Methods of Teaching Maths to Pupils with Dyscalculia

Research in recent years has shown that children with dyscalculia can be taught maths if certain specific points in their understanding of maths are addressed. If this approach can be followed by the adoption of particular methods of teaching by the teacher and methods of learning by the pupils, then these children can readily reach the average standard of the class.

What’s more the techniques that are known to work well with dyscalculic pupils also work well with pupils who have an average ability at maths.

The book outlines a series of individual methods of teaching maths, which is followed by a series of methods of learning which will benefit all pupils, irrespective of their levels of mathematical achievement. It also contains information on enhancing pupil memory and pupil ability to handle sequences. The methods can be adapted and used with all age groups. The approaches can be used by special needs teachers in small group or individual sessions, and can also be used within full class lessons.

Methods of Teaching Maths to Pupils with Dyscalculia also contains information for parents as well as information on how homework can be structured to the maximum benefit of dyscalculic pupils.

Methods of Teaching Maths to Pupils with Dyscalculia: ISBN: 978 1 86083 688 6; Order code: T1630emn

Sample pages can be found on

The volume is available as:

  • A photocopiable book, price £24.95 plus £3.95 delivery inclusive of VAT.
  • On CD, price £24.95 plus £3.95 delivery inclusive of VAT.
  • Both book and CD at special price of £31.94 plus £3.95 delivery inclusive of VAT.

You can purchase the book:

The Dyscalculia Centre
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Save hours of your valuable time, boost your productivity and reduce stress.

These days you probably find yourself spending more and more time at the computer, answering emails, producing typed documents for various purposes and exploring the internet.  It seems that most teachers now use a keyboard more often than a pen.

Yet, like many UK employees, the majority of teachers have never learned to type properly.  Do you struggle along, prodding away with just two fingers and with your head down?  If so, you will be typing at only about half your potential speed and probably with low levels of accuracy.

With such heavy workloads, wasting valuable time through poor typing skills is inefficient and costly and increases stress.

Type&Test are the UK’s leading specialists in touch-typing training and assessment.  Our online learning programmes are the only ones recommended by Awarding Bodies such as the BCS and the SQA, having been used over the past nine years to prepare learners of all ages for national typing qualifications.

Our unique ‘Type Faster, Work Smarter’ course is guaranteed to significantly increase your typing speed whilst maintaining or improving your accuracy.  The outcome will be that you will increase your output, gain more time, work more productively and reduce your levels of work-related pressure.

Involving a structured interactive online programme, with support from an experienced Type&Test tutor who will communicate with you regularly via email, messaging and skype, you will gain invaluable touch-typing skills through short regular practice sessions which you will complete at times that fit around your busy working day.  After just a few weeks – around the length of a school term – we guarantee that your typing skills will improve significantly or we will refund your course fee in full.

For more information please email with the subject line ‘Type Faster, Work Smarter’ and we will email you our programme flier.  Click here for information from our website.  Or if you want to have a chat about it with no obligation then call Andy Stevenson on 01480 861867.

Free activity on Henry VIII’s children!

>Challenge your students’ knowledge of Henry VIII’s children using our free activity!

Which of Henry VIII’s children reigned from 1553 – 1558? Was Elizabeth a Catholic or a Protestant? The activity asks students to match each of Henry’s children to their correct religion, length of reign and birth order.

Fun and engaging, this quick activity is perfect as a starter or recap activity – try it on our History free stuff page!


The Boardworks team

Exceptional Drama Teaching Resources

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Search Taster Day Events – helps Drama teachers to discover an array of events to book students on to, such as university and college taster days, workshops, residentials, open days, outreach events and widening participation opportunities.

+44(0)208 798 0982


ZigZag Education

Drama & Theatre Studies Teaching Resources – Shine a spotlight on key practitioners, place devised performance centre stage, raise the curtain on live theatre evaluation and get behind the scenes on the exam. Written by teachers, examiners and Drama experts who are keen to share their knowledge, the full range of Drama resources will take your students from the green room to standing ovation.

0117 950 3199
Postal address:
ZigZag Education, Unit 3, Greenway Business Centre, Doncaster Road, Bristol, BS10 5PY


First and Best in Education

New Essential Drama Skills – a compendium of creative drama lessons and scripts for teachers. The scripts have been used for public performances and as examination pieces over the years. Two of the duologues have been included in the LAMDA Examinations Acting Anthology Volume 3.

A Student’s Guide to Auditioning for Drama School – written to help your students work towards achieving that desired place at Drama School.

Drama Depot Practical Activities (KS3) – Forty new lessons with warm ups to develop the creativity and expressive talents of the individual in the context of the whole group.

Here comes Godot now! 12 plays (GCSE) – contains 12 plays each containing multi-roling and the variety of theatrical techniques that exam boards now seem to love.

Into Action! A Modular Approach to Drama – This book of structured drama lessons will be invaluable to the drama teacher working with students on exam courses in Drama, Performing Arts or Expressive Arts. All lessons are complete with recommendations for warming up, preparation notes, objectives and suggestions for debriefing and discussion at the end of the lesson.

01536 399007
Postal address:
Hamilton House Mailings Ltd, Earlstrees Ct, Earlstrees Rd, Corby, Northants, NN17 4HH


You can find more Exceptional Teaching resources at

What is the most effective way of supporting pupils who aren’t progressing at the same rate as their peers in reading and spelling?

One area where the government’s micromanagement couldn’t be more evident is the way in which literacy teachers are required to teach children how to read and how to spell.

Indeed, most children can achieve the desired outcome using the very specific teaching-learning methods outlined by the government, but others, quite simply, cannot – they need to take an alternative route which is tailored to their learning needs in order to get the same outcome.

Fortunately, this is something which isn’t impossible to implement and can, in most cases, be conveniently described as a ‘provision’.

The Complete Reading and Spelling Programme is just one ‘provision’ or method that your colleagues can use to support pupils who aren’t progressing at the same rate as their peers in reading and spelling using current teaching-learning methods.

It covers all the 90 different spelling and sound rules and adds in ten sections on issues such as word patterns, suffixes, prefixes, homophones, and irregular final syllables, making 100 topics in all.

These 100 topics are broken down into 20 modules, presented in an order which allows students to use the spelling rules as soon as they have learned them.

As a result of this structured approach, which includes placement & progress tests, you can introduce a student to the sequence from the very start. You can also begin work at a point where the individual will be revising key points, before moving on to areas of weakness, where his/her knowledge becomes erratic.

A copiable printed version of each module costs £29.99, or you can order five modules together on a CD for £80 plus VAT. All 20 modules (including the 4 CD’s) are available for £450.

You can order the Complete Reading and Spelling Programme in a variety of ways:

  • On our website
  • By phone on 01536 399017
  • By fax to 01536 399012
  • By email to       
  • By post to Multi-Sensory Learning, Earlstrees Court, Earlstrees Road, Corby, NN17 4HH

Four films offering a professional insight into Equality and Diversity, Addiction, Drugs and alcohol, Stress and suicide.

Just Listen – Race, Religion, Disability, Sexuality and Gender

35 Minutes

Stories about equality and diversity.

Interviews with people who come from groups which are prejudiced against. They talk frankly about their experiences and the problems they encounter.

1. Race and Religion: Ibraham and Clair: Tragic story of a refugee; a British Muslim describes her religion. Ibraham’s story of personal tragedy dispels many of the myths that exist about refugees and asylum seekers. Clair is a Muslim and tells how lack of understanding leads to prejudice towards other religions, particularly Islam. Running time: 12 mins

2. Disability: Linda: How other people regard those with a disability. Linda is a wheelchair user and talks about how people treat her and other disabled people differently. We see examples from her perspective, giving viewers an insight into Linda’s world and the difficulties disabled people have to face. Running time: 13 mins

3. Gender and Sexuality: Alice and Mick” A transvestite and a gay man talk about prejudice they have encountered. Alice is a transvestite. She describes how transgendered people have to live with abuse and ridicule. Mick is gay and has been attacked because of “what he is”. He talks about the stress that hiding your true identity brings. Running time: 10 mins

£43.80 plus postage

You can easily order by going to our website  or you can order by e-mailing us at Please put ref HH1 in your order.

Addiction and the Human Brain

25 Minutes

How drug addiction affects the human brain, particularly relating to teenagers.

How drug addiction affects the human brain. Teenagers are at the highest risk of drug addiction. This programme combines factual information and interviews with recovering teenage addicts, counsellors and brain experts to help viewers understand the effects of drugs on the brain how the brain responds to drugs and why the brains of teenagers make them more vulnerable to the effects of drugs; developing tolerance how drug use actually changes the brain, leading to a reduction in the response to the drug after prolonged use and the need to take higher doses to get the same effect; dependence and addiction how continued voluntary drug use can eventually become involuntary sand compulsive, as the brain becomes accustomed to the drug and can’t function without it; treatment and recovery how recovering addicts have to overcome the power of cravings, resist triggers that cause cravings, and change their behaviour in order to quit successfully, and preventing addiction is better than treating it. USA.

£48.80 plus postage

You can easily order by going to our website  or  you can order by e-mailing us at Please put ref HH1 in your order.

Drugs and Alcohol series

74 Minutes

Four short programmes which are available together on one DVD: Have a Good Time, Learning Together, Alcohol in the Dock and Drugs: a Simple Choice.

Have a Good Time: Leigh Conroy and John Evans, two recovering alcoholics, were alarmed to see youngsters making the same mistakes they had made. They gave talks in schools, formed ‘High & Dry’, and made this film, which looks at the problems associated with young people and alcohol, in a series of linked sketches involving a group of a young people going to a disco and drinking too much. Good discussion starter. For ages 10-18. 23 mins “When we explained the underage figures to parents they were shocked. They didn’t think it was their children” Schools Health Education Unit.

Learning Together: Introducing drug education in primary schools at Key Stage one and two, involving parents going into the schools. For Primary/Middle School Teachers. 13 mins.

Alcohol in the Dock: Young people made this programme themselves, looking at the Health Angle, the Legal Angle, and the Business Angle, as well as Your Angle – their own stories and opinions. For ages 12 +. “A very refreshing film that allows youngsters to have their say…never fails to get them talking” Eden Youth Project. 20 mins.

Drugs – a Simple Choice?: Three young drug users tell their stories. A discussion starter particularly for young people. Three young drug users are interviewed, and the sections examine why take drugs? What in addition to addiction, are they risking? What problems do they now have because of drugs? and what does the future hold for them? They tell their own stories and comment on what could happen next. Reconstruction based on real people. For ages 10-18. 18 mins.

Programmes developed in conjunction with Suffolk Drugs Action Team

£31.30 plus postage

You can easily order by going to our website  or you can order by e-mailing us at Please put ref HH1 in your order.

Breaking Point

53 Minutes

Three short programmes together on suicide and stress: In the Same Breath, Friday 21.03 and the Stress Case Studies

In the Same Breath: Quentin’s wife took her own life. He talks about the impact this had, and the periods of guilt and feelings of helplessness, depression and self-pity. It shows how one man has survived the tragedy, learnt to embrace a new life and live with the past.  “Very sensitive, the difficult words are eased  by  good photography ..;.eloquently describes his grief journey…a hopeful message” Norwich Cruse bereavement Care.    11 mins.

Friday ..21.03: Teenage suicide. Why do young people commit suicide? What signs should we look out for? What can we do to help?. Tells the story of Sarah’s last day and, through her thoughts, we get an insight into her state of mind. The film covers a range of issues that will be readily identifiable by young people and is supported by discussion notes.  ” I have watched many films on this subject  but this one really hit the nail on the head” Doreen, Outreach Director Ipswich Samaritans.   12 mins

Stress Case Studies:

A series of four case studies showing how stress can affect people’s lives, particularly in relation to work. Psychologist Peter Holden introduces each study with an explanation of stress and its causes, and concludes with advice on coping with it.
1. Peter Rogers – Successful Accountant Peter Rogers is 38, a successful accountant who recently received promotion. This meant added responsibility and a move. He and his family moved into a large comfortable house and everything seemed fine.. but was it ?
2. Pauline Marshall – Catering Supervisor Pauline Marshall, married with two teenage children, worked for the last six years for a local company as a canteen assistant. She enjoyed the work and the atmosphere, but when she was appointed supervisor things started going wrong.
3. Robert Fraser, Retired Robert Fraser had worked for the same company for over 30 years. He and his wife had looked forward to his retirement, and had planned to enjoy the extra time together. But it didn’t work out like that.
4. Sandra Taylor – Head f Personnel Sandra Taylor is 26 and recently divorced. She had worked for a successful public relations company since leaving school, and she seemed very efficient and level headed. She was appointed head of personnel. But all was not well.

£43.80 plus postage

You can easily order by going to our website  or you can order by e-mailing us at Please put ref HH1 in your order.

Disability awareness workshops for pupils

A whole day of workshops for groups of pupils throughout your school

  • Engaging and thought-provoking workshops for pupils
  • Essential for schools that want to challenge prejudice and promote disability equality
  • Adjusted to suit primary and secondary schools
  • Delivered by award-winning charity CSIE, working since 1982 to promote equality and eliminate discrimination in education (
  • Offer price: £500+vat plus expenses (normal CSIE price: £800+vat)
  • Follow-up at no extra charge: a) written responses to pupils’ questions and b) transcript of pupils’ feedback as evidence of impact
  • Book before the end of May 2016 to secure discounted rate.

Delivered by a dedicated ally of disabled people, these workshops enable pupils to:

  • learn more about disability and human rights
  • hear disabled people’s perspectives
  • identify common stereotypes and some of the prejudices disabled people face
  • consider what disability is and how it arises
  • understand the difference between impairment and disability
  • review language and terminology used and the effect this can have on disabled people’s identities
  • learn about disabled people who have made a difference
  • ask sensitive questions anonymously
  • become advocates for disability equality



95-100% of participants say that they found our workshop helpful. 

Some of the reasons pupils have given for finding the workshop helpful are:

  • “I now respect people with disabilities.  I wasn’t bothered before but now I care.”
  • “It helped me see disability from a new perspective.”
  • “It helps people know that disabled people are equal to us.”
  • “It helped me understand that you shouldn’t judge people by the way they look.”
  • “Now I know that people can do different things in a different way.”
How long is each workshop?
Around 45 minutes, but this can be adjusted to fit in with the structure of your school day.

How many workshops will you deliver?
We can deliver up to six workshops in a day; this, too, can be adapted to fit in with your school day.

How many pupils should there be in each group?
The workshops are interactive, therefore more effective with smaller groups (20 pupils or so), but here too the choice is yours.

What year groups are these workshops for?
The workshops are suitable to all year groups in primary and secondary schools; we adapt the content and presentation according to the age of pupils we work with.

Does a member of staff need to stay with the group?
Yes, we ask that a member of staff is present at each workshop.

Will you need any equipment?
In most workshops we ask for a computer, projector and access to the internet.

Book now to take advantage of this offer:
To request a booking, please email the following information to

Special offer code DAW2016 Disability awareness workshops for pupils
  Offer price: £500+vat plus expenses (normal CSIE price: £800+vat)
Preferred date(s) for workshops:  
Age of pupils at workshops

Your Name:

Contact telephone no:

Email address:

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Purchase order no:

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Get a free inspirational teaching resource

Welcome to Solar for Schools : a centre for inspirational learning . . . . that gives schools a great teaching resource, installed and maintained for free.

Discover what’s possible . . .improve your school as a centre for teaching and learning.  Join us. (No commitment, no cost to the school to register).

We offer:

1.     A FREE teaching point that is relevant, practical and of value – free solar panels to the school that are maintained by us for free.

2.     FREE ideas that help you enhance learning – we are developing practical tools and ways to make learning for primary and secondary students more meaningful.

3.     FREE data downloads from your system so you can use real-time information to create graphs and explore and interrogate data.

With no capital your school

  • Gets a free solar panel system and renewable power for at least 20 years.
  • Cuts your energy bills in the medium to long term by fixing your electricity price.  Prices go up by RPI, never energy price inflation.
  • Cuts your carbon emissions, reduce your environmental impact.
  • Has a teaching resource that demonstrates your commitment to being more sustainable as a school.

Link your campus to your curriculum for free!

“It makes an excellent teaching point for the children who have a wonderful capacity to take on board new ideas.” Jackie Moss, Headteacher Trent Value Infant and Nursery School.

“Solar PV helps to frame discussions about sustainability and the statistics about generation and consumption will enable us to look at energy use, generation, security and conservation in a much more practical way giving relevance to our students.” Clair Wilkins, Weald of Kent Grammar

Discover if your school is eligible for a free solar panel system.  No obligation to register.

Best wishes
Helen and Ann
Solar for Schools Team

PS – We manage over 50 systems in schools nationwide.  Get free solar panels and let’s create a better world.