A classic film that does not date at all.



10 Minutes

Cartoon about personal hygiene aimed at teenagers.

An animated cartoon in which two teenagers, Buster and Isla discover that life is sweeter if ‘all of their bits are nice’ – and that includes the bits you can’t see! The need to keep hands, hair, teeth, feet, body and clothes clean is presented in a lively way calculated to appeal to teenagers and adults alike.

A review in International Movie DataBase

Wow, I can’t believe this was made in 1982! I honestly thought it was a late sixties-early seventies production, with the stark animation, the white, minimalist backgrounds and the cynical style – it reminded me of Disney’s iconoclastic (for the Disney studio, at least) ‘It’s Tough To Be A Bird’ (I think that was the title) short. Hosted by one Mike Roscope (groan), this educational cartoon preached the importance of good grooming, regular baths, brushing your teeth, changing your clothes and generally being a ‘clean teen’, and the schools I attended from age nine upwards showed it so often, I can still rattle off huge chunks of it to this day.

Roscope telling us “There ain’t nobody that don’t sweat”…”Dirty clothes on a clean Ida don’t make sense”…and that hilarious melancholy ‘WHAAAOWWW’ synthesizer sound that kicked in whenever the boy told the girl (or vice-versa) that “Some of your bits ain’t nice”! A cult classic in the making, I can’t believe there isn’t an internet site devoted to this little beauty. There can’t be a single British schoolkid of my age group (born 1974) who doesn’t remember it.

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