Solar on schools Yes or X? Join us

It’s never too late to see if your school could get solar panels for free. We manage over 50 systems in schools throughout the UK giving them renewable energy at no extra cost to the school.

Join us and register your interest (no commitment). See if you qualify for free panels.

Our aim is to help you

1. secure a renewable green energy,

2. deliver practical real-time data that can be analysed by your pupils as part of their learning experience and,

3. reduce the amount you pay for the electricity in the medium to long term.

Despite cutbacks in government’s support for solar panels, you can still make solar power work for you. We may also be able to offer you a free solar power system. But you need to act quickly before all government support disappears.

Please register so we can discover what’s possible for your school.

Best wishes

Helen and Ann

The Solar for Schools team