Teaching Radio News

Radio is an exciting and accessible area of Media Studies which is now receiving greater attention in the educational field. Radio production can be more attainable for students than video or film production as most students can construct some type of script and the equipment can be easier and cheaper to assemble. Higher education institutions are increasingly offering options in radio and there is increased interest with the take-up of digital technology in sound editing and production. Radio can be an exciting and useful learning process where all abilities can achieve, often drawing on areas of media consumption which are taken for granted.

This textbook covers the construction of four areas of radio production: bulletins, programmes, phone-ins and documentaries. It is a guide to teachers working in the field of media studies at sixth-form level who have considered developing a radio strand because of the medium’s flexibility and accessibility . It looks at the make up of radio audiences, some legal issues, the use of jingles and the construction of the various types of news programmes. A number of worksheets and a glossary are included.

Teaching Radio News comes with a photocopiable license so that you can copy sections to give to your students as required. It is also available as a Word document on CD Rom allowing you to amend and personalise the text to suit your students.

You can see some sample pages at http://www.pdf.firstandbest.co.uk/media/T1720.pdf

Publisher’s reference: T1720EMN ISBN: 978 1 86083 732 6


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