A 3d Immersive simulation of a training school for crime scene officers

For most students such information they have about crime scenes before taking the BTEC Science Unit 13 comes from detective dramas on TV.

Which presents a problem. For although some of the depictions of crime scenes and crime solving on TV are accurate (at least up to a point), virtually all such programmes focus as much on the quirky (or even dysfunctional) personalities of the police officers and/or private detective as they do on the crime scene.

But in Crime Scene Investigation School the balance is reversed. The personal difficulties of the investigating officers are set aside and instead all focus is on the Crime Scene itself.

We start in the Training Room where there is a body lying in a pool of blood.

Having seen this, the students have to gather the evidence around them, without in any way contaminating the crime scene. And it is not as easy as it sounds.

Instructions are given aurally and written (on in-game plasma TVs) and take the students around the Store Room, the Locker Room, the Scene of the Crime, and the Crime Lab.

The students use the equipment on hand to examine fibres found at the scene and the DNA ‘fingerprints’ from a blood sample. A computer with a scanner within the program can be used to identify the owners of fingerprints:

Once the evidence is gathered and processed the student can forward the findings to the Crown Prosecution Service office where a further goal involving the use of gas chromatography can be attempted by students who have the completed the initial tasks successfully.

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