Make 2017 SATs even better

Now that the SATs are completed for this year, prepare to do even better in 2017. Implementing the Turnabout Programme is the fastest way to improve results in the primary school.

Turnabout is for the ‘hard to move’ pupils and those with dyslexic characteristics. It requires just one hour a week for 12 weeks and is usually delivered by support staff. This is a practical programme to improve memory and concentration and as a result, progress in literacy and numeracy is greatly accelerated. Expect at least a one year advance in this short time, some pupils make much more.

Our user schools can explain how it operates better than us.

“We have been using Turnabout for about 3 years now.

It is scripted and formulaic, so whoever you deploy to deliver it needs to use very little initiative.

The children LOVE it, and the staff delivering it love the progress, teachers love impact they see in the classroom, and I love it because it is an intervention with measurable results. (NB Pupil Premium).

Although developed for dyslexic children, we use Turnabout with anyone who is falling behind at all, in any subject. We use it from Y2 –Y6. We use it for vulnerable children who benefit from the confidence they gain. Children have 3 X 20 minute sessions per week. We are putting 10-15 children through each term, depending on need.

The results were fab. We didn’t pre/post-test for the first round, and couldn’t believe what we could see, so we now use the Sandwell maths test and the Salford reading tests to measure impact.

We are seeing an average of 14 months’ progress for a 3 month intervention. We regularly see pupils make 20+ months progress in the 3 month intervention. We have some children who make less than that, but these are usually the older children, and the Salford test stops at 11yrs Reading Age.” HEAD TEACHER

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