Expedition Mapping for Schools

A massive amount of hard work and dedication goes into school expeditions generally and into achieving a DofE award in particular. Everybody in the team needs to know that they can rely completely on all their equipment.

The OS map is just one small, but nevertheless crucial, part of this. Plastic-coated mapping has not been around that long, relatively speaking, but nobody these days would think of sending a student out with anything less. Unluckily, the fact that the map now appears to be ‘indestructible’ means that it is often treated with rather less respect than it actually deserves.

This is why, ten or more years ago, we at Outstanding Map Distributors came up with the Outstanding All-Weather Map. With our own in-house wide format encapsulation facilities, we decided it was time to create our own brand using plastic which would be tough enough to resist everything our own teenaged children could throw at it. The result was the OAWM – an OS map coated in tough polyester which would withstand being used as a groundsheet and a group umbrella and still come up smiling. We packed it in a useful transparent sleeve printed with compass and scale rules and sent it out with smiles on our faces….

The next problem was to make sure that the maps didn’t get lost…..

Here again we realised we could help by fixing a sticker to the cover of the map before it went through the encapsulation machine. The text can be anything you want: the School’s name, logo and contact details or the student’s name and telephone number are both very popular. You send us the stickers and we do the rest. If you print the stickers yourselves we won’t even charge you!

In short, OAWM is a great choice for your School’s mapping needs. Phone or email us today for more details.

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