What is the most effective way of identifying whether or not a mathematical concept has been grasped by your pupils?

It is not always possible to know if a pupil has grasped a mathematical concept well enough for them to be able to recall it from memory a day from now, a week from now, or indeed, for their end of year tests.

Which is why it is so important to systematically track pupils’ progress in numeracy – so that you can instantly identify which pupils and which concepts require more revision in lessons.

But there is a problem, for the task of assessing whether your pupils are meeting their end of year expectations has been made more difficult due to recent changes to the Mathematics programmes of study and resultant changes to your year 6 pupils’ end of year SATs.

In order to support you with the task of identifying which pupils and which concepts require more revision, we have developed Assessing End of Year Expectations in Mathematics.

Assessing End of Year Expectations in Mathematics is a resource for Year 6 pupils that provides carefully organised assessments for every statutory statement of the 2014 Mathematics National Curriculum.

The questions within the volume are similar to the new 2016 Mathematics test and can either be used as part of a baseline assessment or at the end of term to measure progress made.

Furthermore, Assessing End of Year Expectations in Mathematics for Year 6 provides answers to the maths questions making it an ideal teaching resource for non-specialist maths teachers undertaking lessons in the maths teacher’s absence.

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