What’s the simplest way to ensure that all form time sessions are exciting, informative, educational and engaging?

Creating a new form time activity each week is not necessarily difficult, but it can take time, and it is occasionally the case that form time is not used as fully as it might be..

Of course there are many form time programmes that have been produced commercially – but with these it is not always clear what one will get if making a purchase.

Which is why we offer all our form time activities on a free trial basis. What’s more, if you ask for a trial, you get to choose which lessons you see – not the ones we have chosen for you.

We’ve created a series of KS3 and KS4 form time plans that can be used throughout the year. Each includes a PDF overview and a PowerPoint presentation.

Topics currently include…

Active careers (2 activities)
Alcohol (12 activities)
Credit crunch (6 activities)
Critical consumers (4 activities)
Democracy (7 activities)
Diversity (3 activities)
Economic ideas (7 activities)
Enterprise (5 activities)
Enterprise and the community (3 activities)
Enterprise skills (3 activities)
Gap year introduction (4 activities)
Gap year volunteering (2 activities)
Human rights (7 activities)
The media (6 activities)
Options in year 9 (7 activities)
Prejudice (4 activities)
Revision (4 activities)
SkillsActive professional skills resources (6 activities)
The stock exchange (4 activities)
Preparing for work (5 activities)
Thinking about work (3 activities)

If you would like to have the resources for a completely free 14 day trial, with no obligation to buy, please visit http://www.teaching-resources-uk.com/2012 And if you would like unlimited access to all our resources for the whole school we are now offering this at £299.99 (annual subscription).