Protecting child victims of war – Free Action Pack

Get your students to take action to protect children caught up in conflicts

You may remember the recent pictures of 5-year-old Omran, sitting silently in the back of an ambulance in Aleppo, Syria, after being pulled from a building destroyed in an air strike. The world was shocked but tragically children are still being killed and injured by explosive weapons every day. Even hospitals and schools are being bombed. But today your students can get involved and speak up to protect these innocent victims of conflict.

Your students can take action and develop their citizenship skills by exploring the impact of conflict on Syrian children as part of Handicap International’s Forgotten 10 Challenge – 10 days of action from 1st to 10th December.

To order your free Action Pack, visit:

This is a fantastic opportunity for students to gain an insight into what it is like for injured and disabled people caught up in conflict and to take citizenship action and raise awareness amongst their peers. Students can also support our campaign to protect civilians from explosive weapons and fundraise to help clear unexploded weapons and provide rehabilitation care to injured and disabled victims of conflict.

The Action Pack includes details of a range of free teaching resources to order including Syria’s Young Survivors interactive posters, PowerPoints and films, along with ideas for assemblies, classroom activities and whole school events.

If you would like to find out more about how your school could get involved, please email or call me on 0870 774 3737.

I’m looking forward to working with you this term and having a big impact!

Best wishes,


John McGeachy
Forgotten 10 Challenge Coordinator

P.S. Since 2012 our teams have worked with over 600,000 injured, disabled and vulnerable people caught up in the conflict in Syria.

Handicap International UK
9 Rushworth Street,
London SE1 0RB
Tel: 0870 774 3737
Text Relay: 18001 0870 774 3737

100,000 keys and locks online next day



The key number is stamped on the lock and on the key

Site Managers Order Locks and Keys Online

Over 14,000 security products and 100,000+ keys are available to academies and schools throughout the UK from

On lockers, filing cabinets and desks the replacement key number (e.g. FM123) is stamped on the original key and on the lock face just beside the keyhole.

So when there are no keys to copy from go to, type the number on the lock and get the replacement key in the post next day at trade prices.

For free support email a good photo of what you need to


To ensure you never miss out on our industry updates, news and offers, follow us below

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New Gapforce School Groups Website

It is with great pleasure that I can announce the launch of our dedicated Gapforce website for schools at the address and link below.

The aim is to provide ideas and inspiration for your future trips across the globe and we would be delighted to assist with any enquiries that you have for future programs at the school.

By way of introduction, we run subject specific trips such as Biology as well as general education, adventurous activities and volunteering, all tailor-made to meet each school’s requirements.

We work with a number of UK and International Schools each year and I would be happy to provide sample itineraries and references

Our Expedition leaders are highly qualified and enjoy making your trip an amazing experience. They are what makes us unique and are central to what we do. Not only do they ensure your schedule is carried out to the letter as booked, but they add immeasurable value to every trip with their enthusiasm energy and knowledge.

If you are considering launching an overseas trip at your school, please do contact us for some ideas and quotes

We would relish an opportunity of working with you in the future.

Kind regards,

James Catterall • Manager
Hurlingham Studios, Ranelagh Gardens, Fulham, SW6 3PA United Kingdom
Mainline: +44 (0)207 736 2769 | Email: | Website:

How can your school avoid the ‘learning a language’ trap?

Teachers can be under-confident when teaching foreign languages in the classroom because they do not have the language skills. What’s the most effective way of supporting your staff in the teaching of French, Spanish or German?

Avoiding the trap …
Have you been in the scenario where the teachers have been informed that they have to teach a language and seen the panic on their faces? Suddenly they have to read, write, speak and teach it to the children. Most teachers race on line to hunt through the mixed bag of resources.  Imagine their surprise if they could be provided with a proven resource that enables them to teach a language, they do not know, effectively.

Finding the resource …
What is the right resource? A resource which gives instant lessons, lesson plans and games, with sound, which are effective and fun. A resource which promotes linguistic confidence.

EDpaX offers …
Lessons that develop the teaching of French, Spanish or German in the Primary classroom.

There are 28 topics specially developed for teachers required to teach a foreign language using the interactive whiteboard. No preparation is needed! There are 500+ teaching pages, with sound, including games and activities. Each language introduces and reinforces initial language, spelling, vital verbs, simple sentence structure and small paragraphs. Colourful and effective interactive whiteboard language lessons and games at your fingertips! These instant lessons bring fun to language learning for both the teachers and the children. Ideal for all Primary school teachers.

Photocopy Workbooks each containing 56 differentiated photocopy pages which reinforce and consolidate every topic are included as a SPECIAL OFFER. Planning grids detailing the language used in each topic are there too.

Check out the product at

Want to try before you buy? Please download a full FREE interactive whiteboard teaching topic from Free Resources at

Do you need more information? Please email or call 0845 4752289

One language product contains 2 disks plus the photocopy workbook for only £350

(excl. VAT and p&p). One-off purchase with full site licence.

What are the most effective ways to teach current affairs and social awareness in a primary school?

One of the most common observations made by teachers who have tried to improve pupils’ spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development is that there are too few resources and material available to help make an impact.

For them this is not another lesson in a subject that they have experienced a number of times before. This is different – learning about what’s happening in the world right now!

Children love to learn about the world around them and about news stories unfolding right now in our changing world.

Unfortunately, it can be hard for staff to find content, ideas or even know exactly how and what to teach from the quite frankly, overwhelming and shocking stories that are found in our news bulletins.

Thus the question arises: how can we help and inform our staff with ideas and resources for teaching about what is going on in the world around them?

This is the problem that we have faced head on. And as a result we have produced Picture-News. Designed for Primary schools with lesson plans and activity ideas for KS1 and KS2 and linked to the national curriculum.

Each week our schools receive a very current news topic; a large A2 poster; access to the image online; key questions and a wide range of lesson ideas and activities based around the main news story from that week.

If you would like to learn more about Picture News there is an immediate opportunity on the website – just click “Free Sample” at

And if you have any questions or queries about Picture News please do call 01765 620498 or email .

What’s the point of music?

Music for every Child and every Teacher

What’s the point of music?

It’s easy to think that by limiting the arts in school there will be more time for important subjects such as literacy and numeracy. So, what’s the point of music?

Experienced teachers tell us that playing Ocarinas in music lessons gives their children a massive sense of achievement, develops their physical co-ordination and improves their mental alertness; more than in any other subject or activity.

✔ Reading, counting, language, increased intelligence…

Playing the Ocarina is as easy as 1-2-3. When children follow Ocarina charts, they are rewarded with familiar tunes as they read each finger pattern correctly. Early years experts observe that this prepares young children for reading-readiness. And dyslexia specialists claim that Ocarina charts encourage reluctant readers because of the simple eye movements and interpreting involved.

As soon as beginners of all ages start to play tunes on the Ocarina, they are involved in counting and feeling the rhythm – thus brain and body work together to produce a musical end-result. And what an end-result! A recorder peripatetic listened to an Ocarina group that had been playing for two hours in total, and told us it would have taken him a year to reach the same point on recorder. Imagine if you could make a year’s worth of progress in two hours in every subject?

✔ Invest for now and the future

Ocarinas are the only tuned musical instruments that give pupils immediate musical success. They are UK-made, colourful, robust and ready-to-play. The holes are small enough for little fingers, each note is easy to produce with a steady breath, and ocarina music shows exactly which holes to cover for step-by-step musical tuition. For boys, girls and teachers too…

The thrill of achieving something new in class should be a regular experience for children, and for their teachers. However, general class teachers often feel that they are “not musical” or “only able to sing”. Ocarina-playing offers Music for every Child and every Teacher

✔ A sound opportunity for everyone

As teachers ourselves, we have made sure Ocarina-playing can be taught by any teacher to any group of children. And this accessibility for both children and staff is the reason the Ocarina was identified as the Best Music Education Product in 2015.

A class set of Ocarinas and Ocarina music books will last for decades and can be played by each succeeding year group. Ocarina Rainbow Starter Boxes are just £10 per child and come with free teaching resources, or the Star Buy equips every child with an Ocarina and two books with over 50 proper tunes to play, for just £15 – and of course the teacher is fully resourced for free, to teach whole class music, keeping your music budget in-house. With Ocarinas, music lessons become something everyone looks forward to.

Ocarinas are Tuned, Durable, Musical, Accessible and Ready-to-play … for Boys, Girls and Teachers too | | 01536 485 963
David Liggins B.Ed (Hons) | Christa Liggins BA (Hons), PGCE
Ocarina Workshop, PO Box 56 Kettering, NN15 5LX


Get Prepared Early

It’s a well-known fact that healthy eating as children aids concentration, development of strong bones, and decreases the risk of falling ill to a number of problems such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity.

We understand a big concern of Schools nowadays is rising to the challenges faced in engaging children with healthy eating, as well as keeping in line with the National School Food Standards.

Since the mid-noughties we’ve seen a grand change in school meals. From ‘Turkey Twizzlers’ to meals you may even be tempted to tuck into yourself.

Quite disappointedly however, we have seen a dip in the Tuck Shop within schools, especially Primaries.

With the ever changing Food Standards we understand it’s hard to find snacks and treats that check all the boxes. Trust us, we struggle and we’re the ones supplying them!

But that’s exactly why you needn’t worry! For years schools have been enjoying our beautifully healthy range of school compliant snacks to go in their reinvigorated tuck shops. We’ve always had positive feedback on all our range but there was one little point that kept cropping up!

                Our range was good, but we needed to expand it!

So we listened and spent some tireless months scouring the earth for a bounty of new products to provide to you lovely ladies and gentlemen… and we think we’ve come up trumps.

We’ve kept all of the old favourites and added a massive 22 more tantalisingly tasty treats to our range.

Take a look at our new leaflet here

You can either order online here, or equally give us a ring on 01206 391179 or send an email to

Also, we’ve just completed our first month with B1G1 – the Global Giving Initiative, with our customers help, together, we’ve supplied schools in rural India with 176 days of e-learning for their children. You can find out more here, we’d love to have you involved!

All the best,

The Tasty Tuck Team

Grant scheme to invite maths presenters into school

It is common to hear announcements of new funding initiatives with comments stating how difficult and hard work it is to get through the loops and hoops of the process. It can feel that is is far too much work and the odds of being awarded such funds are slim.

Maths Busking

Inviting a speaker to do a special day in school sounds like a great idea. The children will have a special time, the teachers get a break from the routine of everyday teaching and a few more boxes get ticked.

Where do we start in choosing a speaker or activity if they haven’t been recommended or seen in action? And of course there is a cost. A parent of a pupil may be a great choice for an assembly if they work in a field that promises to inspired the next generation, if they know how to talk to a large audience of young people. Perhaps a STEM Ambassador or an academic from the nearest university will be available. All of these free of charge.

Of course with cost-free speakers it is harder to negotiate the event details, the style of talk or activity and make requests on the persecutions itself. This is where hiring a professional makes a difference.

A professional activity provider will ask the client what is the goal of the event, what is the overall message the students are to take with them. It will also try to understand the dynamics of the school and if there are particular aspects to be touched on.

Maths BuskingHere at Maths Busking we treat each individual event as bespoke. We write new material if necessary – as we did for Special Needs School that wanted a maths day for all children, including students that could not talk or count beyond 3. We may create a new format like we did at a secondary school that wanted to take maths into other subjects during the schools’ Maths Day – we created the Lesson Hijack where we interrupt lessons during for a short 10-15 min show. We may suggest a Masterclass for the most keen students in a day full of Stage Shows for the younger students that have never seen maths as a show. Etc. It is a dialogue.

So when we receive enquiries from schools wishing to apply to the Maths E&E grants the Royal Institution of Great Britain to cover our costs we know our approach to bookings will help the school succeed in the application. It is a very simple process asking for the teacher to show they have thought on how the event will impact in their teaching and what the legacy will be.

For more info about Maths Busking and examples of our material just click the little images icons for each trick at To request a brochure please do call 078 430 21 209 or email

Dr Sara Santos, Mathematician and performer


When a musical instrument goes missing, what’s the fastest way of finding it again?

Keeping track of who has got which musical instrument, so that there can be no question as to when an instrument was loaned out by the school and to whom, is clearly an important matter.

Likewise, deterring theft through having instruments marked as belonging to the school is also a vital part of keeping the school’s stock of instruments under control.

Quite often the problem that arises is one of identity.  Which of the three clarinets are you holding?  How can you tell?

One way of solving this problem is by using Dantech Mini Mark labels. These are ideal for labelling the school’s musical instruments as they offer a clear way to identify and track equipment safely.

They are particularly well-suited to this purpose as the text won’t come off the label even with musical instruments that are handled continuously by ‘sweaty’ hands. With Dantech’s Mini Mark label the required information is engraved into the acrylate label material which gives a permanent high contrast, durable and tamperproof image, suitable for all environments.

The label sticks easily to the instrument using the high performance adhesive (on the back on the label) which is suitable for almost all surfaces and which will give high initial adhesion.

In this way the image cannot be ‘wiped off’ – for it is permanently engraved into the label.  Any attempt to tamper with the label is evident and indeed the label will fragment if removal is attempted.

Dantech Mini Mark labels can be provided with white text on black or silver material with black text.

There is more information on our website at

Alternatively call us on 01354 688488 or email us at for more information.

We hope you didn’t end up coming into the office to catch up on the asset inventory.

We hope you didn’t end up coming into the office to catch up on the asset inventory.

SG World’s AudIT asset management service puts you ahead of the game. Our DBS checked engineers will come in and do the whole inventory for you leaving you with an up-to-date, user friendly, online asset database. We’ll come in over the school holidays so you don’t have to.

AudIT brings asset tagging, tracking and reporting under your control. Our optional onsite inventory service means you can break the cycle of never having the time to get on top of things and free up important time to concentrate on other things.  

There’s no last minute panic or having to come in over the holidays. All the information you need is easily accessible, up-to-date and available as a detailed, accurate report. It can be used  across multiple departments and sites keeping all your asset data in one place, in one simple format.

AudIT is the UK’s leading school asset management software solution. It tracks over 3 million assets; that’s over £250 million worth of educational resources.

Company registration number 3451910

SG World

Arnold Haase House, Duchy Rd, Crewe, CW1 6ND


School groups bring over 150,000 students to our Centres each year.

Over 30,000 of them are from primary schools.

80% of school groups rebook year after year.

Why not take advantage of our autumn offer? If you visit one of our Centres between September 2016 and February 2017 a three day trip will cost you £75 per student. That’s a saving of up to 48% off our normal price.

To find out more about how we can help you organise a trip that your students will remember for the rest of their lives, please contact me by emailing or call me directly on 01743 852135. You can also find out more by visiting our website: primary-school-trips

“We felt that the tutors had a great knowledge of the local area and the surrounding wildlife and were able to pass this on to the children in a very engaging and meaningful way. The tutors also encouraged all children to take part and to set themselves achievable challenges and targets.”

Benarty Primary School

Who are Field Studies Council (FSC)?

FSC is a charity that was formed in 1943 to provide opportunities for school children to study living plants and animals in their natural habitat. 70 years later we are still providing memorable outdoor experiences for your students. FSC believes that the more you know about and take inspiration from the world around us the more we can appreciate its needs and protect its diversity and beauty for future generations.

One way FSC achieves its mission is by providing your students with residential trips covering adventure, teambuilding and personal development and the national curriculum. These trips give them the opportunity to see, explore and learn in a fun and engaging manner by immersing themselves in the natural world, taking in sights, sounds and smells and getting their hands dirty.

The content of our primary school trips provides memorable experiences that children may not otherwise get the opportunity to do.

FSC has a proven record of providing outdoor education for schools so you can be confident your group will be in safe hands and your visit will be as stress free as possible whilst all children are kept active and engaged throughout the whole of the trip.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,

Jessica Pugh
School Booking Assistant.

Free speakers and resources from Compassion in World Farming

Many pupils are passionate about the welfare of animals though, if surveys are to be believed, many of them do not know how their bacon, eggs and milk are produced!

Food production is a growing topic of debate whether you are talking about the ethics of how we treat animals, how we produce healthy food and how we can feed a growing population.

At the same time, most of the major faiths teach kindness to animals and for some religions it is a major part of their belief system. This is a subject which can engage children, encourage debate and develop respect for the beliefs of others.

Finding time to discuss topics such as animal welfare and sustainable food production is doubly valuable – it gives pupils an important understanding of a range of ethical and environmental factors and it encourages great debates!

To help you to engage your pupils in such discussions, we provide a free speaker service and a pack of resources including a film and discussion activities, which can be adapted for pupils of different ages, abilities and levels of confidence.

To enquire about a speaker or to order a free resource pack, please email with “RE mailshot” in the subject title.

To view or download the resources directly, including films, please go to our Religious Education webpage.

Yours faithfully

Phil Brooke
Education Manager
Compassion in World Farming

PS We’ve had some wonderful evaluations from teachers for our talks and resources:

“ I think the pack is super, very well organised and presented  … most impressed, both with the philosophical reaction sheets and with the world religions ones. The questionnaire (Personality Test) looks excellent, too.”

I like (the video Farm Animals & Us) because

its emphasis is on choices and how they affect animals
it shows how animals have intelligence
it uses humour – the school as a factory is brilliant
it is not too horrifying but includes shots of pigs gnawing bars etc
contrasts between intensive and traditional farming methods effectively made

 (How Do Animals Matter – opinions, religious and secular)

Lots of useful questions and summaries
Should help students to sort their own views and promote an understanding of other perspectives

(Teachers’ Notes)

Some good ideas which can be modified/ adapted

Links and contacts:


Tel: 01483 521 965

Education website:

Religious Education webpage:

Speaker service:

Pupils love poetry and song

Dear Head Teacher,

To help schools enjoy and promote the reciting and learning of poetry, the Performance Poetry Society is offering Primary Schools the opportunity of having Jim MacCool’s Interactive Poetry and Song Shows to visit this Autumn Term.

Jim MacCool’s Shows have proved to be suitable for all ages and abilities of primary school pupils and will enrich and entertain your pupils and staff alike.

Here are some comments on schools’ web pages and newsletters, after Jim’s visit.

A Poet Visiting Kings Avenue School

On Tuesday the 26th April a fantastic poet named Jim MacCool came to Kings Avenue to tell us about his job. The assembly was so upbeat it was like a concert. We did loads of singing; everyone was having so much fun. He did riddles and was very inspirational. He inspired me to write more poems. Jim brought some fabulous instruments; I want to give Jim special thanks for being so inspiring. By Lattisha – 5S

Jim MacCool at Cragside School

We were so pleased to have Jim MacCool from the Performance Poetry Society today. He performed for reception to year 6, including parents and grandparents, and had everyone clapping, stomping and joining in with a variety of Scottish and Irish verse. It was fabulous to see the children sharing such an exciting experience with their families.We’re all now looking forward to the children writing and presenting their own performance poetry in the classroom. Thanks so much to everyone who came and joined in the fun; sharing the experience with parents and grandparents was very special and exciting for the children.

To find out how your school can take advantage of this opportunity and join in, please telephone me, Sandra Dennis on 0208 688 6951 or email for further details.

Working In Universities, Colleges, Schools, Arts Centres, Libraries And Prisons
The Performance Poetry Society is the longest-serving provider of quality Poetry Services to Schools.

Performance Poetry Society
Tigh a Bhaird7
Harepit Close

Tel. 0208 688 6951
We operate throughout the year.

What is the simplest way of ensuring that water bottles in the classroom never spill and rarely get lost?

One way is to buy from the company that in 2003 launched the revolutionary spill-proof “hands-free’ lids – and is now the UK leader in school bottle supply.

In 2016, all teachers understand the importance of pupil rehydration. An attractive water bottle, featuring your school logo, is also a helpful fund- raiser.

Children are also learning to help their environment by re-filling their bottles, instead of littering it with single-use water bottles.

However, all this can be undermined when a bottle leaks – especially around the lid- because it is poorly designed or manufactured. This can be an upsetting nuisance for children and parents, leading to bottles being undervalued and lost.

At NDA Packaging Services, our iconic Schoolbottle has become UK schools market leader primarily due to:

  • Excellence of quality –our bottles and caps are made in the UK. Every aspect has been carefully considered, from tooling design to material.
  • Our hands free lidsinstinctive-to-use, hygienic and convenient. The valve technology eradicates spillage, without necessitating handling.
  • Free visualsMario, our Head of Sales will recreate your logo on our bottle and provide a no obligations visual and quotation.
  • Payment by invoice as a school’s supplier we trust our market. Your school can pay when you receive your bottles.
  • Reliability of supply and friendly service -our business administrator Margaret, an ex primary teacher, understands the issues and will conscientiously help.
Here’s a lovely example of our quality Schoolbottle fitted with the hands free lid. Available in 300ml and 500ml, to suit all ages.

For your free visual or quotation please ring Margaret or Mario on 01792 863331 or visit our website where you can place your orders online.

Lead-time 2 -3 weeks

water bottles


Linguascope acquires Revilo

Revilo is now a part of the Linguascope family.

Revilo was founded in 1989 and grew into one of the UK’s leading publishers of stand-alone resources for language learning in schools.

Revilo’s creator Oliver Gray said, “We are delighted that Revilo has found a home with Linguascope, the UK’s leading independent language publisher.”

Linguascope’s director, Stéphane Dérône said, “We are happy to help take Revilo forward to a new era in language learning.”

Link to Linguascope website

The most cost effective solution for school Bursars and SBMs

For Bursars, the start of a new term usually means juggling requests from every department and managing budget expectations across the school.

But what if you could make an impact to SLT, teachers, students and even parents, with one system that could replace the need for planner, therefore eliminating the cost, remove the need for a VLE and give teachers more time?

Show My Homework is the tool that provides powerful homework management for SLT. It saves teachers time creating, collecting and grading tasks, whilst giving parents visibility into the deadlines and progress of their child, supporting student organisation. It’s easy to see why 1 in 3 UK Secondary Schools have chosen Show My Homework.

Not only that, but schools have since been able to reduce or eliminate the need for paper planners, saving up to £5000 per year. With our bolt-on apps for Seating, Praise and Premium Content, only pay for the services you need, and streamline the costs associated with your VLE.

To find out more, click here and book in a free school visit where we can present to your SLT, or schedule a phone demo.
Show My Homework.

More home, less work.

Louise Raw

Head of Marketing Show My Homework / Teacher Centric Ltd
Leading homework software for teachers and schools