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The Mighty Maestro
Interactive Music Theory
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Without a solid understanding of basic theory, students often struggle to perform together both in the classroom and on a wider scale. It’s usually far more difficult to learn how to play pieces of music, and sharing compositions can be haphazard at best. By helping them over the initial hurdles, The Mighty Maestro opens up a world of possibility for all your pupils. Those confusing symbols start to make sense, the music played as a group can become tight and dynamic, and the mass of resources online and in the real world made accessible.

The Mighty Maestro uses a variety of enjoyable lessons, games and races to guide students through the basics of music theory, without the jumps in logic that see many learners fall by the wayside. Having fun as a class, you may use the program to build up an understanding together. Working individually, students are guided step-by-step through the concepts (and you can even follow their progress via our Group Admin pages).

Like to have a go? Please email us today for a FREE 3 month trial. You may test all the activities yourself, let students try a few themselves, or even set up a group and track the progress of all your students through the first 8 activities, at no cost whatsoever.

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