What is the single most effective way of revealing the excitement and elegance of science to gifted and talented students?

“The single most effective way” in this context means not only teaching sessions that really do enthuse students in the science they are studying, but also means sessions that can be run within your school.

Sessions which mean no extra work for you or your colleagues.  Sessions that require no new equipment that needs to be bought. Sessions that can be run in the school without lots of additional planning and special arrangements.

And mainly sessions that focus on the gifted and talented – a particular enthusiasm of Ofsted at the moment.  Indeed, as the inspectorate said in a recent report on the topic, “urgent action is now required. Schools should develop a culture of high expectations, provide training for staff in all key stages and raise aspirations of pupils and where they are going.”

As a result we now all need to show that we are having an impact on our more able students so that these students see that there is additional value and excitement in science which could lead them to select science in their future options through the school and beyond.

There are four different active and practical science based G&T events that your school can choose from, each one devised and arranged for students in years 7 upward.

One of the most popular is Space Pioneers which looks at electronic sensors and microchemistry redox reactions.

Then we have as an alternative CSI – Blood Pool which investigates how DNA fingerprinting and blood analysis is used in a murder case.

Towering Ambition engages students in engineering and enterprise challenges, while the Body in the Box event transports students into the world of DNA fingerprinting and anthropology to identify a missing person.

The sessions last for two hours and are delivered twice in a day, incorporating 30 students into each session. Reports for every participant are available after the event, providing valuable evidence for the level of progression achieved and helping you to measure the impact of the event.

The regular teachers of the classes involved can, of course, attend the session as an observer or can use the time for other duties – it is entirely a matter for you.

More details of these stimulating and exciting G&T events are to be found on our website.

In April and May 2016 these workshops are available at a highly discounted rate. If you are interested in this offer, would like further information on any aspect of our work, or want to make a booking please call us on 01603 520866 or email events@thinkersineducation.co.uk