly arrange a suitable response to events.

By far the most simple, cost effective way of arranging such cover is a compact two-way radio that provides fast and direct communication across a campus.

This ensures that staff and teams remain co-ordinated and informed at all times.

There are also of course more complex systems available – and it is obviously important to select the right system for your school.  But the key point is to have a facility that allows someone in the school (for example the administrator) to have the ability to summon help at the press of a button if there should be a sudden problem.

There is information about the various systems that we offer on our web site and if you would like to discuss your school’s requirements in detail, please do call us for free on 0800 084 27 99.

Alternatively you can email sales@nrsupplies.co.uk and we’ll get straight back to you.


English Basics posters – New posters added

It’s essential that all pupils and students have a sound grasp of the basics of English.

Give your teaching of the basics a real impact by using these pdf posters.

These colourful, snappy posters will have an immediate impact but can also be a continued point of reference.

At less than £30 for the set this is brilliant value. You can print as many copies of these as you like – have them in every classroom!

The posters cover: Adjectives; Adverbs; Alliteration; Antonyms; Connectives; Direct speech; First person; Hyperbole; Infinitive; It’s; Metaphor; Nouns; Onomatopoeia; Paragraphs; Personification; Pronouns; Reported speech; Rhetorical question; Sentences; Similes; Superlatives; Synonyms; Their; They’re; There; Third person; Vary your verbs; Verbs; Your; You’re.

There are 30 A4 pdf posters in all. The set is an ideal classroom resource. A PowerPoint version is also available for whiteboards and large display screens.

You can see all the posters here

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Help promote a climate for learning with ‘Busy Hands, Busy Brains’

Learning involves the whole mind and body.  Learning is not all merely “head” learning (conscious, rational, “left-brained,” and verbal) but involves the whole body/mind with all its emotions, senses and receptors.

Children learn better if they have something in front of them that they can feel and physically touch. Lessons incorporating touch and movement will be particularly beneficial to kinaesthetic learners and it will be fun for everyone.

Dr Ben Mardell, PhD, a researcher at Harvard University says “Kids learn through all their senses,” “and they like to touch and manipulate things.”  But more than simply moving materials around, hands-on activities activate kids’ brains.

NEW – These tactile products are designed to help the kids be more productive in the classroom.


50 Piece ‘Busy Hands, Busy Brains’ Classroom Pack

  • 8 x Yellow Tangles
  • 8 x Yellow Bendy Men
  • 8 x Smiley Yellow Stress Ball
  • 26 x Stretchy Men
  • 1 x Cotton Storage Bag*

* Cotton storage bag is made from natural promotional quality unbleached cotton with long shoulder length handles. This bag is 100% Recyclable, 100% sustainable and biodegradable. Size is 38x42cm 

Fantastic Offer for Schools – Over 30% Discount on our ‘Busy Hands Busy Brains’ Classroom  Pack

For a limited period We are offering a fantastic 30% discount from our Busy Hands Busy Brains Classroom Package’ which includes 50 tactile items ideal for kids to use during lessons to engage senses that are not normally engaged simply by listening.

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NEW: We have just introduced a new ‘purchase order’ process which allows you to buy products online with a purchase order (no need for a credit card). Simply follow the normal steps to buy online and add your purchase order number at ‘Step 5 Payment Information’.

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Just a week left of the Topical Resources’ sale with discounts of up to 75%.

You may recall that we’ve been running a £5 sale on all our printed products until our stocks run out – meaning that there are discounts of up to 75% on our books.

We still have some stock left, but the sale does have a final and absolute cut-off date of 24 August.  So if we have not received your order by midnight on this day, then I am really sorry to say we won’t be able to process the order.

You can order any of our resources (while stocks last) for just £5 a book on our website.

Or, if you’d prefer, you can place an order…

  • by phone on 01772 863158,
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  • by post to Topical Resources, P.O. Box329, Broughton, Preston, Lancashire PR3 5LT.

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What is the most effective way of ensuring that every pupil and student always hears what is being said?

If there are parts of your school where the acoustics are poor or which are next to a source of noise such as a main road, then there is every chance that some of your students will fail to hear everything that is being said and will miss out on some of the teaching and learning.

Such a situation could arise in the assembly hall or a teaching room and can be the cause of additional stress where teaching staff have to raise their voices on a regular basis just to be heard.

Fortunately, any issues regarding the acoustic environment in both classrooms, assembly rooms, and other areas can be resolved readily by using a soundfield system – a system already used in hundreds of schools across the UK.

In order to show just how positive the benefits of a soundfield system can be we can offer a free trial in a classroom in your school. You simply tell us when it is convenient to visit your school and we come in set up the equipment and show the relevant teacher how to use it.

The whole process takes about 15 minutes and you can then keep the equipment for up to three weeks. If you like it and it is having a beneficial effect on the learning in school, then great, we will leave you an invoice. If not, then we’ll come and collect it.

Alternatively if you would like us to have a look at your school hall and offer some advice regarding simple equipment to help ensure the school is complying with the relevant regulations in relation to visitors and students who are hard of hearing, we will be pleased to help.

There is more information about our most popular Soundfield system, the Swift Digital, on our website here: www.connevans.co.uk/product/3109896/

To arrange a free three-week trial in a classroom or to invite us to take a look at a larger area such as an assembly hall please do:

  • Phone 01737 247571
  • Email info@connevans.com
  • Write to Connevans Limited, Bridge House, 1 Nutfield Road, Merstham, Surrey RH1 3EB

I look forward to hearing from you.

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