How to ensure teenagers stay alert and secure online

For many young people, parents and teachers exist primarily to stop them doing what they want to do.

According to this view, parents and teachers are out of touch with modern reality, full of “don’t” messages because they don’t actually understand what is going on.

So unless we can demonstrate knowledge of the facts and show young people that we understand the issues they face, little progress can be made.

One issue that is rarely out of the news is that of cyberspace and the dangers that exist online. Sadly, much of what goes on in cyberspace is unregulated. While regulations may control what happens in the US and EU, there is often little control over what is done in many other parts of the world.

And quite often it is hard to tell whether messages are legitimate or not.

So we need to remind young people that, as in all walks of life, there are malicious people dwelling in cyberspace, whose aim is to cause damage and destruction just for the hell of it, procuring young people for sex, and conning the unwary out of money.

The resource Personal Safety in Cyberspace examines these issues and answers all the questions students and pupils might have.

It highlights the dangers that lurk within a computer, tablet, PDA, laptop or mobile phone.

It also identifies ways to protect users from destructive cyber-villains and it includes sections on malware (such as viruses, Trojans and worms), spam email, cyber-bullying (bullying by email and text), phishing, spyware, email hoaxes, website hacking and financial scams.

This resource is available as a hard copy or an ebook and free sample pages are available on our website.

You can order Personal Safety in Cyberspace in any of these ways:

Running a Business is a doddle. Isn’t it?

In the 1980’s Polly Peck and Ratners were widely used as case studies on how a perfect business should be run, clearly as time has progressed this perhaps was not true.

In the 90’s and Noughties there were lots of highly successful businesses that started on a shoestring with just an idea and went on to make millions (think Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook). With top TV programmes like Young Apprentice business is now really cool.

In order that children can gain practical experience of how a business works we have put together a series of exercises called The Smoothie Enterprise Challenge. This is an exciting and engaging business simulation where pupils get the opportunity to run their own small business. Their task is to create, design, advertise and sell a new Smoothie.

The children work in small teams and take on the management roles in the business. They agree a name for their Smoothie, design a logo and company strapline, conduct some very tasty market research, cost out their products and then design all the marketing materials. Each team then delivers a presentation to a panel of ‘supermarket buyers’ who will invest in their favourite brand. Working to tight deadlines gives the activity a ‘real’ business flavour.

The ‘Smoothie Enterprise Challenge’ is suitable for Upper KS1 and KS2.

The learning outcomes are: to understand and experience some of the key tasks in running a business, to develop and apply key skills on a ‘real’ business project, to enhance english, maths and art work, to develop social skills and have fun whilst working as part of a team.

This resource contains clear teacher guidance notes that explain how to run the exercises, a pre-event lesson plan so children will understand the vocabulary used, 6 exercises all with colourful student worksheets and a resources checklist which covers each exercise.

There are more details at…

You can pay and download the exercise direct from our website using our secure Paypal system. Or you may wish to pay with either a cheque or a purchase order number. Simply e-mail your purchase order number to and we will e-mail the exercise to you along with the invoice for payment.

Nationally Acclaimed “Hands On” Stage Lighting Workshops Special offer this term and spring term

This nationally acclaimed “hands on” stage lighting workshop led by Professional Lighting Designer John Watson. This is a workshop that will definitely inspire and help your students get to grips with stage lighting and improve their grades as well.      

With the use of a massive 2.5metre  tall model stage built up by the students, they will have “hands on “  and explore real Flood lights, Fresnels, Profile spots, gobos, and  new LED lighting,  create fire and water effects. With flown scenery and  “west end sets” this is a workshop your students will never forget!

Don’t take my word for it, here are some reviews by drama teachers of the workshops.

“John’s workshop was the reverse of peeling away at onion layers, he literally built the “layers” of a theatre in front of our eyes and then using totally interactive techniques showed us the “hows and whys” of lighting.  This was learning that was digestible, kinesthetic, revelatory and fun!” Thank you again for a fantastic day today.(16th Nov 12)..I felt it was pitched really well for our students.  I will certainly recommend you on to colleagues. Ms Nancy  McClean   Head of Drama  The Royal Grammar School, Guildford 16th Nov 12

SPECIAL OFFER  £199 to schools this term and Spring term

For In-school workshop fees. 1st workshop has to be 3 hours, normally £250,  now  offer price £199

 (for up to 40 students.)     If you want a 2nd workshop if on the same day 2 hours @ £150

Travel cost will be charged, no vat on workshop fee. 

Relevant for: GCSE , A & AS level Theatre studies and GNVQ, Btech,

 Plus   “get into technical theatre” taster event for younger students, and your technical teams.        


John was short-listed for the Innovative Workshop of the Year award (2003) and now several years on it’s even more exciting!  


          Book now email: or call John on the number below.  


 “Superb! Outstanding presentation was highly appreciated by all our pupils and has inspired them and me to design lighting for our productions with more confidence and ambition.”  Dermot Murphy Head of Drama Testwood School Totton Southampton

This lighting workshop certainly had the wow factor! The best student based workshop I have ever had. Carol Evans Alder School Tameside

Booking  (call anytime)  01773 712130  mobile 07966 491 543 





Inset days and technical advice, refurbishments, and training.

John Watson is a member of the Association of Lighting Designers


Creative Lighting Design Ltd 9 Market Place, Heanor, Derbyshire DE75 7AA

Free removal of your old and broken computer equipment before Christmas

Imagine a company that goes into schools and removes unwanted IT equipment free of charge.

Now imagine a company that does more, such as data wiping and making sure the disposal is environmentally friendly.

And finally imagine a company that will pick up virtually everything unwanted in IT, from computers to telecoms, from monitors to cables. And who will do it before Christmas if that is what you want.

And to make it clear:

First of all, PRM really does offer a free service. There are no charges.

Second, we treat everything in the most environmentally friendly way possible, in keeping with school sustainable education programmes.

Third, all the data on the drives is wiped to the highest standards possible. In fact, on this issue we go further, for we clean out all the data from the drives, and then all the equipment is then recycled within the UK – all without any charge.

The only requirement we have is that you have at least 30 items for collection and that they are all gathered together in one easily accessible place for our driver to pick up.

We can take PC base units, CRT monitors, TFT monitors, servers, laptops, server racks, switches, telecom switches and printers. Indeed as long as you have 30 of these items we will take away other IT equipment at the same time, such as keyboards, cabling and telecoms.

At the end of the process we issue you with free certification evidence so you can see that the correct procedures were complied with.

For more information please call our freephone number: 0800 840 9195 or fill in the form by clicking here And if you want us to collect before Christmas give us a ring – our last collection date is 21st December.