Lord of the Flies – An Abridged Text

Quite often the content of the National Curriculum can be intractable for pupils who speak English as a second language. The teaching of English can now be made wholly accessible using set texts which have been effectively differentiated so that they are understood by pupils who may find the original version difficult.

This pdf workbook has been designed for use with the novel ‘Lord of the Flies’ written by William Golding. With over 70 exercises covering a broad range of ability there is something for every student here. The exercises cover factual recall, knowledge of the text, understanding of the plot, analysis, personal interpretation and speculation. Worksheets are clearly laid out and are user-friendly. They can be completed with a minimum of equipment and they can be used in a variety of ways to fit into any course of study.

This text has been widely used in English and Special Needs classrooms to promote the development of reading writing and listening skills. It has proven to be popular because of its accessibility and at the end of each section there is a series of stimulating exercises designed to enhance language acquisition. Developing literary appreciation is an integral part of the National Curriculum and this resource is designed to develop this skill.

84 Photocopiable masters £29.99 + VAT

Once purchased, the CD can be freely copied and networked throughout the school!

To see sample pages please email info@classroom-resources.co.uk quoting the order code H5046 or visit our website to download.

You can order the Lord of the Flies – An Abridged Text CD-ROM in any of these ways:

  • On our website
  • By phone or fax on 0117 940 6409
  • By email (quoting a school order number) to info@classroom-resources.co.uk
  • By post to: Classroom Resources, 9 Logan Road, Bristol, BS7 8DU

Classroom Resources Ltd
9 Logan Road,


Tel: 0117 940 6409

Exceptional Media Teaching Resources


Exceptional Media Teaching Resources


First and Best in Education

Media Studies: an Introduction to the Terminology & Concepts – this 119 page, photocopiable book will explain the terminology and concepts of the media to your GCSE students in simple terms and will provide them with a logical structure for evaluating media texts.

Media Studies: Preparing for the Exam – this book will enable you to ensure that students are well-prepared to sit their final exams in GCSE Media Studies.

Email: sales@firstandbest.co.uk
01536 399007
Postal address:
Hamilton House Mailings Ltd, Earlstrees Ct, Earlstrees Rd, Corby, Northants, NN17 4HH


Signpost Educational Ltd

Student Packs for Lessons and Exams – Handy for your students and especially useful for exams. Consists of a clear plastic, “exam friendly” zip up wallet containing:  Three quality ballpens  (black ink), two HB pencils, 15 cm ruler, metal sharpener, eraser. approx, size:  224 x 157 mm.

Telephone: 020-7515-1797
Postal address:



Search Taster Day Events – helps teachers of Media to discover an array of events to book students on to, such as university and college taster days, workshops, residentials, open days, outreach events and widening participation opportunities.

Email: info@unitasterdays.com
+44(0)208 798 0982


ZigZag Education

Media Teaching Resources – publishers of teaching resources for schools.

Email: sales@ZigZagEducation.com
0117 950 3199
Postal address:
ZigZag Education, Unit 3, Greenway Business Centre, Doncaster Road, Bristol, BS10 5PY


You can find more Exceptional Teaching resources at exceptionalteaching.org.uk.

How to take students up a grade at A level history

Primary Sources in Russian History 1801-1917

It is undeniable that there are a number of ways of taking A level history students up a grade; but here is just one approach, which can be used alongside any others that you choose.

Many students often feel daunted by using primary sources, tend to overlook them, and, when pushed towards them, use them superficially.

And yet A level coursework units require students to refer to primary sources, and marking schemes give credit to students who show independence in selecting their material.

To overcome this problem, Primary Sources in Russian History 1801-1917 has selected a wide range of materials which are the most accessible for students taking A level history.  In it is also true to say that some of this material will also be relevant for GCSE students study this period.

Some of the sources are little more than a line in length while others extend to two ore more pages.   Of course, the students will find some of the sources a little difficult to understand – but that is surely part of the historian’s training.  Research in understanding a primary source (as well as actually referring to it) is very much part of history.

Each subject area comes with a historical overview, and the sources are followed by questions for the students to answer.  There are also some model answers which are meant as a guide for students and a cross-referenced analysis of themes linking each individual source to the prime topics of:

  • Autocracy
  • Repression
  • The west
  • Modernisation
  • Opposition
  • Reform
  • Society
  • The role of the individual
  • The peasantry
  • Revolution

The book covers the reigns of Alexander I, Nicholas I, Alexander II, Alexander III, and Nicholas II.

What’s more, the materials are available as a photocopiable book and as a CD which can be put onto the school’s network and shared among all students for whom it is relevant.  Thus all students may use the material with the purchase of just one copy.

ISBN No: 978 1 86083 769 2 Order code: T1762EMN

Sample pages are available to download free of charge from http://www.pdf.firstandbest.co.uk/history/T1762.pdf

  • Photocopiable book: £24.95 plus £3.95 delivery
  • CD: £24.95 plus £3.95 delivery
  • CD plus photocopiable book: £31.94 plus £3.95 delivery

You can order… Please quote the order code T1762EMN

  • By post: Write to First and Best, Hamilton House, Earlstrees Ct., Earlstrees Rd., Corby, Northants NN17 4HH
  • By fax: To 01536 399 012
  • By phone: quoting a credit card number or a school order reference number: 01536 399 018
  • On line: Go to http://shop.firstandbest.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=738 – you will need a credit card to complete the order

‘Just Read!’ PDF Poster set for English

Do you need to promote reading more effectively?

This is a set of motivational posters about the power of books and reading.

• 20 colourful pdf posters from our Reading & Library series

• Instant display material

• Ideal for whiteboards too

• Make a big impression

• Print as many copies as you like from your own personal download page

• Saves you hours of work

See all the posters here http://www.carelpress.co.uk/HHEnglishJustRead

Ann Batey
Office Manager
Carel Press
(01228 538928)

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Is your school taking advantage of the NEW FREE Play Therapy Placement scheme?

Therapy when delivered to Play Therapy UK standards is an effective way of helping the 20% of primary school pupils who have an emotional, behaviour or mental health problem which  impedes their learning and sometimes results in disrupted classes.

With the start of the new academic year in September new trainees will become available to provide a therapeutic play service free of charge.  Over 300 from all over the UK took part in last year’s scheme which is run by our accredited training provider APAC in a partnership with Leeds Beckett University.  They will be undertaking the Post Graduate (level 7) Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills.

Most trainees will have their placements agreed by November – if you need support for the emotional and behaviour needs of your pupils, please apply now.

Ask me for more details:  Jeff Thomas – Registrar Play Therapy UK jefferyht@yahoo.co.uk

Also see: www.playtherapy.org.uk   and www.playtherapyregister.org.uk

Thank you very much for your attention.

Kind regards


PS You can also experience yourself how play therapy works and how we train by attending a one-day ‘Introduction to Play Therapy’ course held at 13 convenient venues throughout the UK. Phone: 01825 761143 to book.



Exceptional Business & Economics Teaching Resources



Business Studies Educational Software Solution – 10 titles packed with hundreds of stunning curriculum 3D animations describing difficult to understand concepts for Business Studies. There are texts, voice-overs, quiz zones, drag and drops, multiple choice quizzes and more. Request your 14-day free trial of Business Studies Educational Software Solution.

Email: support@ssslearning.co.uk
+44 (0) 29 2059 7000
Postal address:
SSS Learning Ltd., Suite A, St Hilary Court, Copthorne Way, Cardiff, CF5 6ES, United Kingdom


First and Best in Education

Enterprise Education The Course Book – explores the notion of Enterprise and how it can be applied throughout the school, as well as examining the career implications of enterprise. The volume then covers the setting up of a work-related programme before going into examples of enterprise opportunities including simulations, school generated projects and engagement with business.

Email: sales@firstandbest.co.uk
01536 399007
Postal address:
Hamilton House Mailings Ltd, Earlstrees Ct, Earlstrees Rd, Corby, Northants, NN17 4HH



Search Taster Day Events – helps Business and Economics teachers discover an array of events to book their students on to, such as university and college taster days, workshops, residentials, open days, outreach events and widening participation opportunities.

Email: info@unitasterdays.com
+44(0)208 798 0982


ZigZag Education

Business and Economics Teaching Resources – publishers of photocopiable and digital teaching resources for schools.

Email: sales@ZigZagEducation.com
0117 950 3199
Postal address:
ZigZag Education, Unit 3, Greenway Business Centre, Doncaster Road, Bristol, BS10 5PY


Signpost Educational Ltd

Student Packs: for lessons and exams – Handy for your students and especially useful for exams. Consists of a clear plastic, “exam friendly” zip up wallet containing:  Three quality ballpens  (black ink), two HB pencils, 15 cm ruler, metal sharpener, eraser. approx, size:  224 x 157 mm.

Calculators – basic calculators, Casio scientific calculators, LK 183 scientific calculators, Sharp scientific calculators, Texet scientific calculators and Aurora scientific calculators.

Telephone: 020-7515-1797
Postal address:


You can find more Exceptional Teaching resources at exceptionalteaching.org.uk.

The Power of the media, three films exploring the influence advertising has on young people.

Mind your Mind

DVD2012 47 Minutes

Demonstrates how our minds are much more susceptible to manipulation and suggestion than we think.

We feel we are free to make our own choices but we are not as free as we think. Neurologists and psychologists have discovered how vulnerable our minds are to manipulation and suggestion, and how easily our own psyche can be taken out of our control.

This documentary is a primer for psychological independence, teaching us to process more than our minds are comfortable with. From the glamorous, sex-obsessed world of advertising to the vacuous speeches of leading politicians, our responses are being silently but surely manipulated. Images of nude women appear hidden in Coca Cola adverts. Television channels flash up messages from their sponsors too fast for our conscious mind to catch. Lawyers twist the ambiguities of language to distract us and force us into a more suggestible mental state.
Our minds are constantly missing the obvious: “we don’t perceive what’s there, we change what we perceive, and we perceive what’s not there.” Though subliminal messaging is illegal in most countries, it is still used more often than we may ever know.

Neuro-linguistic programming can help us to protect ourselves against the manipulative forces that control consumers, pulling these forces apart so that we can see how they work. If we can open our eyes to the techniques used to control us, we can move these processes from our unconscious to our conscious mind. This film provides us with the psychological tools to fight them.

What do we mean by ‘attention’, or the lack of it? Are we quite as attentive as we think? Do we miss things that are right under our nose, blinded by suggestion, assumption and ‘common sense’? If so, how might this be used against us? Are the opportunities here to manipulate beliefs, alter behaviours? If so, who is doing the manipulating? Learn more about the Human Biocomputer, about Advertising, Ambiguities and Politics in this fast paced yet light-hearted film.

Now available to rent or buy via our Video on Demand service   A video clip can be viewed from our website

GBP 61.30 plus postage. http://www.concordmedia.org.uk/products/mind-your-mind-2918/

Warning: The Media may be Hazardous to Your Health

DVD1991 36 Minutes

Media models glamorise violence, fear and hatred.

Exposes the dangers of media models that glamorise violence, fear and hatred between the sexes. This powerful video encourages the life-affirming tendencies in both genders. Images of commercials, Madonna, Pee Wee Herman, MTV and other media protesters are woven together to create a humorous yet sobering look at sexism in the media. Can be used to combat the problems of sexism and racism, while helping individuals to become more critical viewers of mass media.

GBP 25.00 plus postage. http://www.concordmedia.org.uk/products/warning-the-media-may-be-hazardous-to-your-health-1172/

Staying Real  

DVD2011 25 Minutes

Young people discuss media stereotypes and their effects.

Young people discuss the adverse effects of the sexual stereotypes which bombard them. They talk about how hard it is to develop their own personality and to make friends when they don’t conform to media and advertising images. Directed by award-winning Sophie Bissonnette. National Film Board of Canada. Suitable for ages 11 – 13. A good discussion starter.

GBP 36.30 plus postage. http://www.concordmedia.org.uk/products/staying-real-2912/

Probably the most popular laboratory and art room stool in UK schools and colleges………….. and often available at short notice.

WSM laboratory and art room stools are used by thousands of students in many UK schools and colleges and there are FIVE good reasons why…..

1. Manufactured in the UK with a SIX year frame warranty for peace of mind.

2. The frame is fully welded for strength and durability.

3. A choice of ten seat colours and five frame sizes.

4. A choice of two frame types: four legs or skid base.

5. Moulded and shaped seat for comfort.

For more details of sizes and competitive prices please see the website:

WSM skid base stool     WSM stool four legs

Central Educational Supplies Ltd can be contacted by email on: info@centraleducational.co.uk

or tel: 020 7515 1797 and ask for Martin Evans who will be pleased to assist.

PS. As many of you are aware, delivery lead times tend to be longer during the summer months so if you are planning to order, sooner is better than later !

Central Educational Supplies Ltd., PO Box 999, London E14 6SH

Get back to being a Senior Leader

Do you find yourself spending too much time on admin? Collating reports, tracking homework submissions and dealing with parent calls?

Show My Homework are here to help. We’re the leading online homework solution, used by 1 in 5 UK secondary schools, that’s breaking the homework monotony for students, parents and teachers. We save you time, so you can get back to what matters most. Return your focus to raising standards schoolwide and improving the impact of teaching and learning, so your students can be the best they can.

Automated homework reports mean you can enjoy instant insights into how individual students, teachers and classes are performing.

Manage all your homework needs from one centralised system and view trends in homework or identify gaps in learning across the whole school.

Raise standards and save money, having everything online means no need for planners and with resources attached, there’s no more printing and reprinting worksheets.

Watch submission rates climb with parent and student access to all homework 24/7 and rest assured parents are involved in every step of the homework process.

Show My Homework can make a real impact in your school today. With easy implementation and dedicated support for teachers, students and parents from day one, you can easily make sure you’re doing all you can to improve the homework process.

To learn more, click here.

Show My Homework.
More home, less work.

Clips and videos bring a subject to life – but there’s so much out there. How do you find the best?

The web is awash with video material, but how do you find material that’s relevant and interesting?

TV Choice has brought together the best of its 280+ films and clips, supported by notes, on one password for classroom and home use. It means to-the-point, fact-packed material on Business, Economics, Geography, ICT, D&T History and PSHE & Citizenship. It means material created for UK schools, clearly organised, entertaining and without bias.

TV Choice has been providing relevant, compelling material for schools for over 30 years – that wealth of material is now available as an easy to use library at less than £4 a week.

You can preview some of our new titles that we offer by clicking on the following links:

Marketing Strategy Case Studies: Tesco Triumph & Tragedy

Marketing Strategy Case Studies: The Starbucks Experience

The European Union Explained: EU History, Structure, Pros and Cons

TV Choice offers a range of Streaming Platform Packages:

  1. Full TVChoice Library (280+ films & clips £195 + vat per year)
  2. Business & Economics (230+ films & clips £165 + vat per year)
  3. Geography, Leisure & Tourism (100+ films & clips £120 + vat per year)
  4. Design, Technology & ICT (60+ films & clips £75 + vat per year)
  5. PSHE & Citizenship (80+ films & clips £75 + vat per year)
  6. History (13 films & clips £49 + vat per year)

You can order any of our TV Choice Streaming Platform Packages either by visiting our website, calling 0208 464 7402, faxing 0208 464 7845, or by sending your order in the post to TV Choice Ltd, PO Box 597, Bromley, BR2 0YB.

Please note that if you enter the code HHSP16 at checkout (on the website) or on your order, you will receive 10% off your order.

What is the single most effective way to develop children’s imagination – and why is this important?

One of the key components of creativity and innovation is imagination. Thus, according to Sir Ken Robinson, an expert in children’s learning and education, “Imagination is the source of all human achievement”.

Edventure has identified that the single most effective way to develop imagination among children is through play, which is why we supply schools with a wealth of games and play equipment, such as our We-Blocks Minis.

Countless shapes can be made with the combination of your children’s imaginations and our We-Blocks Minis, which consist of a total of 28 pieces, including: 4 x Triangle, 4 x Square Window, 4 x Rectangular Window, 6 x Square and 10 x Solid Square.

As always, you can place an order with Edventure in a variety of ways, including:

  • on the website www.edventure.co.uk 
  • by faxing us to 01323 50 10 41
  • by calling us on 01323 50 10 40
  • by emailing us at sales@edventure.co.uk        
  • by post to Edventure Ltd, Hargreaves Business Park, Hargreaves Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN23 6QW.

Payment, either by credit card or cheque, is required with your order.

Quote HH0515 when you place your order and we will deliver it for FREE!

(Without quoting the code the charge is £3.95.)

Free mini quiz on business activity!

Use our free quiz to help your class understand the different levels of business activity.

Test your students’ knowledge of the sectors of industry. Which types of businesses are growing and which are in decline, and why? Explore which factors affect primary, secondary and tertiary business sectors and chains of production.

Try it now on our Doddle Business Studies page.

Want to see more of what Doddle can do to help target revision? Book a free online demo!
One of our team will give you a free tour of Doddle, and show you how the hundreds of resources can engage your students, test their understanding and support your revision planning.


Exceptional Nursery Teaching Resources



Coloured Building Blocks – Kiblo’s unique building choices stimulate logical and deductive thinking. Building skills are developed and then natural creativity released.

Email: sales@kiblo.com
01792 863331
Postal address:
NDA (Packaging Services) Ltd, P.O. Box 516, Swansea, SA8 3YN.



Active Learning Place Mats – use a simple, self-checking method of learning and reinforcing Early Learning letter skills. They aim to speed up an automatic response to letter recognition, alphabetical order and rhyming patterns.

Email: msl@schools.co.uk
01536 399017
Postal address:
Multi-Sensory Learning, Earlstrees Court, Earlstrees Road, Corby, NN17 4HH.


You can find more Exceptional Teaching resources at exceptionalteaching.org.uk.

Free sign up for a whole year to KS1 and KS2 Educational Quizzes

Our library of KS1 and KS2 Education Quizzes is free for a whole year and covers an extensive range of subject areas, including: Art, Computing, DT, English, Geography, RE, History, Maths, PSHE, Science, Spelling, Times Tables, Citizenship, Music, PE, and more!

To see our full range of Education Quizzes for KS1, click here.

To see our full range of Education Quizzes for KS2, click here.

Furthermore, we have also created a range of Education Quizzes to support pupils who are looking to sit the 11-plus. Click here to see the full range of 11-plus Education Quizzes.

Would you like to be able to offer Education Quizzes as home revision or homework to your pupils? Our Education Quizzes can be accessed by pupils on their home computers, tablets, and smartphones.

For free sign up for a year to our library of KS1 and KS2 Education Quizzes, please visit https://www.educationquizzes.com/schools-uk-registrations/.  If you would like to know more, please do email admin@educationquizzes.com or call 01406 371799.

Colin King

Learning to type is no longer an option, it’s essential.

Learning to type is now an essential skill for today’s school pupils.  With the use of computers in schools increasing and computer-based exams an inevitability waiting to happen, typing is a skill that should no longer be overlooked.

By learning to touch type, your pupils will be able to work much more quickly and accurately whilst increasing their ability to focus on the subject matter rather than the mechanics of using the keyboard.  And by keeping their eyes firmly on their computer screen when they type, they will avoid damaging long-term neck and upper back injuries caused by constantly looking down at the keyboard.

With ‘Typequick for Students’ and its sister program ‘Typequick Professional’ for older children, at Type&Test Ltd we offer highly effective and engaging ‘cloud-based’ touch-typing training available to all your pupils, anytime, anywhere.

Containing up to 60 hours of content, your pupils will never run out of fresh practice material.  With our easy-to-use and comprehensive progress tracking software, included with every order, you will be able to monitor their progress whether they use the course at home or in school.

Our Annual Licence scheme is amazingly cost-effective.  For as little as 50p per head (that’s less than 1p per hour!), or even less for our unlimited user licence, each of your pupils can have access to their own personalised course for up to a year.

For more information, email enquiries@typeandtest.com using the subject line ‘annual licence’ and we will send you a link to our electronic brochure.  Or call 01480 861867, or visit www.typeandtest.com.  To make an enquiry via our web site, click here.

What is the single most effective way of handling an unexpected incident or emergency in the school?

An “incident” in the school could be an accident involving a pupil, student or member of staff.   Equally an incident could be the sudden arrival of a parent who is particularly aggravated or abusive and is facing an administrator who is alone in the office.

Or again it might be the arrival of an outsider who it is suspected has no reason for being in the school.  Or it could be a power failure which has taken out the school’s phone system.

In all such events the most important point is communication – immediate communication between the individual handling the incident and a designated member of staff who can then quickly arrange a suitable response to events.

By far the most simple, cost effective way of arranging such cover is a compact two-way radio that provides fast and direct communication across a campus.

This ensures that staff and teams remain co-ordinated and informed at all times.

There are also of course more complex systems available – and it is obviously important to select the right system for your school.  But the key point is to have a facility that allows someone in the school (for example the administrator) to have the ability to summon help at the press of a button if there should be a sudden problem.

There is information about the various systems that we offer on our web site and if you would like to discuss your school’s requirements in detail, please do call us for free on 0800 084 27 99.

Alternatively you can email sales@nrsupplies.co.uk and we’ll get straight back to you

“every child is an artist” – Picasso

The Articulate Gallery is an award winning range of slot sided picture frames especially for the display of 2D and 3D children’s artwork.

It takes the children’s pictures off the fridge door and places them in their rightful place in a frame on the wall in an instant.

The children gain a sense of achievement when they see their artwork properly showcased, which is good for their development, ideal for the classroom or a great gift for any family member.

The frames allow easy rotation of the art and, being less expensive than conventional framing is a great way to encourage creativity in the children.

Photography taken for East Ayrshire Council; www.east-ayrshire.gov.uk; Contact Lynne Buchanan 01563 576520



No more curled up corners on the noticeboard!

Instant framing of A4 and A3 artwork

Takes 3D pictures with cotton wool or pasta stuck on

Encourages creativity in children

Hangs portrait or landscape

Holds many pictures at a time

What’s more, once their creations are done, children can frame their own art giving them a sense of ownership throughout the whole topic.

Our vision is to improve the way we educate our children by nurturing and encouraging their creativity making it central to their development. Using “The Articulate Gallery” to celebrate their creations builds happy, creative and confident learners.

Colin A Gilchrist


Articulate Minute Movie


What is the best way to ensure that your A level English pupils know enough basic grammar to be exam ready?

This handbook covers every aspect of grammar and its application to the analysis of text that is necessary for success in A level Language and combined Language and Literature courses, regardless of exam board.

The book assists grammatical acquisition from word class, to phrase then clause level, finally showing students how to analyse sentences in text. Sentence analysis is a stand alone requirement for students of the new linear OCR A Level Language course from 2015. Each section of this book is accompanied by clear and useful tasks which are designed to allow students to demonstrate their understanding and apply and consolidate  their knowledge.

The final section of the book is devoted to punctuation and terminology used to describe patterning in text, such as syntactical parallelism, tricolon use and antithesis, all of which are High Grade rhetorical features necessary for success at A level. Direct speech punctuation and apostrophe use are also covered in detail with useful examples of how to apply both.

This grammar handbook has often been cited by students as invaluable in assisting their learning, application and revision of grammar for A level Language and Language and Literature and is a resource created, developed and modified through many years of successful teaching.

“An A Level Language and Combined Language and Literature Grammar Booklet” is published as a photocopiable volume or on CD Rom, and individual sections can thus be readily copied and distributed to students as required. The copies can also be shared with colleagues or given to supply teachers, without any fear of the original book being misplaced.

You can see a full list of the topics and some sample pages at http://www.pdf.firstandbest.co.uk/english/T1835.pdf

Publisher’s reference: T1835EMN ISBN: 978 1 86083 896 5


  • Photocopiable report in a ring binder, £24.95 plus £3.95 delivery
  • CD with school-wide rights: £24.95 plus £3.95 delivery
  • Both the Ring Binder and the CD £31.94 plus £3.95 delivery

Prices include VAT.

You can purchase the report… please quote the order ref: T1831EMN

How can assembly songs provide a positive and hugely creative experience for young children?

SEALSONGS is a collection of assembly songs which aims to get children engaged through the experience of making and creating music. The lyrics were written with considerable input from Year 4 and 5 pupils, so speak from children to children, and the musical backing tracks were professionally recorded.

But the resource goes further and offers teachers detailed advice on writing new lyrics, leading singing and other ways that SEALSONGS may be used in the classroom. Thus it enables teachers to give young children the positive experience of working with others in creating new songs within the SEAL framework. There is also guidance for non-specialists in how to teach songs.

The SEAL themes are:

Song 1: New beginnings
Song 2: Getting on and falling out
Song 3: Say no to bullying
Song 4: Going for goals!
Song 5: Good to be me
Song 6: Relationships
Song 7: Changes

Two further general songs – one about writing songs and one providing a Rhyme Game – are also included in the pack.

SEALSONGS was written by David Stoll, a well-known composer of music for the concert hall, the theatre, and for television and radio. He also writes children’s songs and for school ensembles, and designs projects in creativity for schools, higher education and the corporate sector. His music is now being published by Novello & Co.

JENNY MOSLEY (Founder of Quality Circle Time) said “SEALSONGS is a wonderful gift to any adult who wants to truly help their class or school embed SEAL as a way of ‘being’ with ourselves and others. We all know that song can lift you to a different spiritual dimension – David Stoll has given us the perfect package to help even the most music-shy amongst us to engage young people in the process of creating heart-warming songs as part of a creative team….. This is an excellent resource.”

HOWARD GOODALL (National Ambassador for Singing) said “These SEALSONGS have the authentic ring of children’s ideas and feelings in every line. This, for me, makes it a valuable and empowering set of musical tools….. with excellent supporting materials and explanations.”

Purchase of SEALSONGS includes a licence for full use of all the material within the school, including recording new versions of the songs.  The complete package is split into different files so that schools may choose which elements they wish to record or print.

Sample music can be downloaded from www.pdf.firstandbest.co.uk/music/SEALSONGSSamples.rar

You can purchase SEALSONGS in the following ways:

1. As a download, price £10 plus VAT

2. As a copiable book plus CD, price £19.99 plus £3.95 delivery

Improve your Parental Engagement – FREE 28 day trial

Jigsaw School Apps have built apps for over 400 schools across the UK.

Our apps offer a revolutionary way of communicating with parents, and key features include:

–    Notifications to users each time something is added
–    News and Calendar information
–    Simple Surveys
–    Photo Galleries
–    PDF File Store
–    Automatic translation of messages into over 100 languages
–    Integration with Google Calendar and Office 365 calendars
–    API access for integration with school websites
–    Available for iPhone, Android, Windows phone and Windows Desktop

Call or email us quoting HH1 for your free 28 day trial.


0800 999 7500


A flexible way to extend subject choice

Whether you’re looking to extend the range of subjects you offer or to enable students to fit additional subjects into their timetable, NEC A level and GCSE courses are expertly designed to offer flexible, high quality learning at cost effective prices.

With subjects including Psychology, Economics, Government and Politics, Philosophy, Maths, English and the Sciences, NEC can work with you to help you overcome staff shortages and timetabling issues.

There are many benefits to working with NEC, including:

●     No minimum cohort size

●     No set enrolment date

●     Progress reports and predicted grades

●     Fully qualified tutors who are subject experts

●     Online delivery of high quality courses

As well as the benefits to you, your students will also benefit from gaining independent learning skills, essential to higher education from an organisation with over 50 years of experience.

To find out more and read how NEC works with other schools and academies, please visit our website.

If you would like to discuss your requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch on freephone 0800 389 2839 or by email to info@nec.ac.uk.

Kind regards

The National Extension College

School fundraising opportunities to make the most of between now and the end of the year

Schools will soon be inviting members of the local community to join them at their annual summer fete, not least because it’s an occasion that creates a sense of community cohesion (generating good PR), but also because it presents a perfect school fundraising opportunity.

But whilst almost every school hosts a summer fete in order to raise funds, only a small number of schools are making the most of the lead up to Christmas to raise funds, despite schools having great fundraising success at this time.

Indeed, schools that are successful at raising funds in the lead up to Christmas typically join the School Christmas Card Project – I know Christmas seems a long way away, but registration for our 2016 School Christmas Card Project is now open.

With the School Christmas Card Project an average school of 250 pupils can easily raise £500 or more and there is absolutely no upfront cost, whatsoever, to the school.

The School Christmas Card Project allows children to create their own artwork which is then printed on to professionally produced cards which the school sells at a profit to parents.

Parents place their orders and pay the school before we ask for any payment at all, and as we offer very competitive prices for our high quality products, you can maximise the earning potential for your school.

You will find everything you need to join our School Christmas Card Project on our website, including:
How it works
A free information pack
And our price table 

If you are unlikely to be the person to get involved in co-ordinating this kind of school fundraising project, please do forward this email onto a member of staff or a member of the PTA who is likely to be responsible.

Kind regards,

School Christmas Card Project
Start your 2016 School Christmas Card Project now!
Tel: 0114 453 9562
Ecclesall Print, 237A Ringinglow Road, Sheffield S11 7PU.

Numeracy & science: a magical experience that motivates and inspires

Inspiring and motivating your pupils in science and numeracy, now there’s a challenge.

If you’re looking for an alternative way to cement the concepts you’re teaching, Dr Matt Pritchard is the answer.

Tailored to each group’s age and ability, Dr Pritchard will visit your school and perform his maths and science shows using live demonstrations, magic tricks and multimedia.

Using real life examples, the captivating shows are clear and relevant to what your pupils are studying.

Current primary school shows include:

  • “Thrilling Forces” – A fun filled and interactive show that demonstrates the forces & motion behind theme park and fun fair rides. Rockets will be fired, monkeys will fly and hopefully tall towers won’t come crashing to the ground.
  • “Superhero Science” – Are superpowers fact or fiction? Explore invisibility, super strength, body armour, levitation, mind control and find out what they do (or don’t) have to do with real science.
  • “Surprising Science” – Can you discover the sneaky scientific secrets behind the surprising illusions? The show will challenge the audience to think creatively like both a scientist and a magician. Superb for Critical Thinking skills.
  • “Magical Maths” – Predicting the future, reading minds, sending secret messages and making objects vanish are easy when you’re a maths magician. With shapes, symmetry, patterns and numbers forming the basis of the maths behind the magic.

Performing to over 50,000 people each year, Dr Pritchard works with a number of organisations including The Royal Society, Royal Institution, British Science Association, The Big Bang fairs, Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC) to name a few.

What’s more, he is one of only 300 members of the prestigious Associate of the Inner Magic Circle.

You can find more information on our website at www.sciencemagicshows.co.uk

Alternatively, you can email us at hello@sciencemagicshows.co.uk to make a booking.  

The cost for a day visit for up to 3 performances (no limit to audience size), is £500 plus travel.

Click here to read what other schools thought of our recent shows.

SRE for Post 16 – we have a responsibility to get it right.

“For both men and women, school is now the most commonly reported main source of information about sexual matters” (Medical Research Council, 5.3.15)

Current research suggests that more and more the responsibility for delivering good and correct sex and relationship education is falling to schools and teachers as opposed to parents or families.

For post 16 students especially it is more important than ever for SRE to counteract the mass promotion of sexuality, love and relationships that undermines self esteem and encourages unrealistic aspirations of who we should be and what we should be doing from technology, the media and the pornography industry.

The final years at school are the last chance for young people to gain the knowledge and understanding that will help them make informed future decisions, support them on to independence and see them lead contented, healthy and safe lives.

“If you’re too ashamed to speak to young people about sex, exploitative free porn will fill the gaps” Grace Dent, The Independent, Sept 2015

According to Ofsted research, when asked what would make PSHE education lessons more useful, pupils said;

 “Rape culture. What to look for in a healthy relationship.” Female student

“The influence of the media such as porn on people’s views of sex and the human body.” Male student

It is this combination of need and lack of outside companies provision that inspired Tip of the Iceberg Theatre Company to develop an SRE project aimed specifically at the 16+ age group that tackles these difficult topics in an involving, inspiring and informing way.

It is now more important than ever to create sex and relationship education that can be as compelling, as exciting and as influential as the media campaigns and products it is battling. Lisa Schulberg (Creative Director, Tip of the Iceberg Theatre Company)

Having worked directly with over 100,000 young people on SRE topics Tip of the Iceberg Theatre Company strongly believe, from their experience of covering sensitive and hard hitting issues, that sex and relationship education must include a much broader look at our world – the internet, technology, the whole sex industry, and attitudes to risk – you cannot separate topics into small boxes or educate on these complex subjects in a 20 minute PowerPoint presentation.  

From March 2016 Tip of the Iceberg Theatre Company will be touring the following project for years 12 & 13:

“SEXPOSED” – A 40 minute live performance followed by a range of interactive workshop options.

The project takes a mature approach to the many attitudes, ideas and pressures experienced by all ages in regards to sex and relationships in Britain today.

The story unfolds as part of a police investigation and the play follows a year in the life of three 18 year olds to uncover the truth behind an incident that connects them all.  Everyone has a different perspective, they all have a motive, and none of them can be objective when it comes to their relationships. The storyline includes scenes around control, sexual pressure, consent, abuse, sexting, pornography, communicating feelings, self-esteem, respect, and sexuality.

Using the performance as a springboard the follow on workshops allow students to examine their own attitudes, ideas and behaviours in relation to the difficult, contentious and sensitive topics.  The aims are for students to learn something new about themselves that will make a positive difference to the rest of their lives.

There are different delivery formats available from assemblies to full day projects.

Prices start at £575 + travel + vat

For further information and an exact quote please contact Hazel:

Email: admin@tipoftheiceberg.biz

Tel: 07519593711

Free speakers and resources from Compassion in World Farming

Many pupils are passionate about the welfare of animals though, if surveys are to be believed, many of them do not know how their bacon, eggs and milk are produced!

Food production is a growing topic of debate whether you are talking about the ethics of how we treat animals, how we produce healthy food and how we can feed a growing population.

Finding time to discuss topics such as animal welfare and sustainable food production is doubly valuable – it gives pupils an important understanding of a range of ethical and environmental factors and it encourages great debates!

To help you to engage your pupils in such discussions, we provide a free speaker service and a pack of resources including a film and discussion activities, which can be adapted for pupils of different ages, abilities and levels of confidence.

To enquire about a speaker or to order a free resource pack, please email education@ciwf.org.uk with “PSHE mailshot” in the subject title.

To view or download the resources directly, including films, please go to our PSHE/Citizenship webpage.

Yours faithfully

Phil Brooke

Education Manager

Compassion in World Farming

PS We’ve had some wonderful evaluations from teachers for our talks and resources:

“Students were engaged throughout … Tutors reported a high level of interest and informed/considered discussion”

“Brilliant – outstrips any resource on any related topic I have ever seen”

 “Even the least amenable groups were interested and involved – a tribute to the quality of the presentation”


Links and contacts:

Email: education@ciwf.org.uk

Tel: 01483 521 965

Education website: ciwf.org.uk/education

PSHE/Citizenship webpage: ciwf.org.uk/pshe

Speaker service: ciwf.org.uk/speakers

Monologues/Duologues at Key Stage Three

A book of short, self-contained and original monologues/duologues which will be an ideal introduction to drama within a drama group. The monologues/duologues are designed to be learned, rehearsed and performed by pupils and will give them an understanding of pace, voice and body language. Students will develop drama techniques to explore in role a variety of situations.

Each monologue/duologue is accompanied by a number of activities (written and oral) which will encourage students to look critically at their own performance and constructively criticise that of others. They will also develop skills in reading and writing and will be encouraged to reflect on and discuss a variety of topical issues.

Cat No: 978 1 86083 762 3  Order code: T1727emn – please quote with order.

Sample pages can be viewed at http://www.pdf.firstandbest.co.uk/english/T1727.pdf

  • Photocopiable book: £19.95 plus £3.95 delivery
  • CD with school-wide rights: £19.95 plus £3.95 delivery
  • Both the Book and the CD: £26.94 plus £3.95 delivery
  • Prices include VAT.

You can purchase the report from the publisher:

Save hours of your valuable time, boost your productivity and reduce stress.

These days you probably find yourself spending more and more time at the computer, answering emails, producing typed documents for various purposes and exploring the internet.  It seems that most teachers now use a keyboard more often than a pen.

Yet, like many UK employees, the majority of teachers have never learned to type properly.  Do you struggle along, prodding away with just two fingers and with your head down?  If so, you will be typing at only about half your potential speed and probably with low levels of accuracy.

With such heavy workloads, wasting valuable time through poor typing skills is inefficient and costly and increases stress.

Type&Test are the UK’s leading specialists in touch-typing training and assessment.  Our online learning programmes are the only ones recommended by Awarding Bodies such as the BCS and the SQA, having been used over the past nine years to prepare learners of all ages for national typing qualifications.

Our unique ‘Type Faster, Work Smarter’ course is guaranteed to significantly increase your typing speed whilst maintaining or improving your accuracy.  The outcome will be that you will increase your output, gain more time, work more productively and reduce your levels of work-related pressure.

Involving a structured interactive online programme, with support from an experienced Type&Test tutor who will communicate with you regularly via email, messaging and skype, you will gain invaluable touch-typing skills through short regular practice sessions which you will complete at times that fit around your busy working day.  After just a few weeks – around the length of a school term – we guarantee that your typing skills will improve significantly or we will refund your course fee in full.

For more information please email enquiries@typeandtest.com with the subject line ‘Type Faster, Work Smarter’ and we will email you our programme flier.  Click here for information from our website.  Or if you want to have a chat about it with no obligation then call Andy Stevenson on 01768 342821.

What is the single most effective way to reduce low-level disruption in the classroom by 11%?

Whilst there might not be one single way to reduce low-level disruption in the classroom by 100%, there is one single way to reduce low-level disruption in the classroom by 11%, which is, of course, a huge gain.

To elaborate further, according to an Ofsted report – “Below the Radar: Low-level Disruption in the Country’s Classrooms” – the act of students rocking back on their chairs in lesson times accounts for 11% of overall low-level disruption in the classroom.

Which is why Don’t Lean Back (DLB) has developed an anti-tilt classroom chair – reducing students’ ability to rock back and so reducing low-level disruption in the classroom by 11%.

The Max 2 chair costs from £23.85 which, when you consider that students spend an average of 800 hours each year sitting on a school chair, equates to less than 3p per student per hour for one year. Furthermore, a Max 2 chair comes with a 10-year warranty.

You can find more information about the Max 2 chair by:








What is the most effective way of working with students who have English as an additional language?

Students who have English as an additional language now form a majority in one in nine schools in the UK; the number has risen by 20% during the last five years.

Many schools estimate that it takes about a half term for the average EAL pupil to gain sufficient working knowledge of English for them to move into the mainstream classroom, while spending time with the intervention teacher each day.

However, although this seems a simple process there are many issues that arise, ranging from the exact legal requirements in terms of dealing with these pupils through to the best approach for induction and admission of these new arrivals.

There are also issues of engaging with the parents, the question of which teaching and learning strategies are the most effective, and the support and encouragement that should be given to more advanced EAL learners.

Indeed, many schools are now asking what a good induction programme looks like. Indeed when it comes to EAL is one approach as good as another?

This matter was highlighted by the publication of the New Arrivals Excellence Programme which was issued in 2007 and represents a summary of best practice in EAL in the country. It includes case studies and does give a clear source of information on what schools can do in relation to EAL students.

This is not to say that there is a single process and approach which every school should follow, but it is often felt that it is helpful for schools to consider a range of approaches when thinking about their EAL students.

From the sort of approach adopted come the appropriate teaching and learning strategies, and indeed the role of the EAL Coordinator who can ensure that the plan that the school has developed is being followed at each turn, and that any gaps in learning and performance between EAL language pupils and students and those who have English as their first language are narrowed and ultimately removed.

These are the issues examined in the new extensive volume The EAL Coordinator’s Manual.  The 170 page volume comes in copiable form so that it can shared with any members of staff in the school who work with EAL students.

You can see a full contents list and some sample pages at http://www.pdf.firstandbest.co.uk/EAL/T1832.pdf

Publisher’s reference: T1832EMN ISBN: 978 1 86083 802 6


  • Photocopiable report in a ring binder, £29.95 plus £3.95 delivery
  • CD with school-wide rights: £29.95 plus £3.95 delivery
  • Both the Ring Binder and the CD £36.94 plus £3.95 delivery

Prices include VAT.

You can purchase the report… please quote the order ref: T1832EMN

What is the most effective and cost efficient way of reaching headteachers and deputy heads?

Heads and deputy heads in schools are the most sought after of people, receiving more emails and postal material than anyone else.

Because of this, and because of their heavy workloads, they tend to be more reluctant to read advertisements directed towards them than many other teachers in the school.

And yet there are many products and services that really do need to be brought to their attention. So what is the solution?

The answer invariably is to use several different media across a period of time, such as email and websites that contain information of interest to heads and their deputies.

Thus we have set up three websites, plus a series of emails to heads and deputies.  Your products and services can be detailed in full on all the sites and in emails for just £195.

The three sites are  UK Education News which links to all the main education news stories of the day (with articles about interesting products or services appearing in between), the School Business, Management and Admin Week website, and the administration and management section of Exceptional Teaching.

Being on all three sites while having emails sent out ensures that even the most advertising-averse head or deputy will see the advert somewhere.

Companies involved as sponsors of School Business Week will have two emails (written by them) sent to either the head or deputy head or, if prefered, someone else in the school. Plus a page including a link to that company’s website plus a full listing on the School Business Week site.

Plus they get a listing in four emails we send out to schools to promote School Business Week.  There will also be at least four headline stories in the main news listing on UK Education News, each linking to the site and listing the sponsors, and additionally full coverage on UK Education News of both of your individual news pieces that are being sent by email.

Plus a full listing on the Exceptional Teaching website which is regularly promoted to schools by Hamilton House.

The only issue to note is that we do not accept any directly competing advertisers in this programme, and thus bookings are very much on a first come basis – we will accept bookings until mid-July but, of course, once a product area is taken we won’t be accepting a competitor’s advertisement.

If you would like your company to be associated with the School Business and Administration Week, and to have these email promotions plus listings on the Exceptional Teaching site and as news stories on UK Education News, please do call 01536 399 000 and ask for Jenny Burrows.

Or you can email Jenny at Jenny@hamilton-house.com or fax us on  01536 399 012.

Tony Attwood

“During the safety briefing on every plane journey adults are reminded that, in case of an emergency, they are to secure their own oxygen masks before they help their children fit theirs”


A recent article in the Guardian uses this idiom (above) to highlight just how important it is for teachers to look after their own needs before looking after the needs of their students.

The article comes following the analyses of figures from a recent NASUWT survey which has revealed that worries about teacher workload has seen 67% of teachers state that their job had adversely impacted on their mental or physical health.

As a result, The Guardian has put together five things that teachers can do to help them to improve their work-life balance and overall health. You can read the full article at http://www.theguardian.com/teacher-network/2016/jun/05/teachers-five-ways-to-boost-mental-health-mindfulness

I very rarely do this but it seems relevant here to mention a book that is published by one of the companies owned by Hamilton House (the company that brings you this newsletter).

First and Best in Education have published a book entitled “Recovery from stress: a school manager’s guide to helping colleagues” which examines in detail many of the personal problems faced by teachers: assertiveness, low self-esteem, lack of self-belief, depression, a lack of coping strategies.

The volume also looks at the sources of stress and then details the possible solutions, such as anxiety management, problem solving, relaxation techniques, etc. The book helps school managers who don’t suffer from excessive stress to understand what their colleague under stress is going through and to see how she or he can be helped.

“Recovery from stress: a school manager’s guide to helping colleagues” also includes a set of templates relating to the school’s policy on stress and a risk assessment programme and details on the various ways schools and individuals can overcome stress and reduce stress levels.

You can buy the book as a photocopiable ring bound book or on CD Rom at http://shop.firstandbest.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=391

What is the most effective way of teaching basic kitchen skills to children with Down’s Syndrome or Autism?

In order to prepare food in a kitchen safely and without any health risk, teenagers need what we may call “Kitchen Skills”.  Skills relating to the practical realities of preparing hot and cold food.

With this in mind SEN Press has devised the ‘Simple Meals’ pack which contains a series of simple narratives exploring the different situations in which young people may be required to put their kitchen skills to the test.

The Simple Meals Value Pack, which supports the ASDAN Transition Challenge and Towards Independence Life Skills courses, is suitable for students aged between 14 and 19 with SEN and a reading age of around seven.

Within the pack there are four story books: “Breakfast in Bed”, “Lunch for Guests”, “Packed Lunch”, and “Tea”.  Each contains descriptions of everyday situations in which young people have to prepare simple meals themselves.

Also included is a CD-ROM providing electronic versions of each title, making it ideal for interactive whiteboard presentations and for students who would also benefit from listening to the text.

It is also possible to edit and save the text to make your own story, create differentiated texts, and personalise the text with your students’ names to enhance engagement.

Additionally an extensive range of activity worksheets and interactive activities is included.  These look more closely at practical skills and safety issues and include Words & Pictures, Picture Search, Keyword Flashcards, Wordsearch, Spot the Difference, and How Well Did You Read?

Supporting resources for teachers including page-by-page notes for all the stories and assessment resources (feedback sheets and student record sheets) are also included in the pack.

The complete set of resources containing two copies of each of the six readers, the complete teacher book of notes and worksheets, and the CD Rom is available for £99 plus VAT.  Individual elements from the pack are also available separately.

You can find more information and see sample pages from the readers, and details for ordering individual items as well as the full Value Pack, on our ‘Simple Meals’ web page.

If you have any questions or need more information, please email info@senpress.co.uk or call 01582 833205.  We’ll be delighted to hear from you.

Janie Nicholas

Are your teachers sufficiently aware why some students find their learning so difficult?

This video resource introduces classroom
teachers to four common learning difficulties:

  • Dyslexia
  • Dyscalculia
  • Attention Deficit
  • Autistic Spectrum

This video aims to help understand teachers
understand their students needs and enable
them to better support their learning.


Based on the latest research, the material is
designed to be as accessible, jargon-free and
teacher-relevant as possible.

Using models and diagrams, we explain how the latest research can help teachers both understand their pupils and improve their learning, and how weaknesses in one area can be strengths in another.

The material can be used either at a staff training session or by teachers individually.

Since all the skills of the brain can be improved with practice, we include proven methods to help students in each of the four areas.

Order this training resource on DVD today for £149, or get the network version to share site-wide for just £199!

Order via our website or call 01223 750705 quoting SEN – Hamiliton House.

Contents of this resource

Introduction: Brain Essentials

This looks at the models and diagrams used in the film to understand the brain without the complex language used by specialists.

Areas covered:

  • Vision, hearing, touch, action and speech.
  • Reading, writing and Language
  • Making memories: Neurons and synapses
  • Skills for thinking: Paying attention
  • Working memory

Different Brains: Learning Difficulties

Looks at the four main types of learning difficulty, explains how the brain is different and how we can help develop the weak skills.

Ch1: What are Learning Difficulties?

  • Difference or Difficulty?
  • Symptoms and causes
  • What about diet?
  • On a spectrum
  • Is it genetic?

Ch2: Dyslexia

  • Reasons a student may have the symptoms of dyslexia (difficulty reading and spelling). Poor vocabulary, poor phonics, low working memory, letter inversion, words moving
  • Causes and advantages of a dominant right hemisphere
  • Ways to help dyslexics
  • Famous people with Dyslexia

Ch3: Difficulty with Maths

  • Difficulties shared with dyslexics
  • Dyscalculia: trouble with number

Ch4: Attention Deficit: difficulty holding attention

  • The sleeping brain
  • Executive function
  • Improving attention
  • Famous people with ADHD

Ch5: Autistic Spectrum: difficulty knowing the thoughts of others

  • Why a spectrum
  • Mirror cells
  • Training the skills
  • Famous people with autism

Ways to order:

DVD for £149.00 + VAT and £4.50 p&p
Network Version for £199.00 + VAT and £4.50 p&p

Via website: Pay via invoice, credit card or Paypal by clicking here
Visit www.classroomobservation.co.ukOver the phone: We can take credit card payment or send an invoice.
Call us on 01223 750705 quoting SEN – Hamiliton House.
Via fax: Fax your purchase orders to 01223 750706 quoting SEN – Hamiliton House.

Mediamerge Ltd
Orwell House
Cowley Road

Can you spare three minutes to help us on the issue of school activities for increasing efficiency?


Five years ago the Coalition government claimed that through some fairly simple changes the average secondary school could save £100,000 a year, while the average primary school could save £25,000 a year.

Many people were a little doubtful, but we waited… and waited… for the Department for Education to come back and tell us all what had actually been achieved as a result of this initiative.

This year they have launched the Schools financial health and efficiency collection.

This programme doesn’t seem to report on whether the savings proclaimed five years ago have been achieved, nor really explore what has happened in the past five years.

So, as part of School Business, Management and Administration Week (which will take place early next term), we are trying to fill in the gaps by researching what is happening in terms of efficiency and money-saving planning in schools.

I’d be really grateful if you could spend a moment (it absolutely won’t take more than three minutes) answering our questionnaire – whether or not you or your colleagues have spent time thinking about ways of saving money or otherwise making the school more efficient.

There are only six questions on our questionnaire, but it really will help everyone understand how people like you, working in a school, feel about the issue of whether schools can be made more efficient and effective.

Or whether schools are already doing all that they can to balance budgets while maintaining the quality of teaching and learning.

To complete the questionnaire please just click here.

Results will be published on the School Business Management and Administration Week website which will be launched in the near future.

Tony Attwood
School Business Management and Administration Week.

Re your toilet ventilation cleaning

Hello There

We sent out some information to you via post regarding the servicing and maintenance of the natural ventilation systems and
that are located in your school. We are following up to see if our services could be of any use to you.

We offer a full clean and service of your natural ventilation systems and/or toilet ventilation through one-off or 5 year contracts.

If you did not receive the information for any reason, here is our website which will explain what we offer in detail: http://www.ventcleangroup.co.uk/Toilet-Ventilation-Cleaning-Service/

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like more information or a quotation.

Kind Regards,
Delme Davies

On behalf of Vent Clean Group

01443 858656

What is the one activity that ensures that children become both socially adept and learners for life?

It was, I must admit, more than a little worrying to see an article in the TES this month which suggests that increasing numbers of teachers are becoming sceptical about the benefits of play when it comes to ensuring that children become learners for life.

Of course not all play is equally valuable, but there surely is no doubt that the most effective type of play is co-operative play.

Because we value positive play so strongly we have created a whole new section of our website which deals with a huge array of positive play activities.

Activities such as the Feber Mega 4-in-a-line and Body Knots are incredibly helpful in encourage co-operative play.

Indeed one of the benefits of this type of play is that it can help new members of the school become integrated both into the social life of the school and into the notion of co-operation as a fundamental part of school life.

From Jamanga to Parachutes there is a whole range of games that enhance social skills and enhance children’s physical and mental development

You can see the whole range of our co-operative play games in our online catalogue

And, as always, you can place an order with Edventure in a variety of ways, including:

  • on the website www.edventure.co.uk
  • by faxing us to 01323 50 10 41
  • by calling us on 01323 50 10 40
  • by emailing us at sales@edventure.co.uk         
  • by post to Edventure Ltd, Hargreaves Business Park, Hargreaves Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN23 6QW.

Quote HH0515 when you place your order and we will deliver it for FREE!

The way your students are revising may be letting them down in exams – and here’s why

An article in The Guardian outlines four ways in which your students should change how they revise to improve their revision success and exam performance. These are… 1) Test, don’t recognise, 2) Space, don’t cram, 3) Effort, not flow, and 4) Practise output, not input.

I am particularly interested in “Test, don’t recognise” and “Practise output, not input” because these are things that Education Quizzes (which is free for a whole year) can help your students with:

1. Test, don’t recognise

“The most common form of study is the one that gives “revision” its name – literally just looking at the thing you want to learn again. The problem with this is that we mistake our ability to recognise something for an ability to recall it.”

“Recognition and recall are different psychological processes.”

4. Practise output, not input

“While it may feel good to get completely familiar with the material before practising writing answers, it omits from our study practice the exact skill we are marked on…. For any test, we need to rehearse exactly the thing we’ll be required to do.”

Which is what makes using Education Quizzes as a revision tool so effective. And there may still be time to share Education Quizzes with your GCSE students (depending on the exam board) for some effective last minute revision.

What’s more, as our Education Quizzes can be accessed by students on their laptops, tablets and smartphones, your students can make the most of their study leave with the ability to revise anytime, anywhere.

If. however, your GCSE students have already taken their GCSE RE exam, you can still use Education Quizzes with your Key Stage 3 students and prospective GCSE students for RE revision throughout the year and in the lead up to future examinations.

To see our full range of RE Education Quizzes for KS3, click here.
And to see our full range of RE Education Quizzes for GCSE, click here.

For free sign up for a year to our library of KS3 and GCSE RE Education Quizzes, please visit https://www.educationquizzes.com/schools-uk-registrations/. If you would like to know more, please do email admin@educationquizzes.com  or call 01406 371799.

Colin King

Link to The Guardian’s article: http://www.theguardian.com/education/2016/may/07/the-way-youre-revising-may-let-you-down-in-exams-and-heres-why

How do schools relate to the parents of those whom they teach?

Most schools liaise with the parents of the pupils or students they teach in a way that has evolved over time.  Quite often the issue of parent liaison is not a matter of debate – it is simply done exactly as it has been done for quite some time.

And yet an analysis of the ways in which schools work with and liaise with parents has revealed that there are four different ways in which schools and parents interact.

If you would like to read the report on school approaches to parents, it is available free of charge.  All we ask is that before we send it to you, you complete a very simple, three question questionnaire, and send it back to us with your email address, and we’ll email the report straight on.

The questionnaire is totally anonymous and we do not ask for any school details.  The aim is to help us gain a little more insight into the issue of the ways schools are relating to the parents of the pupils and students in their school.

It will take under a minute to complete.  Your email address will only be used for the sending of the report on the four ways schools liaise with parents and will not be passed on to any other organisation or used for any other purpose.

I do hope you will help us by completing this very simple questionnaire by clicking here, and that you will find the report on the four ways of liaising with parents to be helpful and interesting.

Tony Attwood

Chair, The School of Educational Administration and Management

What makes successful schools successful? And what makes them continue to build on their success?

It is a simple but nonetheless valid observation.  No school improves by itself.  Schools get better because someone puts energy into improving the school.

Linked to this there is a second, equally simple and equally valid observation.  Even the most brilliantly performing school will slip back over time, unless one simple action is taken which will keep it improving, term after term, year after year.

So what is it that some school managers are doing which helps improve a school in terms of its Ofsted rating, parental satisfaction and its exam results?

And, leading on from the note above, what is it that some school managers do, which keep these improvements running, growing and developing, year after year after year?

Interestingly, the answer is the same in both cases.

And yet many organisations fail to see the benefit of embedding the notion of improvement within the very fabric of the organisation and its day to day activities.

Indeed if you have difficulty dealing with your bank, the local council, the garage that services your car, or anything else – and you get the feeling, “they used to be ok, but now they’ve slipped,” the cause is always the same.

Someone has set up an improvement programme – but then left it, thinking the job is done. No one has thought – how do we keep this improvement running.

Of course, an approach to constant development and improvement is something that many teachers and managers resist. The old phrase, “Why can’t you just leave me alone to get on with the teaching?” can readily be heard in response.

And yet, as the schools that use this approach have found, it is possible to use such an approach without putting any strain on the school or your fellow teachers.  But the results can be extraordinary.

The entire process is described in The Ever Improving School, a report commissioned and produced by the School of Educational Administration and Management – a body set up with government funding and the support of the government’s Department of Trade and Industry  and the University of Northampton Department of Education.

The Ever Improving School is available as a Kindle book for £9.99 and as a hard copy or CD which can be printed out, copied and given to colleagues within the school for £24.95.

ISBN: 978 1 86083 852 1   Order code: T1843emn – please quote with order.

Sample pages can be viewed at http://www.pdf.firstandbest.co.uk/education/T1843.pdf

  • Photocopiable book, £24.95 plus £3.95 delivery
  • CD with school-wide rights: £24.95 plus £3.95 delivery
  • Both the book and the CD: £31.94 plus £3.95 delivery
  • Kindle book: £9.99
  • Prices include VAT.

You can purchase the report…

Testing leaves for starch: free interactive

Try our free Biology interactive on testing leaves for starch!

This interactive experiment will help your students understand whether or not photosynthesis has occurred in a leaf by testing for the presence of starch. Clear animations demonstrate how to use hot water, alcohol and iodine, which changes colour on a leaf to reveal the hidden starch inside.

Try out the free interactive activity on our Doddle Science page!

Doddle offers much more than just engaging resources – you can book a free and flexible tour of all its features with one of our Educational Consultants. From self-marking quizzes that can be easily scheduled for upcoming homeworks, to the online markbook which clearly records students’ marks, Doddle provides you with everything you need to effectively track student progress.


Exceptional English Teaching Resources



Rhyming Spells – provides a wide selection of ingenious rhyming spells for improving spelling.

Dyslexia Games Manual – packed full with enjoyable games and activities for developing literacy skills, increasing visual and auditory recall, as well as strengthening sequencing and organisational ability.

Email: msl@schools.co.uk
01536 399017
Postal address:
Multi-Sensory Learning, Earlstrees Court, Earlstrees Road, Corby, NN17 4HH.



Carel Press

‘Just Read!’ PDF Poster Set – motivational posters about the power of books.

‘Learn about your library’ Posters – explain library terms successfully.


Dysgraphia Help

The Online Dysgraphia Test – consists of 50 questions. After completion of the test and submitting a handwriting sample you will receive a dysgraphia test report. If we believe dysgraphia to be present you will also receive supporting activity materials free of charge.

Overcoming dysgraphia workbook – contains 100+ A4 sides of activities, worksheets and games that aim to improve language processing, visual spacing, fine motor skills, pen/pencil grip, handwriting posture and memory retrieval.

Email: admin@dysgraphiahelp.co.uk
Postal address: Dysgraphia Help, 1 Oathill Close, Brixworth, Northamptonshire, NN6 9BE.



Interactive English Software – 13 titles packed with hundreds of stunning curriculum 3D animations describing difficult to understand concepts for English. There are texts, voice-overs, quiz zones, drag and drops, multiple choice quizzes and more. Request your 14-day free trial of English Educational Software Solution.


First and Best in Education

Plays into Shakespeare (KS3) – This book provides an active, dramatic launch pad for the study of Shakespeare, avoiding the distancing factors with which pupils struggle – the language, the history, the period costumes.

Higher Close Reading Examples and Activities – focussing on understanding the main concerns of the text, analysing the techniques the writer uses, and evaluating the effectiveness of the writing.  

Monologues with Duologue Activity (KS4) – covers the requirements for speaking monologues in Drama at KS4 and KS5 and provides useful material for pupils working towards entry into drama college. English teachers will also find it useful in respect of the speaking and listening requirements at KS4 and the study of Shakespeare.

Monologues/Duologues (KS3) – A book of short, self-contained and original monologues/duologues which will be an ideal introduction to drama within English or for use within a drama group.

Working with Will – a scheme of work for English teachers and works as an introduction to text analysis in English literature lessons for key stages 3 and 4.

Write Well – a book of writing skills aimed at helping students acquire the necessary skills for each situation.

Email: sales@firstandbest.co.uk
01536 399007
Postal address:
Hamilton House Mailings Ltd, Earlstrees Ct, Earlstrees Rd, Corby, Northants, NN17 4HH


You can find more Exceptional Teaching resources at exceptionalteaching.org.uk.

Dans Ma Chambre

Are you tired of creating your own PowerPoint presentations, only to find that you are forced to use uninspiring cartoons or internet images to convey your messages?  These images are often just not quite right.  Well, no more!  Our presentations use authentic resources in their proper French context.  These particular resources should be used initially with 11-12 year olds during their first year of learning French but then can subsequently be used as a revision tool for older students if necessary.

The presentation should be used to teach learners to describe their bedroom and also to use various (5) prepositions to say where items are in relation to other furniture.  These materials are to be used within the context of learning about the house/home in French.

The resources are multi-faceted in that they are used interactively from the beginning of the PowerPoint presentation to teach the required vocabulary to the class in a fun way.  Students work in pairs, individually and as a whole class throughout the lesson using visual, auditory and kinaesthetic activities to engage and motivate them.  The pace can be fast or slowed down as necessary for the students to assimilate the required lexis and can be used equally well with SEN learners.

They will enjoy the variety of activities, the competition, 2 written exercises and use the 4 skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing in this lesson.  These resources have been developed by an experienced language teacher, used with a class and have consequently been proven to be effective, fun and engaging.

Dans Ma Chambre  26 Powerpoint/slides plus 4 word documents, 2 worksheets and 2 answer sheets.  £ 24.99 (including VAT £29.99  )  Order Code : H9232

Once purchased the CD can be freely copied and networked throughout the school.

To see sample pages please email info@classroom-resources.co.uk quoting the order code H9232.

You can order the Dans Ma Chambre in any of these ways:

  • On our website
  • By phone or fax on 0117 940 6409
  • By email (quoting a school order number) to info@classroom-resources.co.uk
  • By post to: Classroom Resources, 9 Logan Road, Bristol, BS7 8DU

New Anti-extremism and Human Rights Classroom Software

Free Full Version 14-day trial

Schools and academies are now required to ensure pupils are aware of the risks associated with radicalisation and extremism.

Our new Anti-extremism and human rights classroom software delivers the topic sensitively using stunning 3D animation, professional voice-over and subject specific interactive exercises, quizzes and games. 

All delivered in a controlled environment, avoiding potentially unsafe web searches!

If (and only if!) after your 14 day trial you would like to keep the software, it’s just £199 (rrp £250) for a whole school/academy site licence over a network or on unlimited PCs/Whiteboards. Technical support, should you need, it is free.

The software arrives on DVD. Just follow the simple installer wizard and you will be ready to use the software in your classroom within minutes

To request a free 14 day trial please CLICK HERE

What more can you do to boost your pupils’ creative writing skills?

Creative writing is an area which pupils with SEN or pupils who are considered to be slower learners find particularly challenging. Not least because creative writing requires pupils to use an array of literacy skills, simultaneously.

Indeed, creative writing requires pupils to focus on spelling, handwriting, grammar, punctuation, and structuring, as well as using their imagination.

Fortunately, Brilliant Publications has produced the Boost Creative Writing series to provide additional support for pupils who find creative writing to be a particularly challenging task.

The Boost Creative Writing series addresses the Programmes of Study for writing composition in the new (2014) National Curriculum for England.

The structured planning sheets contain a wealth of activities that provide additional reinforcement of key skills for slower learners and SEN pupils with non-prescriptive writing scaffolds, giving them the support they need.

The activity sheets have been written by Judith Thornby, an experienced Learning Support Coordinator, and cover a range of writing genres, from stories and poems to book reviews and newspaper reports.

Furthermore, not only does the series boost pupils’ creative writing skills, but it has also proven to give pupils confidence and make them believe that they can write. This belief leads to better performance in all areas of school. And while designed for SEN pupils, these sheets can, and have, been used by pupils of all abilities.

You can order the Boost Creative Writing series pack in any of these ways:

  • On our website
  •  By phone on 01449 766629
  • By fax on 01449 768047
  • By email to orders@tradecounter.co.uk  
  • Or by post to Brilliant Publications, Mendlesham Industrial Estate, Norwich Road, Mendlesham, Suffolk, IP14 5ND

Brilliant Publications,
Mendlesham Industrial Estate,
Norwich Road,
IP14 5ND.

website: www.brilliantpublications.co.uk
email: orders@tradecounter.co.uk

phone: 01449 766629
fax: 01449 768047

What more can schools do to ensure that everyone is safe, included and learning?

In many schools, responding to a pressure to raise standards, staff concentrate their efforts on teaching their curriculum subject, with little or no time to address issues that are not expected to lead directly to higher exam results.

In other schools staff invest equivalent energy in attending to the learning environment: they embrace the challenge of working with diverse communities and harness the power of different identities and perspectives.

No matter how much, or how little, schools engage with equality issues, all schools have a legal obligation to comply with the Public Sector Equality Duty, introduced by the Equality Act 2010.

This is sometimes seen as an additional responsibility, and other times as an integral part of everything that happens in a school.  In some schools, learning to respect one another is understood as a significant aspect of young people’s education.

Equality: Making It Happen – A guide to help schools ensure everyone is safe, included and learning is a new guide, recently published by the Centre for Studies in Inclusive Education (CSIE), which helps schools to address prejudice, reduce bullying and promote equality holistically.

Created with schools for schools, sponsored by teacher’s union NASUWT and winner of an Innovative Practice Award 2016 from the Zero Project (http://zeroproject.org, for a world with zero barriers), CSIE’s new guide is extremely user-friendly (it has been described as “seductively practical”) and is made up of succinct reference cards, which offer:

  • equality monitoring questionnaires for pupils, parents, staff and governors;
  • distilled information and advice on a range of equality issues;
  • links to further sources of information and support;
  • responses to frequently asked questions on equality in education;
  • concise information on national and international law on equality in education;
  • suggested activities for involving pupils in monitoring children’s rights in school;
  • suggested activities for responding to signs of prejudice in school;
  • succinct information on core values and on developing an equality policy.

The guide has been most warmly welcomed by the sector, with comments such as: “This should be part of every teacher’s toolkit” and “An absolutely amazing resource that is easy to use and extremely well designed.”

Equality: Making It Happen is available directly from CSIE for only £30 (RRP £75).  For more information or to order your copy please see http://www.csie.org.uk/resources/current.shtml.

A FREE one-day conference to launch the new guide will be held on 29 June 2016 at Resource for London, 356 Holloway Rd, London N7 6PA.  The conference will provide an opportunity to hear from inspirational speakers, explore a range of equality issues and consider what more can be done to reduce prejudice and promote equality in education. Confirmed speakers include: Patrick Roach, Deputy General Secretary at NASUWT; Professor Sheila Bennett, Brock University, Ontario; and Sharon Hodgson, MP, Shadow Education Minister.

This conference is free to attend but places are limited and must be booked in advance.  For more information and to book your place please see http://csie-conf2016.eventbrite.co.uk.

If you would like to learn more about Equality: Making It Happen or the conference, or if you have any questions or queries at all, please feel free to call 0117 353 3150 or email admin@csie.org.uk.


Artemi Sakellariadis

Director, CSIE

How would you add sound to any book or poster or object?

With PENpal you can!
PENpal is an electronic device that records and plays back your voice onto sticky labels. The PENpal is particularly useful for dyslexic and other SEN children as it enables them to work in a personalised way. With PENpal you can explain, define, give examples, without the constraint of space reserved for text! And, through PENpal’s ability to record voices it encourages speaking and listening skills and the confidence to express yourself.

PENpals will read dictionaries, literacy packs, phonics posters, big books, even tactile sound enabled books! Children who learn best though a kinaesthetic experience rather than through reading chunks of text or group discussions can benefit. Selecting and listening at your own pace, stickering your own drawings with sound, attaching audio to clothes and equipment, listening to posters like “Garden Birdsongs” just by touching brings a feeling of control and calm, especially among autistic children.

You can also add sound to any of your favourite books and poster or even make your own talking book! PENpal helps the teacher to connect in a unique way and the student to gain a confidence in learning. It is no surprise therefore that over 40000 PENpals are being used in schools and why its equivalent PENfriend is one of the RNIB’s best-selling products for audio labelling.

To find out more about PENpal or to order one (£75 plus vat) please click here

Enable Visually Impaired children to see paintings, maps, diagrams, instructions…

The viVOS Artframe adds sound to any of your notes or pictures drawn or printed on any A3 paper. You can make your drawings and diagrams, add tactiles such as sticking bump-ons, or make collages or use swell paper. Build your own rich tangible media, and record and playback sound with a tap of your fingers. You can create over 300 sound spots on any A3 paper and playback existing .mp3 music as well as your own voice recordings.
A tool for kinaesthetic learners, this device adds creativity and self-expression to your learning.
ViVOS has a built in microphone, speakers is light and very robust.

Click here to see a video of making a tactile poster on Spring with sound.

There is an open-source viVOS library of publications where users can upload their jpeg and sound compilation for others to share and use. Just print any of the FREE jpegs and download the viVOS file.  viVOS costs £150 plus vat with free access to the viVOS Library of publications

We are Mantra Lingua, UK based makers of these devices, service Nurseries, Schools, RNIB, Museums and Nature Trails. Both devices are portable and can be used anywhere. There is no need for computers.
PENpal costs £80 and viVOS £150. 400 Recordable stickers £15.


Robene Dutta
Managing Director

How can you make the most of your school hall in terms of saving space, saving time and increasing capacity?

Providing that the school hall isn’t otherwise occupied and there is enough space to do with what you want, there is no doubt that the school hall is an ideal place to create a pop-up learning zone. But there are problems.

One – some schools find that there isn’t enough space due to the amount of room that the tables and chairs take up (even when packed away).

Two – setting up enough tables and chairs for students for the lesson (and packing them away again afterwards) can eat into a significant amount of lesson time.

Three – if the lesson follows lunchtime, it can be incredibly distracting to your students’ learning if the lunchtime supervisors are still packing away and cleaning the school hall.

Indeed, to overcome these problems and ensure that your school hall can become an ideal pop-up learning zone, we have developed Wall Pocket – a table system which can seat up to 20 students and which can, within seconds, be folded up into a neat pocket on the wall.

Now let’s imagine that you had six of these tables with their built-in seats (enough for 120 children). Packing them away can all be done within a matter of five minutes.

Thus, learning can start almost immediately and continue right up to the bell. Which makes the benches ideal for breakfast clubs/afterschool clubs and school lunches, as well as lessons.

Of course, with such an innovative product there are many other interesting features. Around 100 colours are available and colours can be mixed and matched. And the lift-assist spring system makes packing up and opening out the tables the simplest thing you could imagine.

What’s more, there’s no compulsory maintenance contract (you can have one if you want) – there is a 15 year guarantee no matter what.

Here’s a picture of how the tables look when set out for lunch or lessons.


To see how they look when packed away click here.

And for more information please call 01752 306 200 or email ideas@versadesign.co.uk

Cheer up and have a cup of tea

We are all affected by grief during our lifetimes and we deal with it in different ways, statements like the above are often not very helpful when gripped with the intensity of feelings that this very raw emotion can bring. Death and Bereavement faced by a younger person can be more apparent.

Concord Media have put together a series of DVDs which can be used to help understand grief among different age groups and are a useful aid should you be faced with such circumstances within the school, they have even included a resource dealing with grief later in life.

Do have a look at the range of resources and you can click to see more details on each DVD below.

Teenage Grief

Animated film about teenagers coping with the death of someone close.

DVD 2007 13 Minutes – £27.20 + postage

Read More

Not Too Young to Grieve

Understanding and helping bereaved under fives.

DVD 2005 15 Minutes – £27.20 + postage

Read More

Grief in the Family

This animated film looks at the ways children and young people respond to grief, and how people can help.

DVD 2002 14 Minutes – £27.20 + postage

Read More

Bereavement in Later Life

Death and bereavement from the point of view of older people.

DVD 1993 40 Minutes – £50.00 + postage

Read More

Facing Chronic Illness and Death when the Patient is a Child

Help for carers of children with terminal illness.

DVD 1982 58 Minutes – £31.30 = postage

Read More

You can order on line by clicking on the links in the copy above or by emailing us at sales@concordmedia.org.uk  Please put ref HH1 in your order.

On-site facilities are not all that schools are sharing in the bid to save money

Schools have reported that they are saving a considerable amount of money by sharing their facilities (an IT suite, play area, school hall…) with neighbouring schools, and vice versa.

But on-site facilities are not all that schools are sharing in the bid to save money.

Indeed, a growing numbers of schools are leasing an extra minibus (meaning that there is no initial large payment required – just a monthly lease fee) and then sharing it part time with one or two other schools or groups.

In this way, the cost of running the minibus is shared, and each school knows exactly when it has the extra bus and arranges events around it.

Better still, there is no issue about the cost of repairs, servicing and the like, since leased minibuses come with all the arrangements and all the costs of servicing and repairs built into the lease.

If you haven’t before leased a minibus, or thought about of sharing one, please do give me a call on 01753 859944 and I can talk you through how it all works.

But if you want to take a look at who we are and what we do before you call, you’ll find more information about leasing at www.minibusleasing.co.uk.

Stone Age assembly and writing workshops


Tie in story writing with your history topic and bring the past to life with a Stone Age assembly. It’s fun and interactive. Pupils will get hands on with a mammoth hunt and find out about Neolithic life.

The Stone Age assembly is a perfect primer for story writing workshops where pupils will write their own stories. We’ll use the innovative Accelerated writing method (as used by Creative Writing Club). I’m a children’s author who teaches creative writing in schools, so I can also answer their questions on writing and perform short extracts from my book.

As well as the stone age, other topics include: The Bronze Age, the Iron Age Celts, the Greeksthe Egyptiansthe Romansthe Celtsthe Anglo Saxons, the Aztecs, Mayans, the Great Fire of London, Flooded world (natural disasters), the Vikings, the Normans, the Tudors, the Victorians, Shakespeare, Traditional tales, the Rainforest and many more.  I’m an ex-BBC editor and I can also offer workshops on factual writing (using a historical frame).

About me
I’ve written 14 books for children, over a wide age range (Y1-Y9) including: Spartapuss (Romans), Beowuff (Anglo Saxons vs Vikings) Olympuss Games (Greeks), Boudicat (Celts), Cleocatra’s Kushion (Egyptians).  My graphic novel ‘London Deep’ was chosen as a Recommended Read for World Book Day. I co-wrote the musical version of Julia Donaldson’s books The Gruffalo and Room on the Broom. I’ve led writing workshops for Shakespeare’s Birthplace Trust and The Young Archaeologists Club. Check out my profile on Love Reading For Kids:

  • No school is too large or too small
  • I am DBS checked and I have insurance cover.

For dates and prices please call 0845 838 5526 or email robin@mogzilla.co.uk

Please reply to this email with ‘Stone’ in the subject line and I will send you my free PDF
‘7 Tips for story writing
and a Stone Age writing frame.