Helping students to focus and to motivate themselves for GCSE exams

Free video explains how many students improve their grades by using stress reduction techniques before and during exams

It is fair to say that to do well in any aspect of life, at any age, we all need to be focussed on our goals and motivated to achieve these goals.

For some students that motivation is always there and comes from within. But for most students, focus and motivation are attributes that need to be encouraged and nurtured.

And that means that we need to help our students to focus on the grade they might get and motivate them to take that grade up.

Nowhere is this more true than with GCSE exams. Many students approach GCSE exams with a feeling that they are something they just have to do, rather than with a determination to do better than expected. And this is what we need to change.

Which is why we have created “GCSE Champion”.

Students need to focus on success and to understand what success is and how they can achieve it.

They need to believe that they can achieve success and through this understand how they can motivate themselves to achieve more, and more.

As a result they can set higher goals, goals that are still realistic but which help them to push forward.

This in turn shows them how to manage themselves and their work, how to learn, how to revise, how to cope with the stress of coursework and exams, and how to become successful in exams.

To see more about we help students to get into the mindset of studying, we have produced, and made available free of charge, “Exam Ready (The Final Push 2014)”.

For a copy just email us at and quote FX-HAM11VIDEO.

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