Topical Resources’ annual Summer Sale: up to 75% off all teaching resources

Last year we launched our first ever Summer Sale, offering a 35% discount on all teaching resources. This year, we are offering a discount of up to 75% on all teaching resources (at just £5 a book) to make our 2016 Summer Sale even better than the last.

Furthermore, in contrast to last year’s Summer Sale where we asked you to like and share our Facebook page in order to qualify for the discount, this year we are offering up to 75% off all book titles for absolutely nothing in return – just your custom.

If however, you’d like to share this offer (which we would appreciate very much), please do forward this email and/or share our Facebook post about Topical Resources’ 2016 Summer Sale which you will find pinned to the top of our Facebook page – Topical Resources.

You can see and order all of our book titles (at just £5 each) on our website at:

Or, if you’d prefer, you can place an order by phone on 01772 863158, by fax on 01772 866153, by email to, or by post to Topical Resources,
P.O. Box329, Broughton, Preston, Lancashire PR3 5LT.