How to video lessons without a technician, without an obvious camera, and without a nervous teacher.

To be of real use, lessons that are recorded need to be real lessons – not lessons that look and feel as if they have been staged for the camera.

Both pupils and teachers need to be relaxed, and that means that there should be nothing in the classroom (such as a large camera, a tripod or a technician) that reminds everyone that, “This lesson is being recorded”.

When such a lesson takes place, the reactions (both from teachers and pupils) are remarkable.  They are impressed that was all so easy to do, that there was no complex set up, no stranger in the room.

And the teacher, now more relaxed about the procedure, often says, “I can already see what I could do better.”

What’s more, the Lessonbox Mobile recording equipment is portable and can be used by any teacher in any room or building. There’s nothing to stop it being used to record a number of lessons by different teachers each day even in different schools.  In effect, the recording of lessons quickly becomes the norm.

Once recording is complete, schools can use the Lessonbox Cloud platform to save it securely, share, add comments, and attach related documents.

You can even use the Cloud’s desktop recorder to record your own screen and add video and commentary to PowerPoint presentations.

Recorded lessons can be kept for CPD, self-evaluation, and examples of excellent teaching and learning.  In addition, the Cloud can be used to deliver lessons to students away from the classroom, if required, using the flipped classroom model. And if you have any concerns about having enough space to store all the resultant content, we can solve that too.

In fact, it has never been easier to share good practice.

If you would like to know more you can watch a teacher set up the equipment and prepare to record here, and see just how extraordinarily easy the whole process is. If you would like to know about our Lessonbox Cloud options click here.

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Andrew Jenkins