Changing the way students think

It has become commonplace to point out that the students in class today will spend their working lives undertaking tasks that do not yet exist using technology that has not yet been imagined.

But meanwhile they need to pass exams – and so our exam-focussed secondary curriculum continues.

And it is clear that, no matter what subject is to be studied, the ability to respond to any question with rational argument and the ability to see through false arguments is fundamental.

“Critical Thinking” by Roy van den Brink-Budgen looks at arguments and analyses what arguments are, which types of argument are valid, and which not.

It analyses, in a manner that every sixth former can fully grasp, the way in which arguments are structured and the assumptions that are made in putting forward arguments. Evidence and the truth, facts and judgements all come under the microscope, followed by an analysis of the limits of persuasiveness.

But Critical Thinking is more than just dismantling and evaluating other people’s arguments. It is also involved in the production of the student’s own arguments. It encourages students to develop their arguments in essays, reports, debates, etc, and helps them be prepared to stand back and assess their own reasoning.

Working through this book students will grasp that point, they will look at arguments afresh and understand the way in which arguments can be erected and dismantled.

In short this is a book that is essential in the classroom; it will change the way students think, change the way they study, and change the way in which they approach their exams.

The volume can be bought as a photocopiable book or on CD Rom.

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