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The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is the UK independent regulator of advertising across all media. We work to make sure that all UK advertising is legal, decent, honest and truthful.

We are pleased to announce the launch of Ad:Check – Understanding Advertising Regulation, a new resource for PSHE, Citizenship, Media Studies and English at KS3 & 4.


Ad:Check offers teachers a range of lessons and classroom activities that will enable students to engage with examples of real ads and explore some topical and controversial issues within the context of their rights, responsibilities, duties and freedoms as citizens of a diverse and democratic society.

The materials and activities have been developed using real life case studies which will allow teachers flexibility in their approach and provide them with resources that will:

  • Encourage active learning, rich in student talk, discussion and questioning.
  • Prompt students to develop skills of visual literacy, thinking critically, constructively and creatively in analysing and evaluating evidence.
  • Help students with presenting ideas in a variety of forms and justifying conclusions.
  • Enable students to solve problems and develop their analytical skills while being encouraged to think creatively about topical issues, through decision-making exercises.

Ad:Check can be viewed and downloaded now from the ASA website.

Please also join our mailing list to receive more information from us about Ad:Check and our wider schools engagement programme here

This resource is produced by the Advertising Standards Authority. If you have any enquiries, please contact Priscilla Owusu at schools@asa.org.uk.


What is the simplest way of showing Ofsted that you are ticking all the boxes?

In the past 18 months it has become increasingly clear that for Ofsted there is one box that, when ticked, impresses the inspectorate almost more than anything else.

It is almost as if, when you get that right, the inspectors expect everything else to be in place. Instead of walking the school looking for what’s wrong, they walk around expecting everything to be right.

So, you may ask, what is this magic issue that so changes the attitude of the inspectors as they tour the school?

Here’s the answer: the issue is homework.

Show the inspectors that students, their parents, your colleagues and SLTs all know what homework is set day by day, the deadlines for each homework, the details of each piece of work, who was late submitting, what the marks were, and a dozen other factors, and immediately there is the impression of organisation and attention to detail that Ofsted inspectors so love and admire.

If you can show all that within a couple of minutes you will start to see the inspectors’ faces nodding with approval as ticks are put in the boxes.

Then show that you have incorporated the provision for non-English speaking parents to be able to access translations of the homework, and you will see that look that says you are almost home and dry.

Finally, make the point that the students not only know what homework they have to do – they also know that everyone else knows.

That one really knocks them out, because it shows that in one stroke you have eliminated the old story that students used to give parents about no homework being set.

To achieve this solution all you need is “Show My Homework”. It is used by schools across the country, and you can sign up for a free trial on our website by clicking here.

Alternatively you can call us on 020 8133 4560 for more information.

P.S: Here’s a nice little extra, we’ve just been shortlisted as a finalist for the BETT Awards 2013 in the category of Innovation in ICT – www.bettawards.com/522212

Widgit symbols could be a life saver

Widgit Software is famous for its symbols which are used widely in schools, colleges and day centres. Now they are beginning to develop a set of resources for the Health Service too.

Jane is 19 and has learning disabilities so she sometimes finds it hard to put thoughts into words. She has a 24 hour package of care but goes on her own in a taxi to college, to day care or to visit her friends.

She has several different medical conditions and her family worry about how she would cope in an emergency. Would people understand her? Would she get the treatment she needs?

ICE cards are playing an increasingly important part in health care. ICE stands for In Case of Emergency and users fill in details of emergency contacts, medications and allergies.

Alex Jordan is a volunteer administration assistant for Care Division, a registered care provider which has offices in Hampshire and Dorset.  She knows Jane well. Alex has first hand experience of symbols. She did not speak until she was more than 5 years old and symbols and signing became her lifeline when communicating with others.

I still use symbols on a daily basis to make  visual reminders for myself and to let service users like Jane  know what is happening,’ she said. ‘They might want a visual timetable of activities or a copy of a care rota so they can see when particular members of staff will be on duty.’

Alex is delighted with the Widgit ICE cards. ‘We find that some adults who have never encountered symbols before take to Widgit symbols straightaway because they are so simple and visual.  They help people like Jane communicate with others and make themselves understood. The Widgit ICE cards could, quite literally, be a  lifeline in an emergency.’

Widgit has the largest symbol supported vocabulary of all printed symbol systems and can be printed out in black and white or colour. Black and white symbols are clear and simple, ideal for some of our users who are easily distracted while colour can provide helpful clues for others.

Have a look at their health materials which include resources for diabetics and  information to help health professionals work with people with communication difficulties who have having routine procedures. 


From Pupil to Career Detective…

We have never lived through a time when young people were so disenfranchised.

Currently 1 in 4 young people cannot find work, and a greater number than ever report feeling powerless to influence their future. We therefore have a responsibility to prepare young people for life after school.

Our aim as educators should be to create a learning environment rich in context, value and purpose where young people learn for more than just future exams – focusing on competencies, not just content.

A careers and employability resource has been launched which uniquely helps young people in Years 7 and 8 develop key competencies whilst raising aspirations from an earlier age.

“Career Detectives is an innovative, fun and powerful tool that connects life and learning brilliantly!” Richard Gerver, Author & ‘Head Teacher of the Year’ 2005

Career Detectives, a holistic resource centred around a board game, provides stimulating information about 168 different careers across all sectors alongside a wide range of other games, exercises and starting points for lesson plans across every subject of the curriculum.

The activities can all be run in small groups or as whole classroom exercises making it ideal for breakfast or after school clubs, form time or more focused careers education work.

Career Detectives is a resource for the innovative and forward thinking educator. Yes, the resource helps schools evidence a number of Ofsted outcomes. Yes, it enhances the core curriculum and therefore aids attainment.

But even more, the use of Career Detectives is a significant step in secondary schools helping young people understand their purpose at school and the value they can offer their community and the wider world.

Career Detectives helps create a learning environment rich in context, value and purpose for all young people, not just those who are academically gifted.

Please click here for more information about Career Detectives which has recently been endorsed by Simon Hughes MP, Minister for Access to Education.

P.S. We’re so confident that you will find Career Detectives of dramatic benefit to your school that we offer a Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the resource.

Revolutionise your Listening Courses at School and at Home!

Listen Hear Ultimate CD-ROM package-on ALL your school computers!

500 years of music, scores, text and video-from Renaissance to Rock, Baroque to Blues

Listen Hear will boost your pupils Listening results and dramatically cut your preparation time!

Please go to www.softplanetgroup.com/listenhear for further info.

The package contains….

  • 1 master CD-ROM for your school server – available on all your school computers
  • 6 additional CD-ROMs for pupils Home study/preparation
  • Teachers CD-ROM with hundreds of multi –choice Questions and Answers– typical to GCSE, A level /SQA–to Print and Copy

Highly recommended by HUNDREDS of music teachers across the UK….

“I couldn’t do without it” Jean Macleod, PT Music, Aberdeen Grammar School

Very comprehensive, exceptionally well thought-out and highly entertaining’ Janet Dowsett LLCM, FLCM Senior Examiner for the London College of Music

‘…accessible, enjoyable and intelligent.’ Head of Music, Sheffield High School

The Whole package offer £149.00!! (offer price ends 31 Jan 2013) (prices subject to VAT & Delivery £10) PC & Mac (up to Lion) compatible

You can also send for a FREE demo copy – simply email us at hq@softplanetgroup.com

Call us on 01334 461244 or write/order to

SOFTPLANET LTD , Greenbank House, Prior Muir , St Andrews KY16 8LP

AQA GCSE Psychology (Unit One Modules 6-10)

As students face a subject that is totally new to them so they require information of different types presented in different ways.

For example, they need a course overview, and also need step-by-step guides. Equally they need a course reader, and individual PowerPoints plus tasks to undertake, and summary handouts.

In October we published Unit One Modules 1 – 5 and following the success of this, we are continuing with Modules 6-10.

This pack is intended to accompany such course textbooks as AQA Psychology, GCSE by Stanley, Boswell, Harris, Helliwell and McKenzie. Each PowerPoint within the pack follows the AQA specifications and is accompanied by teaching notes, ideas, tasks, hand-outs and activities.

Each module has a PowerPoint that covers the specifications in a progressive, informative way and the accompanying manual contains teaching notes for each slide.

The manual also contains a multitude of resources including: worksheets, workbooks, information sheets, multi-choice questions (with answers), practice examination questions and crossword puzzles (with answers).

This resource contains 203 copiable masters with 194 PowerPoint slides on a CD. The price is £79.99 + VAT.

You can purchase both GCSE Psychology – Modules 1-5 and GCSE Psychology – Modules 6-10 for the special price of £99.99 + VAT.

Once purchased the CD can be freely copied and networked throughout the school.

To see sample pages please email sales@classroom-resources.co.uk quoting the order code 19049.

You can order GCSE Psychology ‘A Complete Teaching Resource Modules 6-10 in any of these ways:

  • On our website
  • By phone on 0117 940 6409
  • By fax on 0117 940 6408
  • By email (quoting a school order number) to sales@classroom-resources.co.uk
  • By post to: Classroom Resources, PO Box 1489, Bristol, BS99 3QJ

GCSE English Literature made easy with cost-efficient photocopiable teaching resources

Written by experienced English teachers and subject matter experts, these photocopiable resources will help any new or experienced GCSE English Literature teacher deliver lessons. The resources are suitable for A-C students and all have a strong emphasis on supporting:

  • The evaluation of how language, structure and form contribute to writers’ presentation of ideas, themes and settings
  • The relation of texts to their social, cultural and historical contexts
  • The creation of creative, informed and relevant responses to the texts, using appropriate terminology and concepts

To order and to see our full range visit our website: http://zigzag.at/US60

GCSE English Literature Activity Packs – what do you get?

  1. Section-by-section and whole text activities covering themes, language, extracts and characters
  2. Activities that are fully matched to Assessment Objectives so that you can ensure full coverage for exams and controlled assessments
  3. Engaging and innovative tasks: fully differentiated to suit your class.

GCSE English Literature Study Guides – what do you get?

  1. Detailed notes on every chapter or main section of the novel to aid strong comprehension
  2. Questions & tasks interspersed throughout to support learning & effective revision
  3. Thorough examination guidance & practice

Texts covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Literary Heritage texts such as A Christmas Carol, Animal Farm, Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
  • Different Culture texts such as Of Mice and Men, Anita and Me, To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Modern novels such as About a Boy, Lord of the Flies, The Woman in Black
  • Shakespeare texts such as Julius Ceaser, Macbeth, Twelfth Night
  • Modern plays such as A View from the Bridge, An Inspector Calls, The History Boys

Our independent reviews and satisfied customers say:

“Cuts down on planning and resource development considerably. Saves so much time!” C Davies, Assistant Head of English and satisfied customer

“This is one of the best resources I’ve ever reviewed for ZigZag and I’m looking forward to using it with my own students. Thank you! The activity pack offers a real range of interesting and imaginative approaches to gaining a deep understanding of the text which never loses sight of assessment. Students will feel that they are making progress with the text; teachers will know that they are.” [Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Activity Pack] M Courtney-Holt, English Lecturer and Independent Reviewer

“Excellent. A thorough, interactive guide to the book which should be purchased by any school teaching this book. lead to thorough knowledge and understanding of the text. A lot of work gone into this. Thanks, that’s a big job done for me in preparing for next year.” R Lodge, HoD and Independent Reviewer

To see our full range and to preview all resources visit our website: http://zigzag.at/US60

ZigZag resources are available as a ‘photocopy master’ with one site licence (as priced) allowing you to pay once and photocopy as often as you need. Additional site licences are also available at a discounted price. For electronic versions of the resource, add an additional 30% for PDF or 50% for PDF and Word; order these to upload the resource onto your internal server for multiple uses.

You can order (please reference US60 when placing your order)

  • By phone: 0117 950 3199
  • By post: ZigZag Education, Unit 3, Greenway Business Centre, Doncaster Road,
    Bristol BS10 5PY
  • By fax: 0117 959 1695
  • By email: englishUS60@zigzageducation.co.uk

Does the transport affect the result?

Imagine your team travelling by minibus to a fixture and the minibus breaks down. Or maybe it makes the journey but it is extremely uncomfortable.

Neither approach is likely to make your team feel particularly well set for the match to come.

But you have a problem too. Minibuses are expensive, and you just don’t have the money in your fund, or indeed in any school fund, to buy a new minibus.

Which is why we have introduced the leasing of minibuses to schools rather than the buying of the bus.

Further, through this arrangement whereby we, as the company that leases out the minibus, are also in charge of maintenance resolves the particular problem of keeping the vehicle fully operational at all times.

Through leasing, a minibus is simply paid for month by month. Where some visits and trips are paid for through contributions from parents and the PTA, it is very possible that the minibus can be funded without taking anything from the school’s capital account.

In other cases the minibus can be funded through small monthly deductions from various departments’ income. Combined, if half a dozen departments agree to fund the bus, and the PTA agrees to put in a monthly amount as well, the funding problem is completely resolved.

Benchmark Leasing specialises in the supply and maintenance of school minibuses. If you are interested in the benefits of a minibus do call us on 01753 859944 or click here to see what we can offer.

How good are you at negotiation?

There is one way in which virtually every school in the UK could save itself a considerable sum of money each year.

Negotiation is something most of us think we are good at because we do it every day. We negotiate with colleagues, we negotiate with students. If we have a family at home we also spend time negotiating with them. (After all which parent has not at some time resorted to, “You can watch TV after you have done your homework”?)

But there is no doubt that most of us working in schools don’t have much background in negotiation with suppliers. We tend to accept the contract that suppliers offer us, sign it, and expect everything to be fine.

If we do negotiate it is usually to try to get a discount without necessarily noticing that in so doing we might actually be negatively affecting other aspects of the purchase.

And yet the contract between the school and the retailer offers an opportunity for each side to be specific about what is possible, to clarify assumptions and to enter into a relationship which is satisfactory and beneficial for both parties.

It is because many schools pay little attention to the contracts that they sign that the book Contract Matters:

Connecting the Education and Contract World has been written. It exists because many schools find it nigh on impossible to recover from having entered into a bad contract. Invariably all they can do is see the contract through and rue day it was signed.

Contract Matters contains numerous tips in everyday language for anyone in a school who is in charge of managing contracts. It lists the do’s and don’ts and prompts everyone to investigate assumptions before making decisions.

One minor change to a contract made as a result of reading this volume will pay for the book many times over.

Contract Matters book costs £35.00 plus £3.95 postage and packing. Further information is on-line
at http://shop.firstandbest.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=760

Order code: CMAAA £35.00 ISBN: 978 0 9876527 3 7

Sample pages can be found at http://www.pdf.firstandbest.co.uk/bursar/ContractMatters.pdf

You can purchase the book


What is the most effective way of giving children and young people with reading difficulties access to a wide range of literature?

Twenty years ago young people who struggled with the printed word – for example, those with dyslexia – would typically have found themselves with only a limited range of titles available as audio books.

Today it is quite different thanks to the development over several years of a massive range of audio books in a range of formats from MP3s and CDs to downloads and internet streaming.

These audio books are often read by top actors, and the topics cover much of the National Curriculum and far, far beyond.

Audio books can be used for and by students as an alternative means of accessing information and for their leisure value. In short,they provide an entry into the world of books that might otherwise appear to be impossible.

Audio books have in fact become central to the lives of huge numbers of people, and in the process they have become one of the most dynamic and exciting areas of the book world.

Even better, the purchasing process is straightforward and the cost of downloading and streaming audio books is incredibly low: for £50 per year you can have access to a choice of thousands of titles.

Our library ranges from best selling fiction to titles related to the National Curriculum – and of course they can be accessed at any time, day or night.

For more information…

Are you looking for a great last minute idea for your school Christmas show?

This year we have two new enchanting musicals…

For Nursery & Reception – Robin’s So Excited! (20 mins) Click here

And for KS1 – How Rudolph Got His Red Nose (35 mins) Click here

You’ll find all of our popular nativities here too (including Nursery Nativity and Nativity for Little Ones).

If you decide to order after reading this email, please kindly quote ‘HH1’ on your order or in the comments box in the online shopping basket.

“What a super show, with lots of parts for everyone. The parents thought it was wonderful.”
Y2 Teacher, Gloucestershire.

“A sensational production… the children had huge fun and sang the songs long after!”
Y1 Teacher, Northwood

Your children will love performing a Frantic Production!

Wishing you a very happy festive season!

Frantic Productions Ltd
01425 614665

The Reign of Henry VII 1485 – 1509

This 88 page study guide will enable students to analyse, explain and make judgements about events, developments and interpretations relating to Henry VII’s reign as required by all the examination boards. It provides a synthesis of the published work on the reign of Henry VII and thus provides GCE students with a comprehensive description and explanation of Henry’s reign as well as an introduction to the various historical debates to which the period 1485 to 1509 has given rise. Invaluable guidance on how to approach key questions is included in each section of the book.

The Reign of Henry VII 1485 – 1509 by John Goode. A contents list and sample pages can be viewed at http://pdf.firstandbest.co.uk/history/T1696.pdf

Publisher’s reference: T1696EMN ISBN: 978 1 86083 716 6


  • Photocopiable report: £21.99 plus £3.95 delivery
  • CD with school-wide rights: £21.99 plus £3.95 delivery
  • Both the Ring Binder and the CD £28.98 plus £3.95 delivery
  • Prices include VAT.

You can purchase the report… please quote the order ref: T1696emn

Brand new Topic Tests for AQA and OCR A Level PE!

Keeping PE students motivated in their theory learning when they’d much rather be out on the sports field can be difficult, and there is little which really helps them to keep track of how their theory learning is going.

One way to motivate students is to regularly measure their progress in theory learning so that they can see the progress that they are making.

Written specifically for the new specifications, Topic Tests allow teachers to test students’ knowledge at the end of every unit and identify areas which need further work in class.

“This will be a very useful revision tool for the students when preparing for their exams. It allows staff to assess the students’ understanding of the subject area.”
– G Williams, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

  • 30–40-minute tests, which can be used in class as an end-of-topic test or handed out for homework
  • Answers and mark allocations make these easy for you and your students to mark
  • Full coverage in specification order – can be used flexibly with any scheme of work

As with all ZigZag resources, you can be confident of the highest standards. All resources go through a rigorous process of teacher reviews, proofreading and professional styling before reaching you. ZigZag resources can be purchased as ‘copy masters’ or in digital format and come with a site licence, allowing you to pay once and copy as often as you need, or put on your server for multiple use.

For previews and to order, see: zigzag.at/ALevel-PE-Tests

Resources are available as photocopy masters,� PDF files and editable Word files.

You can order (reference US81 when placing your order for FREE postage):

  • By phone: 0117 950 3199
  • By post: ZigZag Education, Unit 3, Greenway Business Centre, Doncaster Road, Bristol BS10 5PY
  • By fax: 0117 959 1695
  • By email: US81@zigzageducation.co.uk
  • Via the website: zigzag.at/US81

Details of all resources are given at zigzag.at/ALevel-PE-Tests

Why would anyone give up a day to go to the BETT Show?

Would it be…

  • To be dehydrated?
  • To drink not very exciting coffee?
  • To get tired walking from stand to stand?

Or maybe to visit the rather fascinating world of railway trains without drivers on the Docklands Light Railway?

Of course I am just being negative – the BETT show is the place each year to see all the key things that you need to keep ICT in the school running.

And keeping things running is what we specialise in with our storage and recharging solutions, the most diverse product range this side of the Western Spiral Arm of the Galaxy.

Bretford offer environmentally compliant manufacturing and operation practices to ensure that we only offer fully tested and CE certified products.

In short, the highest levels of electrical/build safety and compliance with the latest HSE manufacturing guidelines on electrical safety.

From storage and recharging trolleys to iPad Charging. From laptop charging to charging lockers via the EcoCart. It is all on Stand F56 in the ExCel Modules Hall N1-N17.

There’s also more information on the BETT website at www.bettshow.com/Show_Exhdetails1.aspx?exhid=exhiReg302&id=det


Should I replace my old stage or drama room lighting with modern LEDs?

This is a question we are asked every day.

There is the desire to go green, reduce power consumption, use the latest technology and increase the longevity of the lighting system.

Yes LEDs will offer all of this, BUT:-

Should I buy LED lighting
for my school stage
or drama studio ?

We have commissioned an exclusive FREE report discussing in simple terms the pros and cons of LEDs and how they fit into your drama space.

We look at what is available, what is affordable and what will work.

We take an impartial look at the different manufacturers and their products .

We offer an honest unbiased opinion based on over 30 years experience.

You may be surprised at some of our conclusions!

For your free copy please email: led@centraltheatresupplies.co.uk

Central Theatre Supplies www.centraltheatresupplies.co.uk 0121 778 6400

Enterprise Soapbox – A versatile Cross-Curricular Resource

Innovative Enterprise has been delivering enrichment workshops and supplying enterprise resources to schools since 2006.

Enterprise Soapbox is our most popular resource to date having sold over 500 kits into more than 300 schools nationwide. We’ve even sent kits to Malawi!

Enterprise Soapbox is a self contained Business, Science & Enterprise kit which comes complete with a 70-page teacher pack full of ideas, curriculum links, G&T projects and more.

There’s enough material in the kit to make up to 700 novelty-sized soaps or approximately 140 bars of ‘regular’ sized soaps or. Pack two of the novelty ones together, sell for £1 and you’ve made more than enough money to buy a refill kit and do it all again!

Use it as a Social Enterprise or try it as a cross-curricular activity – it’s amazingly flexible!

Each kit contains:

  • 1 x 70-page teacher manual
  • 1 x Cold process demonstration kit
  • 1 x 11kg tub of soapbase
  • 2 x silicone novelty moulds (10-12 moulds per sheet)
  • 2 x large sheet moulds (4 moulds per sheet)
  • 3 x different colours
  • 3 x different perfumes with applicators
  • 1 x jug & spatula
  • 1 x CD-Rom instructional video and DVD.

E-mail: info@innovativeenterprise.co.uk
Website: www.innovativeenterprise.co.uk
Phone: 0845 326 4818

CASIO FX 83GT+ and FX 85GT+ calcs plus FREE “exam friendly” clear plastic zip up wallets for your students

With every three CASIO scientific or graphic calcs you order (min 50) we’ll give you a FREE “exam friendly” A5 size zip-up wallet. Very useful for your students, especially for exams. (offer ends 10 December)

plus “Trident” geometry sets (containing a metal compass, 15 cm ruler, pen, pencil, protractor, set squares, eraser and sharpener) all packed in a robust tin box @ only £ 1.10 each (100+) or £ 1.15 (1-99).

plus the new “Student Essentials” set containing a clear plastic “exam friendly” zip-up wallet with three quality ballpens (black ink), two full length HB pencils, metal sharpener, eraser, 15 cm ruler. (available from 69p)

CASIO FX 83GT+ from £ 5.49
FX85GT+ from £ 6.65

All prices are Ex-Vat

Please check our website www.signposteducational.co.uk for more details or contact us on signpost@talk21.com

Signpost Educational Ltd
PO Box

E14 6SH

Tel: 020 7515 1797
Fax: 020 7515 4420

Selected holidays during the school breaks – at lower than normal prices

Imagine a situation in which holidays taken during the school break were no more expensive than the rest of the year.

Imagine that all you had to do was to click on the holiday period you were interested in (Christmas, February half term etc) and then a list of holidays appeared that fitted in with the school closure.

From Andorra to Transylvania from Christmas markets to river cruises, every possible option is covered. Disneyland? Eastern Europe?… whatever you are looking for, we have it.

Finding the holiday for you is in fact incredibly simple. You click on the button which selects the date of the holiday you are looking for, and as a result what you will get is a selection of tours and excursions all set around the specific need of teachers.

Our coaches run from around 490 local joining points and you can select from a vast number of tours which are available during school holidays.

To see all the holiday options please visit our website – www.leger.co.uk/SchoolHolidays.aspx#holiday

To claim a 10% saving, you will need to call us on 0844 324 8557, quote the reference – ‘TEACH’ and provide us with the name and address of the school that you work for and your position within it.

Quartz and Radio Controlled clocks for schools New website for schools

Visit www.ravencourt.com for our latest offers

Sizes range from 25cm classroom clocks up to huge 600cm Exam and Hall clocks.

Safety glass lenses are a superb feature for schools making them vandal resistant and safe.

Clear Easy to read dials

Radio controlled clocks set themselves to correct time and automatically adjust for summer and winter time, saving you time and making sure all clocks are always correct.

For more information or to place an order go to www.ravencourt.com

Or phone: 01780 489100, fax: 01780 489099

Automatic 30 day account for all UK schools and colleges.

The two ways to get a university place

For as long as any of us can remember, universities have demanded certain A level grades as the entry ticket to a course.

But in recent years a second requirement has been added, a requirement that has had less attention but which can in many cases have as much impact on the success or failure of an application as the student’s grades.

In fact each year we are seeing an increasing number of highly able and talented students failing to get to the university of their choice because their application does not make the most of their potential, their personality, their drive, and their ability to give something back to the university as well as be a good student.

Students now need to be well informed and focused in order to make the right choices and to give themselves the best possible chance of getting a place on the course and at the university that best suits their future aspirations.

They also need to know why they want to go to this university, to study this course, and they need to be aware that being at university is a two way process. The university gives the student opportunities – the student needs to show that he/she will seize those opportunities and give something back in return.

”How to Successfully Apply to University” seeks to clarify the process of applying for university and contains information and insights that will be useful for all students as they face the university application process. It outlines each step from the first thought to the completion of the application, and looks at all aspects of the process of selecting and applying for a university place.

The approach within the book includes carrying out research to find the best suited course/university, understanding the UCAS system, delivering the best possible personal statement, the actual application and the post-application process, funding, and student accommodation, etc.

Sample pages can be viewed at http://www.pdf.firstandbest.co.uk/careers/T1779.pdf

ISBN: 978 1 86083 810 1; Order code: T1779emn

The volume is available as…

  • Photocopiable report in a ring binder, £19.95 plus £3.95 delivery
  • CD with school-wide rights: £19.95 plus £3.95 delivery
  • Both the Ring Binder and the CD £26.94 plus £3.95 delivery

Prices include VAT.

You can purchase the book or CD…


Sibelius 7/Pro Tools 10 massive schools discount NOW!

SOFTPLANET is offering schools a huge discount on ALL Avid products with up to 30% off – hurry this offer must end January 2013!

Official Avid resellers – includes FREE advice and support & 12 years experience serving UK Music Depts.

Please take a few minutes to view our prices-it can save you hundreds of pounds!

SIBELIUS 7- all our products are latest versions only.

Sibelius 7 Multi seats (£79.00) OUR PRICE £65.00 each (minimum order 5 seats)
Sibelius 7 Multi seats Upgrade (£39.00) OUR PRICE £33.00 (minimum order 5 seats)
Sibelius 7 Media Pack £24.00 (required for above packages)
Sibelius 7 Academic single Student or Teacher (£183.29) OUR PRICE £149.00
Sibelius 7 First –the latest cut down version for students (£74.76) OUR PRICE £59.00
Sibelius 7 First 5 Pack (£175.00) OUR PRICE £149.00

PRO TOOLS 10 – now works on almost any hardware!

Pro Tools 10 Academic Student or Teacher (£182.50) OUR PRICE £169.00
Pro Tools 10 FIVE pack- EXCLUSIVE to this company! ONLY £775.00
Teacher Two-Pack – Sibelius/Pro Tools-latest versions (£308.00) OUR PRICE £285.00

Auralia & Musition – absolutely top notch ear training and theory up to college standards!

Sibelius Auralia 4 Educational License (25-49 seats) (£45.00 each)- OUR PRICE £36.00 each!!
Sibelius Musition 4 Educational License (25-49 seats)( £45.00 each)- OUR PRICE £36.00 each!!
Or call us for any number of seats!

Photoscore & Audioscore – an excellent addition to your Sibelius 7

Sibelius 7 Academic plus PhotoScore Ultimate (£292.00) OUR PRICE £239.00
Sibelius 7 Academic plus Audioscore Ultimate (£292.00) OUR PRICE £239.00
Photoscore Ultimate –
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“It is most refreshing to see a new set of resources arriving to help in the presentation and teaching of American politics…”


This six-part series is an ideal tool for introducing and exploring key aspects of U.S. government and public policy. Using a combination of eye-catching graphics, dynamic video footage, and interviews with legal and political scholars, each episode celebrates a particular dimension of American democracy while equipping students to candidly discuss political issues.

The series includes the following 6 titles:

Citizenship and Civic Responsibilities

Elections and Political Parties

The Constitution and Foundations of Government

The Judicial Branch

The Executive Branch

The Legislative Branch

Each DVD resource provides a 25-minute (approx.) chaptered video with on-demand subtitles and downloadable viewable/printable support material – click here for sample.

For further details, preview clips and on-line ordering please click on the title links above.

“Any teacher of American politics will gain from having these at their disposal for introducing the major concepts, themes and background for common A Level topics.”

“As short, direct informative introductions these programmes are very good and there is no better way to refresh a politics department’s American DVD resource bank”.

“Viewtech have brought a really good resource to the UK market to help British teachers continue to engage and inform their students of American politics for a good number of years”.

– March 2011, Christopher Bates, Director of Education, Kimbolton School / Schools Liaison, British Association for American Studies.

Available on approval from only £24.75 each*

*Discounted price when purchasing the U.S. Government – How It Works Series – Complete Set of 6 DVD resources. Includes public performance rights for use within a single educational establishment, excludes p&p and VAT. Quote promotional discount code: HHM125 at the checkout when ordering online.

Orders may also be placed using the printable information sheet and discounted order form provided here, or by school/college purchase order to:

Viewtech Educational Media
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tel: 01454 858055
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Viewtech Educational Media is the trading name of Viewtech Audio Visual Media Limited, a company registered in England and Wales under number 4205240. A member of the British Educational Suppliers Association. E.&O.E.

Are you looking for a great last minute idea for your school Christmas show?

This year we have two new enchanting musicals…

For Nursery & Reception – Robin’s So Excited! (20 mins) Click here

And for KS1 – How Rudolph Got His Red Nose (35 mins) Click here

You’ll find all of our popular nativities here too (including Nursery Nativity and Nativity for Little Ones).

If you decide to order after reading this email, please kindly quote ‘HH1’ on your order or in the comments box in the online shopping basket.

“What a super show, with lots of parts for everyone. The parents thought it was wonderful.”
Y2 Teacher, Gloucestershire.

“A sensational production… the children had huge fun and sang the songs long after!”
Y1 Teacher, Northwood

Your children will love performing a Frantic Production!

Wishing you a very happy festive season!

Frantic Productions Ltd
01425 614665

A GCSE Drama Course Book

This second edition of this core text covers the practical options common to all the current examination boards at GCSE level. Guided by the teacher, pupils can work their way through improvised and scripted work that will allow clear opportunities for assessment and monitoring progress throughout the course. Activities are all clearly described and are supported by guidelines for successful performance.

There is a section which helps students find the right approach to the different written elements included in the current GCSE courses. The book provides guidance on the use of terminology in written work and a glossary of theatrical words and phrases. There are extracts from scripts with comments on language, character and technical considerations. Each section is self-contained and students are given guidance on how to achieve their true potential.

Cat No: 978 1 86083 835 4 Order code: T1785emn – please quote with order.

Sample pages can be viewed at http://www.pdf.firstandbest.co.uk/drama/T1785.pdf

  • Photocopiable book, £24.95 plus £3.95 delivery
  • CD with school-wide rights: £24.95 plus £3.95 delivery
  • Both the book and the CD £31.94 plus £3.95 delivery
  • Prices include VAT.

You can purchase the report…

What is the most effective way of helping teenagers understand difficult topics?

There are all sorts of “difficult” topics that beset teenage lives: depression, alcohol abuse, personal hygiene, sex, bereavement, STDs, being overweight…

Talking to students about these issues can result in an increased awareness of the subject, but experience suggests that for many students the progress made after such encounters can be modest at best.

Where the greatest breakthroughs occur is in situations in which the students themselves will open up and engage in serious conversations themselves.

But the issue is, how does one motivate the silent student to speak? How does one ensure that the mocking or joking student who covers his/her inability to talk seriously about the subject will join in the discussion. How can we help these students put these vital topics into the context of their lives, and the world around them?

In short: how do we control the discussions?

The answer comes with setting the terms of the discussion in advance – and this is exactly what the Egar Choice Discussion Cards achieve.

The students are given the topic to discuss such as “What does smoking do to you and your health?” They then can choose an answer card which they then have to use as the basis for their answer.

There are both positive and negative cards in the pack – in the case of smoking ranging from, “De-stresses you” to “Makes you want more all the time”, and the students then have to put forward arguments to support the card they have selected.

As a result the debate continues in a controlled way, with all possible answers being aired, as they students come to see the logic, or otherwise, of the answers that can be given.

The Choice Discussion Cards cover a wide range of topics incorporating not just the topics above, but also such issues as gun culture, anger, crime, vandalism, love, bullying etc etc.

There are details of all the topics available on the following link http://www.egar.co.uk/choice-discussion-cards-HH1

If you wish to place an order please you can use the check out on the above link (schools can be invoiced on account) or by contacting us via the following methods. Please quote HH1 on all correspondence.

Contact: Sue Scott-Horne
Email: egar@egar.co.uk
Tel: 0844 800 3056
Canonbury Business Centre, Unit 10B, Shepperton House, 89 Shepperton Road
Islington, London, N1 3DF

Has your school been caught out by automatic rollovers on contracts?


TES Foundation offers school business managers a new, simple and cost effective way to manage contracts, locate suppliers and secure better deals for their school, through online software that supports the way you work.

  • No more nasty surprises, no automatic rollovers: receive reminders of contract renewal dates in advance, so you’ll have the time and the tools to negotiate the best deal in the current marketplace.
  • Save money: Search for new suppliers reviewed and recommended by schools local to you: your negotiation position is stronger if you know about the best deals out there.
  • Save time: View all your contracts in one place: have easy access to all the information you need for audits, and produce reports for governors in seconds.
  • Expert advice: There’s a handy checklist of contracts your school should have in place, from licenses to insurance to maintenance, plus tips on what to look out for (the good and the bad), all written just for schools. Our online, searchable guidance library gives benchmark prices, contract tips and up-to-date legislation.
  • So easy to use: Follow the simple steps on our online system and you’ll be up and running in no time: we’ve designed our software around the way schools work, and you can upload and download documents and reports into Word and Excel.

If you’d like to find out more, you’re welcome to try the system for free. We’ll give you a personal demo of the system to help you get started, and a price plan to match your school size. Our live support team will be on hand for the duration of your trial and, of course, once you’re a customer, too!